SCRIBE: Return the GUID of an entity record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM using a lookup field value.

I am working on an Integration project between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SAP. I am using Scribe as the Integration tool/application.

The source in this case is SAP. The target is Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I am using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Scribe Adaptor.

I’m not an expert in Scribe (as yet) and I wanted to do a simple step. I wanted to get the GUID of a record in Microsoft CRM entity using a lookup field value.

The whole Scribe step is just an update to the Account form. I have the Contact name and I need to get the Contact GUID to input this GUID value (pointer to the Contact) into the Account form primary contact field. This is an N:1 relationship between Account and Contact.

So if the primary Contact name of an Account record is John Smith, the question was: how can I get the GUID of the John Smith contact to update the Account record.

Thanks to my colleague John Ball, the answer is to use the simple DBLookup function (formula).

To do that: Select the target Scribe CRM adaptor field. In my case this is custom_account_primarycontactid. Select it and then click formula. In the formula window look for the DBLooukup function. You can use the DBLookupCached function for an enhanced performance if your values are not changing before or after in any of the steps.

The formula should be something like that:

DBLOOKUPCached(S2 , “T”, “contactentity”, “contactname”, “custom_account_primarycontactid” )


That should be it. It’s quite simple.

Hiding Left Navigation Menu Items in an Entity Form using Javascript in Microsoft CRM 4

This is just a follow on from my previous post ( In this post, I explained how to rename left menu items in an entity form using javascript.

These links are created when a new N:1 relationship is created between two entities. The primary entity in this relationship will get a new left navigation link everytime a new N:1 relationship is created.

We have discussed in the previous post that the code to rename left menu navigation items (links to other N:1 entities) is:

var navItem = document.getElementById(’leftNavMenuItemID’);
navItem.innerHTML = navItem.innerHTML.replace(’>CurrentLinkValue’,’>NewLinkValue’);

So for example:

var navLeftItem = document.getElementById(’navContactsMenuItem’); // this will look for the element contact in the left menu of an account form
navLeftItem .innerHTML = navItem.innerHTML.replace(’>Contacts’,’>Employees’); //This will rename Contacts to Employees in the Account form

Now, to Hide specific links in the left menu, you can use the following script:

// Hide left menu navigation links on an entity form
var navLeftItem = document.getElementById(’navContactsMenuItem’);
navLeftItem .style.display = ‘none’;

This script will be in the OnLoad event of the form of the entity that you want to hide links created on the left handside of this entity form.

Renaming Left Navigation Menu items (leftnav) of an Entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4

I will try to make this as simple and straight to the point as possible.

This post is to explain how to to change the name and rename one or more of the left menu items – leftnav – items of an Entity, for example the Account entity or the Contact entity or any other Custom entity. In summary, this should be done using a script in the onload event of the entity form and apparently can NOT be done using the Isv.Config file.

So for example, when you open an account record, on the left hand side of the Account form you will have the left navigation list of entities which are: Activites, History, Sub-Accounts, Contacts, Relationshiips, Workflows, Opportunities, Leads, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, cases, contracts, marketing lists and campaigns.

To rename any of these entities or any other custom entity has a 1:N relationship with the Account entity, you will need to put some javascript code (or script really) in the OnLoad event of the Account Form. This code will look for the name of the left navigation item (link to an entity) and rename it to whatever you want. You can not do this in ISV.CONFIG as you can only add new links to ISV.CONFIG but you can not edit already existing left menu items in this file as they don’t exist and are not displayed.

So, in the OnLoad event of the entity that you want to rename its left navigation menu items, you will need to put the fulling code (or something like it):

var navItem = document.getElementById(‘leftNavMenuItemID’);
navItem.innerHTML = navItem.innerHTML.replace(‘>CurrentLinkValue’,’>NewLinkValue’);

This code will look for the menu item that has an id (‘leftNavMenuItemID’) in your chosen entity form and replace its current link name to a new link name.

So for example:

var navItem = document.getElementById(‘navContactsMenuItem’);
navItem.innerHTML = navItem.innerHTML.replace(‘>Contacts’,’>Employees’);

If you input this code in the OnLoad event of the Account entity Form, this code will look for the “Contact” entity link in the left navigation and rename it from Contacts to Employees.

You can apply the same to any other entity either it is a customisable (system) or custom entity. You will need to use a HTML tool such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar to find out the ID of the navigation item that you want to rename (‘navContactsMenuItem’).

Please let me know if you have a question or if you want me to clarify more.


Mohamed Ibrahim