#MSDyn365 Possible issue with Notes on Dynamics 365 CRM latest version

This post is a bit unconventional. I’m facing an issue on the new Dynamics 365 latest build that I’m not sure if it is a real issue or is it something on my side! Here is what I have:  a brand new CRM sandbox instance that I have reset to be built on version Dynamics 365. I create 1 custom entity called Test and I add only Notes to this entity – no activities, just notes.

I create a new record from entity Test and the record is created fine. Close this record and I try to reopen it, then I get the Notes section without the small rectangular area “Enter a note” which we use to create a new note! i.e. I cannot create a new note. I try to refresh the page few times but still doesn’t show (except with IE after few times – read further below)

This is what I get:

While what I should get is this:

The error shows on all browsers: IE, Edge, Chrome and Firefox except that with IE, after I click refresh (F5) several times it works, and I get the “Enter a note” box. I usually need to click refresh at least 3 times for it to work with IE. With all other browsers, the problem persist and I cannot create a new note regardless of how many times I click refresh.

To minimise the cause of the issue, I tried this again on a new and different CRM instance which is also a sandbox Dynamics 365 that I have just reset and then add a simple new custom entity with notes only.

The workaround I found so far is that if you add activities to the entity, so that the entity has notes and activities, then the social pane shows fine with the correct Notes box to create new notes. However, any custom entity that only has notes, you cannot create a new note from any browser except IE if you click refresh few times. Also when you first create the entity, you can create a note first time. However, try to close this record and re-open it and the problem starts to appear.

Finally, to minimise any other cause, I tried to access both instances from a completely different computer and it is exactly the same behaviour as above.

Is anyone else having the same issue or heard of this being reported to Microsoft?

I got some feedback confirming the same issue on the Dynamics CRM Community portal:  https://community.dynamics.com/crm/f/117/p/223202/601756

Any comments or feedback are much appreciated.