Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Demonstration Tool Review: Edit Microsoft Dynamics CRM SiteMap using a Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool & utility, CRM data tool & other useful features

This is a quick post to direct people to Microsoft Dynamics CRM tool or utility developed by Microsoft and available free that can be used to quickly edit Microsoft Dynamics CRM SiteMap via a Graphical Interface (GUI) where you can easily change, amend & publish the site map file: sitemap.xml.

I’m sure many people already know that but I’m also sure there are some people who have not heard of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Demonstration Tool (for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0). This tool is an excellent tool to help you do few things using a graphical interface.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Demonstration Tool allow you to import the sitemap.xml file to edit your site map and left navigation links in each section area of your main Dynamics CRM application interface. You can edit each and every left nav link, move links up and down, re-order them the way you want it and add links to ISV applications ( webpages or web applications, etc.) and again align this link wherever you want on the main CRM left navigation and in any section. This is all done via a user interface so no need to code or add any javascript to adjust that. Always remember to back up your sitemap and you customisations before using this tool. This utility also only works on On-Premise implementations only.

You can download the tool from the following URL:

Just download it (1.8MB) and run the exe file and you do NOT need to install any files, it’s a self contained exe file.

The tool is also very useful for the following:

  • Automated Data generation, enter and edit data, populate and save your CRM data for future use in XML format.
  • You can move the date forward for all your data date fields (non-system dates only) so that you can have your demonstration data up to date and you can clearly show information such as opportunities pipeline and future sales data.
  • It also generates a code for you for dependant picklists where if you choose a value in the primary picklist the dependant picklist will have its list of values changed according to the primary picklist selection. The JavaScript Client side code is generated for you for this. You can also preview your picklists behaviour in the utility.
  • You can generate incoming emails from your existing Dynamics CRM contacts for demonstration.
  • You can edit, upload, change and handle your icons for all your Microsoft Dynamics CRM custom entities.
  • Site Map editor as we discussed above.
  • String editor is also another feature in this tool that allows you replace display text, form labels, view names and messages in CRM for all your entities.

Microsoft describes it as follows: “The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Demonstration Tools provide a simple user interface that allows you to easily enter and edit data to populate or modify your instance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It also allows you to load and store your data in XML format, so that you can reuse your data in the future”

Hope you find this review useful. Please comment if you have anything to add that can help anyone.