Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting – Book Review

Packt Publishing has recently asked me to review the “Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting” book. I have just finished reviewing it and I found the book to be an excellent source for understanding reporting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It covers both the core reporting capabilities as well as the advanced dynamics CRM reporting features.

The book provides clear and valuable information about the basics of reporting, SQL Server, Dynamics CRM Entity Relationships and Database Basics. The book then delves into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM reporting capabilities starting with the simple Dynamics CRM report wizard to create Dynamics CRM reports and then focusing on the more advanced features. It introduces the SQL Report Builder and creating contextual and inline Dynamics CRM reports. It then briefly covers the use of reports and charts in Dynamics CRM dashboards. Finally the book discusses custom reporting and automation and the mobile client.

Overall the book is easy to read and has simple approach to explain complex reporting features in Dynamics CRM. I strongly recommend this book for Dynamics CRM reporting developers and other CRM consultants who want to understand more about the types of reports and capabilities Microsoft Dynamics CRM has.

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