Announcing the deprecation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Outlook COM Add-in for D365 Online

Today, 25th March 2020, Microsoft announced the deprecation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Outlook COM Add-in.

This is the second time Microsoft announces that! First time was in 2017 until James Phillips, President of Microsoft Business Solutions, announced the “un-deprecation” during his Q&A session with me as part of his keynote of our 365 Saturday event in London in January 2018. (I’m obviously very proud of this exclusive news I got at the time! – you can see and read it here )

Back then, James announcement was very welcomed as many organisations relied heavily on the Outlook COM Add-in. This time, Microsoft is differentiating Online organisations from On-premise ones. The deprecation and end of support only applies to D365 Online and not on-premise organisation.

The announcement says: “we are announcing the deprecation of the Outlook COM Add-in. Customers should make the move prior to October 1, 2020. Microsoft will continue to provide support, security and other critical updates to the Outlook COM Add-in until October 1, 2020.”

It also says: “This announcement applies to online organizations, but we recommend our on-premise customers also take advantage of the benefits of Dynamics 365 App for Outlook and upgrade from the Outlook COM Add-in at the earliest.”

So in summary, the announcement is saying:

  • Outlook COM Add-in is now officially deprecated for Online D365 organisations
  • Outlook COM Add-in support ends on 1st October 2020
  • Outlook COM Add-in is still available to on-premise customers but they are highly encouraged to move to the modern D365 App for Outlook.

Full announcement is here:

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