Do NOT confuse Common Data Service Entitlement limits (licence related) with Service Protection limits (performance related)

Many people are confusing the newly announced Common Data Service API limits effective October 2019. There is a difference between Common Data Service Entitlement Limits and Service Protection limits.

Entitlement limits are limits on number of requests a user with a specific licence can make. If this user exceeds the limit, they will need to have a different licence or additional API capacity.

Service Protection limits on the other hand, are performance protection boundaries enabled across the platform to stop abuse of API calls. This is NOT related to licensing, cannot be exceeded by adding a capacity pack or a new licence, unlike Entitlement limits which can be increased by adding a capacity pack or a licence.

Please DO NOT Confuse these two.


Service Protection API Limits are (at the time of posting):

Measure Description Limit per web server
Number of requests The actual number of requests made per connection. 6000
Execution time The combined duration for all connections using the same user account 20 minutes (1200 seconds)
Number of connections The number of connections using the same user account 52


On the other hand, Entitlement Limits are (at the time of posting):

User licenses Number of API requests / 24 hours
Dynamics 365 Enterprise applications1 20,000
Dynamics 365 Professional 2 10,000
Dynamics 365 Team Member 5,000
Power Apps per user plan 5,000
Power Automate per user plan 5,000
Office licenses (that include Power Apps/Power Automate)3 2,000
Application user / Non-interactive users 0 – Non-licensed user

You can allocate capacity packs (or licences) to increase the API request entitlement as follows:

**Non User Licenses ** Number of API requests / 24 hours
Power Apps per app plan 1,000 per user pass
Power Automate per flow plan 15,000 per flow


Additional Sources from official Microsoft Documentation: