Join the Dynamics 365 Insider Programme Executive Briefing events

If you are a Microsoft Dynamics 365 professional working as a consultant for a Microsoft partner or for a Dynamics CRM end user (client), then it is highly recommended for you to join the Insider Programme Executive Briefing event.

You can access them all here:

The event is confirmed over 3 days. It will cover July 2017 updates coming to Dynamics 365. The Preview Executive Briefing is now confirmed for June 20, 21 & 22.  Sessions will run each day from 8:00am PST through to 11:30am PST which is 4pm to 7:30pm UK Time.

Make sure you attend to hear about the latest and the greatest in the world of Dynamics 365 CRM.

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Join Microsoft Dynamics 365 UK Business Forward event Thursday 22nd June 2017

Microsoft UK is holding an important online event for Dynamics 365 called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Forward. The event will be held on Thursday 22nd June 2017 at 10am UK time.

Here is a link to register and join the event:

The event will feature some keynote speakers including Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud Globally. It will also feature James Philips and Judson Althoff, both Microsoft VPs as well.

For all Dynamics 365 Professionals in the UK, I think this event is important to attend so make sure you join it online. You could literally have it running in the background while you are delivering your lovely Dynamics 365 Solution! At least, that’s what I do!

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Introducing Dynamics 365 for Marketing as part of the Dynamics 365 Business Edition Release

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a new module in the widely anticipated Dynamics 365 Business Edition. This new module is targeting small and medium size businesses looking to implement Dynamics 365 Marketing Capabilities while Enterprise / Large organisations are advised to opt for the Dynamics 365 Adobe Marketing Suite instead.

The Business Edition Marketing module is built on the Dynamics 365 CRM Platform allowing for a number of advanced configuration and customisation features available in the powerful Dynamics CRM platform. Although this is a brand new module (i.e. not an incremental release), it does seem to come with a large number of advanced features that you wouldn’t normally expect from a first release application.

According to the publicly available Dynamics Roadmap, Dynamics 365 for Marketing first release will include the following features:

  • Customer Journey
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Lead Management (Generation, Nurturing, Lifecycle, Scoring, Prioritization and Insights )
  • Marketing Analysers with Power BI
  • Marketing Pages
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

You can see full details of each feature at the Dynamics Roadmap here:

The Customer Journey feature is about the orchestration of the customer journey to allow marketers to create multi-step, multi-channel marketing campaigns. The feature capabilities according to the Roadmap include:

  • Simple drag and drop design
  • View and edit marketing content in one place
  • Embedded content designers
  • Event driven extensible automation
  • In place insights
  • Easy visualisation of journeys

The Customer Journey feature seem to be built based on the same designer used in Business Rules. Here is a screenshot of how it looks like:

Dynamics 365 for Marketing allows for the creation and managing of Professional Marketing Emails and Email Campaigns. This includes the following features:

  • Simple, no-code drag and drop content designer
  • Many professional email templates ready to reuse
  • Basic and Inbox email previews
  • HTML Editor to edit the entire email content with no restrictions
  • Complete performance results and Insights for emails sent
  • Ability to use data from Dynamics 365 entities in emails, also including custom entities
  • Heatmap, geographical location maps and other advanced visualizations of email results


Personally, I’m really looking forward to it. Just not sure I have enough hours in my week to allow me to learn all these new modules and enhancements frequently released into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Video of my Talk on Cloud Deployment Considerations @ Microsoft London UK offices


I have uploaded a video of my talk at CRM Saturday London back in January at Microsoft UK offices in London. In this session I talked about considerations for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online versus on-premise and when it is more practical and suitable to choose one over the other.

I hope you like the content!

Video: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition Sales App

The new Dynamics 365 Business Edition is targeting Small and Medium businesses who may not require the complete Dynamics 365 suite and platform functionalities but rather require a smaller smaller business focused capabilities and pre-built business processes that can still be easily configured. It is due to be released soon and there are lots of information available publicly now on the Dynamics Roadmap.

There is a new cleaner interface, simplified step by step guidance for setting up Business Edition but with a number of limitations. These limitations cannot be shared at this point of time. Dynamics Business Edition is also expected to come at a highly competitive price and much lower than enterprise licenses.

//The video has ben removed as it has not been officially announced / advertised by Microsoft yet. I shall re-post it again once it is publicly available.


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New Lead to Cash functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Edition – From the Dynamics Roadmap

Dynamics 365 Roadmap site ( is giving some snippets on how the new Lead to Cash functionality will work in the new Dynamics 365 Business Edition expected in July 2017. The Dynamics 365 Business Edition is targeting Small and Medium businesses who may not require the complete Dynamics 365 suite and platform functionalities but rather require a smaller smaller business focused capabilities and pre-built business processes that can still be easily configured.

If you are a regular follower of my blog, you will probably get bored from me repeating the importance of following the roadmap site to make sure you are always kept aware of what’s coming up. I repeat this because until today I’m still meeting fairly experience Dynamics Consultants and Architects who have never heard of the Dynamics Roadmap website. Hence, the repetition!

Back to the main subject, the new Lead to Cash functionality seems to be a Dynamics 365 Business Edition only feature. It is designed to allow sellers to follow a more efficient guided business processes taking users all the way from qualifying leads, to create quotes, send invoices and then to close deals.

Microsoft Dynamics Roadmap shared a screenshot of how the new Lead to Cash functionality will look like:

You can see all details on the roadmap page for the Dynamics 365 Business Edition:

Hope this helps! Microsoft Dynamics home for Business Transformation Content including Articles & White papers

If you are interested in Business transformation and interesting business growth articles as well as Microsoft Dynamics but haven’t already visited then I encourage you to do so soon.

Explore Dynamics came as a nice surprise as it is not widely advertised Dynamics website (or at least I didn’t see it before). It includes a number of business focused articles and whitepapers covering a variety of areas as well as the different components of the Dynamics 365 platform: Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Services Automation, Operations, etc.

You will find a large number of whitepapers and “Flipbooks” (apparently it’s a proper word now). The content is mostly, if not all, business oriented with focus on Business issues, market challenges, future technology trends and research covering a variety of areas including high growth and enhanced services.

I just thought I’ll share it on my blog so my subscribers can hopefully benefit from these white papers in their business transformation programmes.

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Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition and its core functionality from the Dynamics Roadmap site

As most of you know, Microsoft has been working hard on releasing the highly anticipated Dynamics 365 Business Edition which targets small and medium businesses who do not require the full functionality of Dynamics 365 Platform.

Personally, I have been really looking forward to this version as quite a few of smaller size clients are eager to opt for this more focused version instead of the full platform. The Dynamics Business Edition will allow Microsoft Partners to target the SMB market more effectively by providing a solution that fits their size and their requirements.

The publicly available Dynamics Roadmap website ( lists a number of functionalities in the new Dynamics 365 Business Edition. some of the functionalities currently being developed in the Sales Module of the business edition are:

  • Lead to Cash
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
  • Quick Start Wizard
  • Simplified setup of Exchange and SharePoint integration

Over the next few days, I’ll be covering some of these new functionalities in Dynamics 365 Business edition in separate blog posts.

In the meantime, you can get the full details about the Sales module of the Dynamics 365 Business Edition can be found here:

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Using Office 365 Service Account for .Net MVC Portal connected to Dynamics 365 CRM

When you have a custom application such as a .Net MVC Portal (in my case) that you want to integrate with Dynamics 365 CRM Online, you should always use an non-interactive office 365 service account and not a normal CRM User account.

This might be a well known fact to many but I think there are still some who don’t know it.

To create a service account you must have at least one Dynamics CRM license available in Office 365 admin portal. Create a service account as a user and allocate an available Dynamics CRM license to it. You can call the account anything you like but you could consider something like if you have your domain setup in O365 or if you don’t.

Once you have done that, you will need to go to CRM and allocate a security role to this users. The next very important step after that is to mark it as a “non-interactive” user in the administration section of the User form. Once you do that, you can freely remove the license from the user in Office 365.

This way you are saving on your CRM licenses and also you are following best practices by ensuring the use of non-interactive users for remote connection to Dynamics 365 CRM Online.

Hope this helps!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent Technical Preview is now open

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has announced that the Technical preview for Dynamics 365 for Talent is now open. You can access it and get more information by following this url:

The application provides Talent acquisition capabilities, new employees onboarding and then HR experience and operational excellence.

More details to be announced as soon as it is available to the public on General Availability.