Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms – From Dynamics Roadmap

I strongly recommend that everyone regularly checks the publically available Dynamics Roadmap website:

Most recently, Microsoft announced the improved integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and LinkedIn. Now on the public Dynamics Roadmap, you can see more details about the Dynamics 365 connector for LinkedIn Lead Generation forms.

Using this upcoming feature, we will be able to bring our LinkedIn leads into Dynamics 365 (online / cloud) to follow-up and nurture these leads as well as applying your CRM Sales processes onto them. This also means you can bring in your sales and marketing teams to qualify, develop and nurture these leads.

Here are some of the features Microsoft announced will be included in the Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn:

  • Support for multiple LinkedIn member accounts: You will be able to setup your Dynamics 365 organization to access and bring leads from campaigns run by multiple employees using different LinkedIn member profiles.
  • Ability to customise lead creation and matching: We should be able to configure how lead submissions captured on LinkedIn are associated with and updated on Dynamics 365.
  • Measure and Analyse leads performance across multiple sources: This includes to track and analyse the performance of leads captured on LinkedIn versus other sources.

Microsoft also noted that the LinkedIn integration app is useful only if you use the Lead Gen Forms capability of LinkedIn to capture leads on LinkedIn.

The Dynamics 365 connector is promised to be available as a separate standalone solution which can be installed from AppSource optionally onto your Dynamics 365 for Sales. The connector will be bundled by default with Dynamics 365 for Marketing (Business Edition).

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