New free XrmToolBox Community Plugin: UCI Dashboard Reset

As a new contribution to the Dynamics 365 community, I have just released a new free XrmToolBox plugin that is simple but I believe is important and much needed for Unified Client Interface (UCI) Dashboards.

Currently, if a Dynamics 365 user sets a Dashboard as their default, they can’t change this back to none. They can change their default dashboard but it will always have a value. It cannot be set to “none” without writing some code to reset it.

The implications of this is that if you have multiple dashboards that you want to display as separate links in the Sitemap of any UCI App, users with default dashboard set, will always go to their default dashboard regardless of where this link is pointing to.

For example: if you have in the sitemap a sub-area / Link pointing directly to dashboard 1 and another sub area pointing directly to dashboard 2, then a user with a default dashboard set to dashboard 3, will always go to their default dashboard (dashboard 3) every time they click on dashboard 1 or dashboard 2.

This is because UCI apps will always prioritise default dashboard over the direct link to a specific dashboard.


The solution: Re-set default dashboard to none for some / all users. This can only be done via code but now it is a simple click in our free XrmToolBox plugin.


This plugin is offered free as a community solution delivered to you by Mohamed Mostafa and Mark Alber from TechLabs London.


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