ModernOdataApp and ModernSoapApp Dynamics CRM SDK Modern and Mobile Apps development in Visual Studio

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 SDK has added new Sample Modern and Mobile Apps which show how to write a Windows 8 desktop modern application that can send requests to the organization web service without linking to the SDK assemblies.

These 2 Apps: ModernOdataApp and ModernSoapApp are good starting points for building and developing Windows 8 Apps for Dynamics CRM. They can be found in the Dynamics CRM SDK under the “Sample Code” folder: SampleCode\CS\ModernAndMobileApps

One important note is that if you try to open these Visual Studio solutions on a machine running windows server 2012, you will most likely get an error from Visual Studio stating that: “The Project is not supported by this installation”.

If you get this error message on your development environment which is running Windows Server rather than Windows 8, it is because Windows Server 2012 requires the “Desktop Experience” feature to allow you to open this Visual Studio project. This Visual Studio project builds a Windows 8 Desktop App and hence will require this feature as a minimum as otherwise you will not be able to build, package or deploy this sample App for Dynamics CRM. Hence, you must install the “Desktop Experience” feature on your Windows Server machine through your server manager add new roles or features under the “Manage” drop down menu. (or alternatively through Control Panel > Programs > turn on or off Windows Features).

The “Desktop Experience” feature can be found under Features >> “User Interfaces and Infrastructure” then “Desktop Experience”.

Please also note that you will need to register for Windows Store Developer license to be able to open these two app solutions.

Happy coding!