Microsoft “Project Siena” Review & My Blog App via RSS Feed #WPC14

Following Satya Nadella’s #WPC14 presentation I have just tried Microsoft’s “Project Siena”. The aim is to build Project Siena based apps for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As a starting point, I thought I’ll try build an App for my own blog using my blog’s RSS feed as the data source and project siena app to surface it.

I have to say it took me 7 minutes (yes seven) to develop my first Microsoft “Project Siena” app ever! Here are the steps:

  • Install Microsoft “Project Siena” App from Windows Store (Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 required).
  • Create a new project, it comes with a first screen. Add a Gallery and label
  • Add the RSS Feed as a data source using the RSS Feed url. Bind your gallery to the feed.
  • Save and Publish locally – you can install locally as well if you want to preview.

I ended up with something like this (apologies for the bad taste in colours!):

Mohamed Mostafa's Blog Siena App based on RSS Feed
Mohamed Mostafa’s Blog Siena App based on RSS Feed

Overall I loved the experience – Not a replacement for Visual Studio for sure, but an excellent tool for quick and efficient windows apps. Also, a very light weight windows app to build windows apps for windows store.

Next, I’ll work on a Microsoft “Project Siena” app for Microsoft Dynamics CRM #MSDynCRM.

Watch this space