is Microsoft’s new unified technical documentation & links repository including for Dynamics 365

Microsoft is now using their new unified technical documentation repository, as a central location for links and pointers to all its documentation across various technologies. You will find on URLs and links to MSDN and TechNet documentation about Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio .Net, Office 365, Xamarian, Bot framework and a lot more.

For Dynamics 365 documentation, you can find them all here:

Once you login, you will find two main tabs: Solutions and Developer resources.

Under solutions, you will find links to all Dynamics 365 modules: Sales, Customer Service, Field Services, Project Services, Customer Insights, etc.

Each module comes with 4 different sections: Get Started, What’s new, Setup & Administration and Onboarding.

Under the developer resources section, you will find the same list of modules with 2 different sections for each module: Developers Centre and what’s new for developers.

I believe the overall aim is to make the starting point for links to all the standard documentation across all Microsoft technologies.

Hope this helps!

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