Setting up Microsoft CRM Internet Facing Deployment IFD with Multiple organisations

You can always setup Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Internet Facing deployment IFD either using the IFD tool by Microsoft or using the manual hard coding in the config files. I have recently used the IFD tool to do so and after I managed to get everything sorted, an important question came to mind which is: How can we setup Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Internet Facing deployment and at the same time allowing the external (Internet) access to all the CRM server organisations. So for example, if you have 3 CRM organisations (organizations) and you expose your Dynamics CRM server to external access via the Internet, you will usually have one domain name and one IP address for this server. So points to an IP address of and this IP address is the real IP address of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM server. How can you make this point to different organisations all setup on the same server and the same CRM server.

I did search quite a lot on google, I have to say to find the answer as I was away from my server to try it myself one and I could not find a post or an article discussing it. This is probably because it is either too simple for everyone (although it didn’t seem that simple to me) or may be because I am useless in searching using the right keywords.

Anyway, the answer I found was very simple, although it might seem to some people (like me) as a potential issue because you have one server in IIS and you don’t have clear folder categorisation for each organisation to allow you to point different domains to different folders in the same CRM IIS node. Simply all you need to do is to direct the user to the server URL and then follow this with the organisation name.

So to point your external CRM users to organsiation 1, point these external users to go to And for example, for Organisation 2,, and so on.. The default organisation can be accessed directly by using your CRM server URL (for ex: or by the url (in case the default organisation is called organisation1). Both will work

Substitute the domain name, organisation 1 and organisation 2 with your actual domain and organisation names.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Microsoft CRM 4.0 IFD Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) Internal Network address and subnet mask list of IP addresses.


I have been working on setting up a test Microsoft dynamics CRM server on a server at home with Internet facing deployment. I wanted to try to see how CRM hosted will work. I have been through few issues that thankfully I managed to resolve them all. I will write another post specifically focusing on the deployment and IFD but for now, I want to focus on a quick issue that I had.

After the Microsoft Dynamics CRM was setup fine, I used the IFD tool (available free on Microsoft downloads website) to allow the Internet facing feature for the CRM server. On the IFD tool there is a list of machines that you can tell the IFD tool about. This is called “IFD Internal Network Address and Subnet Mask”.  The first thing that came to mind on seeing this is that it is for the internal computers that are allowed access to the server. Reading through the IFD documentation, I found out that it is actually the opposite. This list of machines IPs is the list of IPs for computers which are not allowed access to the Dynamics CRM server from the Internet (IFD). i.e. Any computer with an IP in this list, it will only be allowed to connect to the CRM server internally but if you attempt to access CRM Server externally from this machine, it will not even get to the authentication form.

So assume you added to this list in the IFD tool a computer with IP

If you attempt to connect with this machine to the Dynamics CRM server using the internal address for example: http://localhost/CRM/, this will work find.

But if you attempt to connect from this machine to the CRM server using the external address: then this will NOT work.

I would refer to this list as the internal addresses banned from accessing the dynamics CRM server externally.

I had this issue and I was trying to access the CRM server externally with another machine at home but I wasn’t able to and then I found out that I should actually remove this machine’s IP address from the list in order to be able to access it.

Hope this will ever help someone!

Mohamed Ibrahim