Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Online Error Codes – full list of API Web Service Error Codes from SDK

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Error Code list of Web Service and API Error Codes. The following is copied from MSDN online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK.

This topic lists the error codes you may encounter when debugging your code. You can find helper code for using error codes in the Microsoft Dynamics SDK download package in the folder SDK\SampleCode\CS\HelperCode\ErrorCodes.cs. In the same folder you will also find CrmErrors.xlsx, which is provided for an easy way to look up error information. For more information, see Handle Exceptions in Your Code.

The following table lists the error codes used in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I have coped it into a post so that it is easy for me and hopefully for everyone else to pick these errors up. Please note that errors usually start with Ox which refers to the code being in hexadecimal. Error codes below do not have the Ox prefix. You need to remove it from your error code before you search.

ErrorId ManagedErrorName ErrorMessage UnManagedErrorName
800401ff SearchTextLenExceeded Search Text Length Exceeded. IDS_SEARCHTXTLENEXCEEDED
80040200 RequiredFieldMissing Required field missing. IDS_REQUIREDFIELDMISSING
80040201 InvalidXml Invalid XML. IDS_INVALID_XML
80040202 EmptyXml Empty XML. IDS_EMPTY_XML
80040203 InvalidArgument Invalid argument. IDS_INVALIDARG
80040204 InvalidUserAuth User does not have the privilege to act on behalf another user. IDS_INVALID_USERAUTH
80040205 InvalidParent The parent object is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_PARENT
80040206 InvalidParentId The parent id is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_PARENTID
80040207 unManagedidsinvaliduserid The user id is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_USERID
80040208 unManagedidsinvalidteamid Invalid team id. IDS_INVALID_TEAMID
80040209 unManagedidsinvalidbusinessid Invalid business id. IDS_INVALID_BUSINESSID
8004020a unManagedidsinvalidorgid Invalid organization id. IDS_INVALID_ORGID
8004020b unManagedidsinvaliditemid Invalid item id. IDS_INVALID_ITEMID
8004020c InvalidSharee Invalid share id. IDS_INVALID_SHAREEID
8004020d InvalidAccessRights Invalid access rights. IDS_INVALID_ACCESSRIGHTS
8004020e unManagedidsinvalidvisibility Invalid visibility. IDS_INVALID_VISIBILITY
8004020f unManagedidsfailureinittoken Failure in obtaining user token. IDS_FAILURE_INITTOKEN
80040210 InvalidAssigneeId Invalid assignee id. IDS_INVALID_ASSIGNEEID
80040211 unManagedidsinvalidassociation Invalid association. IDS_INVALID_ASSOCIATION
80040212 unManagedidsinvalidowninguser Item does not have an owning user. IDS_INVALID_OWNINGUSER
80040213 unManagedidsinvalidvisibilitymodificationaccess User does not have access to modify the visibility of this item. IDS_INVALID_VISIBILITY_MODIFICATION_ACCESS
80040214 CannotShareWithOwner An item cannot be shared with the owning user. IDS_CANNOT_SHARE_OBJECT_WITH_OWNER
80040215 MissingOwner Item does not have an owner. IDS_MISSING_OWNER
80040216 UnExpected An unexpected error occurred. IDS_UNEXPECTED
80040217 ObjectDoesNotExist The specified object was not found. IDS_OBJECT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80040218 InvalidPointer The object is disposed. IDS_INVALID_POINTER
80040219 NotImplemented The requested functionality is not yet implemented. IDS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED
8004021a MissingBusinessId The business id is missing or invalid. IDS_MISSING_BUSINESSID
8004021b MissingUserId The user id or the team id is missing. IDS_MISSING_USERID_OR_TEAMID
8004021c unManagedidspresentuseridandteamid Both the user id and team id are present. Only one should be present. IDS_PRESENT_USERID_AND_TEAMID
8004021d unManagedidsinvaliduseridorbusinessidorusersbusinessinvalid One of the following occurred: invalid user id, invalid business id or the user does not belong to the business. IDS_INVALID_USERID_OR_BUSINESSID_OR_USERS_BUSINESS_INVALID
8004021e unManagedidscannotgrantorrevokeaccesstobusiness Cannot grant or revoke access rights to a merchant. IDS_CANNOT_GRANT_OR_REVOKE_ACCESS_TO_BUSINESS
8004021f InvalidObjectTypes Invalid object type. IDS_INVALID_OBJECT_TYPE
80040220 PrivilegeDenied The user does not hold the necessary privileges. IDS_PRIVILEGE_DENIED
80040221 unManagedidscannotassigntobusiness Cannot assign an object to a merchant. IDS_CANNOT_ASSIGN_TO_BUSINESS
80040222 unManagedidsoutofmemory Out of memory. IDS_OUTOFMEMORY
80040223 OnlyOwnerCanRevoke Only the owner of an object can revoke the owner’s access to that object. IDS_ONLY_OWNER_CAN_REVOKE
80040224 IsvUnExpected An unexpected error occurred from ISV code. IDS_ISV_UNEXPECTED
80040225 unManagedidsusernotenabled The specified user is either disabled or is not a member of any business unit. IDS_USER_NOT_ENABLED
80040226 unManagedidsanonymousenabled The logged-in user was not found in the Active Directory. IDS_ANONYMOUS_ENABLED
80040227 CannotDeleteDueToAssociation The object you tried to delete is associated with another object and cannot be deleted. IDS_CANNOT_DELETE_OBJECT_BECAUSE_OF_ASSOTIATION
80040228 CannotDeleteAsItIsReadOnly The object cannot be deleted because it is read-only. IDS_CANNOT_DELETE_OBJECT_BECAUSE_IT_IS_READ_ONLY
80040229 InvalidOwnerID The owner ID is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_OWNERID
8004022a BusinessManagementObjectAlreadyExists An object with the specified name already exists. IDS_AD_OBJECT_ALREADY_EXISTS
8004022b unManagedidsownernotenabled The specified owner has been disabled. IDS_OWNER_NOT_ENABLED
8004022c unManagedidsdataoutofrange Data out of range IDS_DATA_OUTOFRANGE
8004022d InvalidCustomer The customer is invalid. IDS_INVALID_CUSTOMER
8004022e CannotUpdateBecauseItIsReadOnly The object cannot be updated because it is read-only. IDS_CANNOT_UPDATE_OBJECT_BECAUSE_IT_IS_READ_ONLY
8004022f CannotDeleteCannedView System-defined views cannot be deleted. IDS_CANNOT_DELETE_CANNED_VIEW
80040230 CannotUpdateObjectBecauseItIsInactive The object cannot be updated because it is inactive. IDS_CANNOT_UPDATE_OBJECT_BECAUSE_IT_IS_INACTIVE
80040231 PrincipalPrivilegeDenied Target user or team does not hold required privileges. IDS_PRINCIPAL_PRIVILEGE_DENIED
80040232 unManagedidsviewisnotsharable The view is not sharable. IDS_VIEW_IS_NOT_SHARABLE
80040233 InvalidState The object is not in a valid state to perform this operation. IDS_INVALID_STATE
80040234 InvalidRollupType The rollup type is invalid. IDS_INVALID_ROLLUP_TYPE
80040235 MissingQueryType The query type is missing. IDS_MISSING_QUERY_TYPE
80040236 unManagedidsnorelationship No relationship exists between the objects specified. IDS_NO_RELATIONSHIP
80040237 DuplicateRecord Operation failed due to a SQL integrity violation. IDS_DUPLICATE_RECORD
80040238 unManagedidscannotdefaultprivateview Private views cannot be default. IDS_CANNOT_DEFAULT_PRIVATE_VIEW
80040239 InvalidDateTime The date-time format is invalid, or value is outside the supported range. IDS_INVALIDDATETIME
8004023a InvalidMetadata Invalid Metadata. IDS_TRANSACTION_TEST_FAIL
8004023b InvalidOperation Invalid Operation performed. IDS_CANNOT_CREATE_OUTLOOK_FILTERS
8004023c InvalidVersion Unhandled Version mismatch found. IDS_CANNOT_ASSIGN_OUTLOOK_FILTERS
8004023d UnpopulatedPrimaryKey Primary Key must be populated for calls to platform on rich client in offline mode.
8004023e OpenCrmDBConnection Db Connection is Open, when it should be Closed.
8004023f InvalidConnectionString The connection string not found or invalid. IDS_INVALIDCONNSTRING
80040240 UserTimeZoneException Failed to retrieve user time zone information.
80040241 UserTimeConvertException Failed to convert user time zone information.
80040242 FormTransitionError The import has failed because the system cannot transition the entity form {0} from unmanaged to managed. Add at least one full (root) component to the managed solution, and then try to import it again.
80040243 EntityInstantiationFailed Instantiation of an Entity instance Service failed.
80040244 ServiceInstantiationFailed Instantiation of an Entity failed.
80040245 CrmImpersonationError Error occurred in the Crm AutoReimpersonator.
80040246 InvalidRecurrenceRule Error in RecurrencePatternFactory.
80040247 InvalidXmlCollectionNameException Invalid Xml collection name.
80040248 InvalidXmlEntityNameException Invalid Xml entity name.
80040249 InvalidEntityClassException Invalid entity class.
8004024a MetadataNotFound Metadata not found.
8004024b InvalidPriv Invalid privilege type.
8004024c InvalidRegistryKey Invalid registry key specified.
8004024d CrmQueryExpressionNotInitialized The QueryExpression has not been initialized. Please use the constructor that takes in the entity name to create a correctly initialized instance
8004024e FailedToLoadAssembly Failed to load assembly
8004024f InvalidSingletonResults Crm Internal Exception: Singleton Retrieve Query should not return more than 1 record.
80040250 MultipleChildPicklist Crm Internal Exception: Picklists with more than one childAttribute are not supported.
80040251 TransactionNotStarted Transaction not started.
80040252 TransactionNotCommited Transaction not committed.
80040253 SessionTokenUnavailable Session token is not available unless there is a transaction in place.
80040254 CannotBindToSession Cannot bind to another session, session already bound.
80040255 TransactionAborted Transaction Aborted.
80040256 CrmSecurityError A failure occurred in CrmSecurity.
80040257 InvalidCaller Cannot switch ExecutionContext to system user without setting Caller first.
80040258 InvalidRestore RestoreCaller must be called after SwitchToSystemUser.
80040259 NumberFormatFailed Failed to produce a formatted numeric value.
8004025a DateTimeFormatFailed Failed to produce a formatted datetime value.
8004025b CalloutException Callout Exception occurred.
8004025c CrmMalformedExpressionError Crm malformed expression error occurred.
8004025d CrmExpressionParsingError Crm expression parsing error occurred.
8004025e CrmExpressionBodyParsingError Crm expression body parsing error occurred.
8004025f CrmExpressionParametersParsingError Crm expression parameters parsing error occurred.
80040260 CrmExpressionEvaluationError Crm expression evaluation error occurred.
80040261 CrmConstraintEvaluationError Crm constraint evaluation error occurred.
80040262 CrmConstraintParsingError Crm constraint parsing error occurred.
80040263 CannotCreateOutlookFilters Cannot create outlook filters
80040264 CannotAssignOutlookFilters Cannot assign outlook filters
80040265 IsvAborted ISV code aborted the operation. IDS_ISV_ABORTED
80040266 InvalidPrimaryKey Invalid primary key. IDS_INVALID_KEY
80040267 CannotMoveDisabledUser Disabled users cannot be moved to a different business unit. IDS_CANNOT_MOVE_DISABLED_USER
80040268 CannotGrantAccessToOutlookFilters Cannot grant access to outlook filters
80040269 CannotModifyAccessToOutlookFilters Cannot modify access for outlook filters
80040270 CannotRevokeAccessToOutlookFilters Cannot revoke access for outlook filters
80040271 CannotGrantAccessToOfflineFilters Cannot grant access to offline filters
80040272 CannotModifyAccessToOfflineFilters Cannot modify access for offline filters
80040273 CannotRevokeAccessToOfflineFilters Cannot revoke access for offline filters
80040274 DuplicateOutlookAppointment The Appointment being promoted from Outlook is already tracked in CRM
80040275 AppointmentScheduleNotSet Scheduled End and Scheduled Start must be set for Appointments in order to sync with Outlook.
80040276 PrivilegeCreateIsDisabledForOrganization Privilege Create is disabled for organization.
80040277 UnauthorizedAccess Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.
80040278 InvalidCharactersInField The field ‘{0}’ contains one or more invalid characters.
80040279 CannotChangeStateOfNonpublicView Only public views can be deactivated and activated.
8004027a CannotDeactivateDefaultView Default views cannot be deactivated.
8004027b CannotSetInactiveViewAsDefault Inactive views cannot be set as default view.
8004027c CannotExceedFilterLimit Cannot exceed synchronization filter limit.
8004027d CannotHaveMultipleDefaultFilterTemplates Cannot have multiple default synchronization templates for a single entity.
80040301 UnsupportedListMemberType Unsupported list member type.
80040302 InvalidOperationWhenListLocked List is Locked. Cannot perform this action.
80040303 InvalidFetchXml Malformed FetchXml.
80040304 CannotAssociateInactiveItemToCampaign Cannot associate an inactive item to a Campaign.
80040305 InvalidActivityTypeForList Cannot create activities of the specified list type.
80040306 CannotCopyIncompatibleListType Cannot copy lists of different types.
80040307 CannotRelateObjectTypeToCampaign Specified Object Type not supported
80040309 CampaignNotSpecifiedForCampaignActivity RegardingObjectId is a required field.
8004030a CampaignNotSpecifiedForCampaignResponse RegardingObjectId is a required field.
8004030b CannotUpdateCampaignForCampaignActivity Parent campaign is not updatable.
8004030c CannotUpdateCampaignForCampaignResponse Parent campaign is not updatable.
8004030d CannotRelateObjectTypeToCampaignActivity Specified Object Type not supported
8004030e ObjectNotRelatedToCampaign Specified Object not related to the parent Campaign
8004030f InvalidActivityTypeForCampaignActivityPropagate Must specify a valid CommunicationActivity
80040310 InvalidChannelForCampaignActivityPropagate Cannot distribute activities for campaign activities of the specified channel type.
80040311 CannotPropagateCamapaignActivityForTemplate Cannot execute (distribute) a CampaignActivity for a template Campaign.
80040312 CannotCreateResponseForTemplate CampaignResponse can not be created for Template Campaign.
80040313 InvalidEmailTemplate Must specify a valid Template Id
80040314 InvalidOperationForClosedOrCancelledCampaignActivity Can not add items to closed (cancelled) campaignactivity.
80040315 NotSupported This action is not supported.
80040316 ExtraPartyInformation Extra party information should not be provided for this operation.
80040317 MoneySizeExceeded Supplied value exceeded the MIN/MAX value of Money Type field.
80040318 UnspecifiedActivityXmlForCampaignActivityPropagate Must specify an Activity Xml for CampaignActivity Execute/Distribute
80040319 InvalidRegardingObjectTypeCode The regarding Object Type Code is not valid for the Bulk Operation.
8004031a CannotSpecifyOrganizerForAppointmentPropagation Cannot specify an organizer for appointment distribution
8004031b CannotSpecifySenderForActivityPropagation Cannot specify a sender for appointment distribution
8004031c CannotSpecifyAttendeeForAppointmentPropagation Cannot specify an attendee for appointment distribution.
8004031d CannotSpecifyRecipientForActivityPropagation Cannot specify a recipient for activity distribution.
8004031e CannotSpecifyCommunicationAttributeOnActivityForPropagation Cannot specify communication attribute on activity for distribution
8004031f MissingParameter A required parameter is missing for the Bulk Operation
80040320 UnsupportedParameter A parameter specified is not supported by the Bulk Operation
80040321 InvalidActivityType An invalid object type was specified for distributing activities.
80040322 ImportConfigNotSpecified Cannot process with Bulk Import as Import Configuration not specified.
80040323 ErrorInImportConfig Cannot process with Bulk Import as Import Configuration has some errors.
80040324 TemplateTypeNotSupportedForUnsubscribeAcknowledgement This template type is not supported for unsubscribe acknowledgement.
80040325 FilteredDuetoAntiSpam This customer is filtered due to AntiSpam settings. IDS_ANTISPAM_FILTERED
80040326 CampaignActivityAlreadyPropagated This campaign activity has been distributed already. Campaign activities cannot be distributed more than one time.
80040327 CannotSpecifyOwnerForActivityPropagation Cannot specify owner on activity for distribution
80040329 MissingBOWFRules Bulk Operation related workflow rules are missing.
8004032a FilteredDuetoInactiveState This customer is filtered due to inactive state.
8004032b CannotDeleteAsBackgroundOperationInProgress This record is currently being used by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and cannot be deleted. Try again later. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator.
8004032c BusinessNotEnabled The specified business unit is disabled. IDS_BUSINESS_NOT_ENABLED
8004032d CannotAssignToDisabledBusiness The specified business unit cannot be assigned to because it is disabled. IDS_CANNOT_ASSIGN_TO_DISABLED_BUSINESS
8004032e FilteredDuetoMissingEmailAddress This customer is filtered due to missing email address.
8004032f UserCancelledMailMerge The mail merge operation was cancelled by the user.
80040330 UnexpectedErrorInMailMerge There was an unexpected error during mail merge.
80040331 CampaignActivityClosed This Campaign Activity is closed or canceled. Campaign activities cannot be distributed after they have been closed or canceled.
80040333 DuplicateRecordsFound A record was not created or updated because a duplicate of the current record already exists.
80040334 OperationCanBeCalledOnlyOnce The specified action can be done only one time.
80040335 TransformMustBeCalledBeforeImport Cannot call import before transform.
80040336 InvalidColumnNumber The column number specified in the data map does not exist.
80040337 EmptyHeaderColumn The column heading cannot be empty.
80040338 DuplicateHeaderColumn A duplicate column heading exists.
80040339 AsyncOperationSuspendedOrLocked >A background job associated with this import is either suspended or locked. In order to delete this import, in the Workplace, click Imports, open the import, click System Jobs, and resume any suspended jobs.
8004033a InvalidOperationWhenListIsNotActive List is not active. Cannot perform this operation.
8004033b InvalidOperationWhenPartyIsNotActive The party is not active. Cannot perform this operation.
8004033c AttributeNotOfTypePicklist This attribute is not mapped to a drop-down list, Boolean, or state/status attribute. However, you have included a ListValueMap element for it. Fix this inconsistency, and then import this data map again.
8004033d SourceEntityMappedToMultipleTargets This source entity is mapped to more than one Microsoft Dynamics CRM entity. Remove any duplicate mappings, and then import this data map again.
8004033e MappingExistsForTargetAttribute This attribute is mapped more than once. Remove any duplicate mappings, and then import this data map again.
8004033f PickListMappingExistsForTargetValue This list value is mapped more than once. Remove any duplicate mappings, and then import this data map again.
80040340 InvalidValueForFieldDelimiter The field delimiter is invalid.
80040341 InvalidValueForDataDelimiter The data delimiter is invalid.
80040342 PickListMappingExistsWithSourceValue The data map already contains this list value mapping.
80040343 OwnerMappingExistsWithSourceSystemUserName The data map already contains this owner mapping.
80040344 InvalidHeaderColumn The column heading contains an invalid combination of data delimiters.
80040345 DataColumnsNumberMismatch The number of fields differs from the number of column headings.
80040346 ErrorInParseRow The row could not be parsed. This is typically caused by a row that is too long.
80040347 EmptyImportFileRow Empty row.
80040348 InvalidValueForFileType The file type is invalid.
80040349 InvalidImportFileParseData Field and data delimiters for this file are not specified.
8004034a ErrorsInImportFiles Invalid File(s) for Import
80040350 InvalidXmlSSContent The file could not be uploaded because the file format is not valid. Save the file in the XML Spreadsheet 2003 (.xml) format and then upload.
80040351 InvalidImportFileData The data is not in the required format
80040352 DuplicateLookupFound A duplicate lookup reference was found
80040353 LookupNotFound The lookup reference could not be resolved
80040354 CRMUserDoesNotExist No Microsoft Dynamics CRM user exists with the specified domain name and user ID
80040355 InvalidFormatForDataDelimiter Mismatched data delimiter: only one delimiter was found.
80040356 InvalidDataFormat The source data is not in the required format
80040357 ErrorInSetState The status or status reason of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM record could not be set
80040358 ErrorInUpdate The Microsoft Dynamics CRM record could not be updated
80040359 ErrorIncreate The Microsoft Dynamics CRM record could not be created
8004035a ErrorInDelete The Microsoft Dynamics CRM record could not be deleted
80040360 PicklistValueNotMapped The record could not be processed as the Option set value could not be mapped.
80040361 OwnerValueNotMapped The owner value is not mapped
80040362 GuidNotPresent The required globally unique identifier (GUID) in this row is not present
80040363 InvalidGuid The globally unique identifier (GUID) in this row is invalid
80040364 InvalidIsFirstRowHeaderForUseSystemMap The first row of the file does not contain column headings.
80040365 EmptyContent The file is empty.
80040366 EmptyHeaderRow The first row of the file is empty.
80040367 ParsingMetadataNotFound Data required to parse the file, such as the data delimiter, field delimiter, or column headings, was not found.
80040368 NoHeaderColumnFound A column heading is missing.
80040369 InvalidTargetEntity The specified target record type does not exist.
80040370 HeaderValueDoesNotMatchAttributeDisplayLabel The column heading does not match the attribute display label.
80040371 ParseMustBeCalledBeforeTransform Cannot call transform before parse.
80040372 LongParseRow The row is too long to import
80040373 EmptyRecord The record is empty
80040374 InvalidImportFileContent The content of the import file is not valid. You must select a text file.
80040375 ImportFileTooLargeToUpload The import file is too large to upload.
80040376 CannotModifyOldDataFromImport The corresponding record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM has more recent data, so this record was ignored.
80040377 InvalidColumnMapping ColumnMapping is Invalid. Check that the target attribute exists.
80040378 UnableToLoadTransformationAssembly Unable to load the transformation assembly.
80040379 UnableToLoadTransformationType Unable to load the transformation type.
8004037a InvalidTransformationType The specified transformation type is not supported.
8004037b GenericTransformationInvocationError The transformation returned invalid data.
8004037c InvalidTransformationParameterMappings One or more transformation parameter mappings are invalid or do not match the transformation parameter description.
8004037d IncompleteTransformationParameterMappingsFound One or more mandatory transformation parameters do not have mappings defined for them.
8004037e SingletonMappingFoundForArrayParameter A single transformation parameter mapping is defined for an array parameter.
8004037f ArrayMappingFoundForSingletonParameter An array transformation parameter mapping is defined for a single parameter.
80040380 InvalidTransformationParameterDataType The data type of one or more of the transformation parameters is unsupported.
80040381 UnmappedTransformationOutputDataFound One or more outputs returned by the transformation is not mapped to target fields.
80040382 InvalidTransformationParameterMapping The transformation parameter mapping defined is invalid. Check that the target attribute name exists.
80040383 RequiredColumnsNotFoundInImportFile One or more source columns used in the transformation do not exist in the source file.
80040384 NoOutputTransformationParameterMappingFound There is no output transformation parameter mapping defined. A transformation mapping must have atleast one output transformation parameter mapping.
80040385 UnsupportedProcessCode The process code is not supported on this entity.
80040386 EntityLoopExists Loop exists in this entity hierarchy.
80040387 EntityLoopBeingCreated Creating this parental association would create a loop in this entity hierarchy.
80040388 ReflexiveEntityParentOrChildDoesNotExist Either the parent or child entity does not exist
80040389 InvalidTransformationParameter A parameter for the transformation is either missing or invalid.
80040390 AttributeNotOfTypeReference This attribute is not mapped as a reference attribute. However, you have included a ReferenceMap for it. Fix this inconsistency, and then import this data map again.
80040391 TargetEntityNotFound The file specifies an entity that does not exist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
80040392 TargetAttributeNotFound The file specifies an attribute that does not exist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
80040393 PicklistValueNotFound The file specifies a list value that does not exist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
80040394 TargetAttributeInvalidForMap This attribute is not valid for mapping.
80040395 TargetEntityInvalidForMap The file specifies an entity that is not valid for data migration.
80040396 InvalidFileBadCharacters The file could not be uploaded because it contains invalid character(s)
80040484 ReportingServicesReportExpected The report is not a Reporting Services report.
80040485 MultipleParentReportsFound More than one report link found. Each report can have only one parent.
80040486 ParentReportDoesNotReferenceChild Specified parent report does not reference the current one. Only SQL Reporting Services reports can have parent reports.
80040487 ParentReportNotSupported Parent report is not supported for the type of report specified. Only SQL Reporting Services reports can have parent reports.
80040488 ExistingExternalReport The report could not be published for external use because a report of the same name already exists. Delete that report in SQL Server Reporting Services or rename this report, and try again.
80040489 SnapshotReportNotReady The selected report is not ready for viewing. The report is still being created or a report snapshot is not available.
80040490 UpdateNonCustomReportFromTemplate Cannot update a report from a template if the report was not created from a template
80040491 InvalidCustomReportingWizardXml Invalid wizard xml
80040492 SrsDataConnectorNotInstalled MSCRM Data Connector Not Installed
80040493 SubReportDoesNotExist Subreport does not exist.
80040494 ReportRenderError An error occurred during report rendering.
80040495 DuplicateReportVisibility A ReportVisibility with the same ReportId and VisibilityCode already exists. Duplicates are not allowed.
80040496 ParentReportLinksToSameNameChild Parent report already links to another report with the same name.
80040497 ReportLoopExists Loop exists in the reports hierarchy.
80040498 ReportLoopBeingCreated Creating this parental association would create a loop in Reports hierarchy.
80040499 ReportDoesNotExist Report does not exist.
8004049e unManagedinvalidprincipal The principal id is missing or invalid. IDS_INVALID_PRINCIPALID
8004049f unManagedproxycreationfailed Cannot create an instance of managed proxy. IDS_FAILED_CREATE_MANAGED_PROXY
800404a0 unManagedunabletoretrieveprivileges Failed to retrieve privileges. IDS_FAILED_RETRIEVE_PRIV
800404a1 unManagedinvalidescapedxml Escaped xml size not as expected. IDS_INVALID_ESCAPED_XML
800404a2 unManagedinvalidtlsmananger Failed to retrieve TLS Manager. IDS_INVALID_TLSMNGR
800404a4 unManagedparentattributenotfound The parent attribute was not found for the child attribute. IDS_MISSING_PARENT_ATTR
800404a5 unManagedunabletoaccessqueryplan Unable to access the query plan. IDS_UNABLE_ACCESS_QUERYPLAN
800404a6 unManagedmorethanonesortattribute More than one sort attributes were defined. IDS_INVALID_SORT_ATTRIBUTE
800404a7 unManagedinvalidbusinessunitid The businessunitid is missing or invalid. IDS_INVALID_BUSUNITID
800404a8 unManagedinvalidowningbusinessunit The owningbusinessunit is missing or invalid. IDS_INVALID_OWNINGBUSUNITID
800404a9 unManagedcihldofconditionforoffilefilters Child-of condition is only allowed on offline filters. IDS_INVALID_CHILDOF_COND_OFFLINE
800404aa unManagedentityisnotintersect The entity is not an intersect entity. IDS_NOT_INTERSECT_ENTITY
800404ab unManagedfilterindexoutofrange The filter index is out of range. IDS_FILTER_INDEX_RANGE
800404ac unManagedinvalidequalityoperand Only QB_LITERAL is supported for equality operand. IDS_INVALID_EQ_OP_LITERAL
800404ad unManagedmissingfilterattribute Missing filter attribute. IDS_MISSING_FILTER_ATTR
800404ae unManagedfieldnotvalidatedbyplatform A field was not validated by the platform. IDS_NOT_VALIDATED
800404af unManagedunusablevariantdata Variant supplied contains data in an unusable format. IDS_INVALID_VARIANTDATA
800404b0 unManagedemptyprocessliteralcondition No data specified for ProcessLiteralCondition. IDS_INVALID_PROCESSLITERALCOND
800404b1 unManagedinvalidprocessliternalcondition ProcessLiteralCondition is only valid for use with Rollup queries. IDS_INVALID_ROLLUP_COND
800404b2 unManagedmissinglinkentity Unexpected error locating link entity. IDS_UNEXPECTED_LINK_ENTITY
800404b3 unManagedunexpectedrimarykey Primary key attribute was not as expected. IDS_UNEXPECTED_PK
800404b4 unManagedinvalidprocesschildofcondition ProcessChildOfCondition was called with non-child-of condition. IDS_INVALID_CHILDOF_COND
800404b5 unManagedmissingparentattributeonentity The parent attribute was not found on the expected entity. IDS_MISSING_PARENT_ATTR_ON_ENTITY
800404b6 unManagedunknownaggregateoperation An unknown aggregate operation was supplied. IDS_INVALID_AGGREGATE_OP
800404b7 unManagedinvalidargumentsforcondition An invalid number of arguments was supplied to a condition. IDS_INVALID_CONDITION_ARGS
800404b8 unManagedpartylistattributenotsupported Attributes of type partylist are not supported. IDS_INVALID_ATTR_PARTYLIST
800404ba unManagedinvalidlinkobjects Invalid link entity, link to attribute, or link from attribute. IDS_INVALID_LINK_OBJECTS
800404bb unManagedinvalidprivilegeedepth Invalid privilege depth for user. IDS_INVALID_PRIV_DEPTH
800404bc unManagedinvalidowningbusinessunitorbusinessunitid The owningbusinessunit or businessunitid is missing or invalid. IDS_INVALID_OWNING_OR_BUSUNITID
800404bd unManagedinvalidowninguser The owninguser is mising or invalid. IDS_INVALID_OWNING_USER
800404be unManagedinvalidorganizationid The organizationid is missing or invalid. IDS_INVALID_ORG_ID
800404bf unManagedinvalidvaluettagoutsideconditiontag A invalid value tag was found outside of it’s condition tag. IDS_INVALID_VALUE_CONDITION
800404c0 unManagedinvalidversionvalue The version value is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_VERSION
800404c1 unManagedinvalidcountvalue The count value is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_COUNT
800404c2 unManagedinvalidpagevalue The page value is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_PAGE
800404c3 unManagedunabletolocateconditionfilter Unexpected error locating the filter for the condition. IDS_UNEXPECTED_FILTER_CONDITION
800404c4 unManagederrorprocessingfilternodes An unexpected error occurred processing the filter nodes. IDS_UNEXPECTED_FILTER_PROCESSING
800404c5 unManagedmissingattributefortag An expected attribute was not found for the tag specified. IDS_MISSING_ATTRIBUTE_FOR_TAG
800404c6 unManagedunabletoaccessqueryplanfilter Unable to access a filter in the query plan. IDS_ERROR_FILTER_ACCESS
800404c7 unManagedinvalidoperator The operator provided is not valid. IDS_INVALID_OPERATOR
800404c8 unManagedmissingreferencingattribute The relationship’s ReferencingAttribute is missing or invalid. IDS_MISSING_REFERENCING_ATTR
800404c9 unManagedmissingreferencesfromrelationship Unable to access a relationship in an entity’s ReferencesFrom collection. IDS_UNEXPECTED_REL_ARRAY_ACCESS
800404ca unManagederroraddingfiltertoqueryplan An error occurred adding a filter to the query plan. IDS_UNEXPECTED_FILTER_ERROR
800404cb unManagedmissingaddressentity The address entity could not be found. IDS_MISSING_ADDRESS
800404cc unManagedunexpectedpropertytype Unexpected type for the property. IDS_UNEXPECTED_PROPERTY_TYPE
800404cd unManagedinvalidprivilegeusergroup The privilege user group id is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_PRIVILEGEUSERGROUPID
800404ce unManagedinvalidprivilegeid The privilege id is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_PRIVILEGEID
800404d0 unManagedmissingpreviousownertype Unable to determine the previous owner’s type. IDS_INVALID_PREV_OWNER_TYPE
800404d2 unManagedinvalidsecurityprincipal The security principal is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_PRINCIPAL
800404d3 unManagedunablegetsessiontoken Unable to retrieve the session token. IDS_UNABLE_GET_SESSION_TOKEN
800404d4 unManagedunablegetsessiontokennotrx Unable to retrieve the session token as there are no pending transactions. IDS_UNABLE_GET_SESSION_TOKEN_NO_TRX
800404d5 unManagedinvaliddynamicparameteraccessor SetParam failed processing the DynamicParameterAccessor parameter. IDS_FAILED_SETPARAM
800404d6 unManagedinvalidparametertypeforparameterizedquery A parameterized query is not supported for the supplied parameter type. IDS_INVALID_PARAMETER_TYPE
800404d7 unManagedinvalidstreamfield The platform cannot handle stream fields. IDS_INVALID_STREAM_FIELD
800404d8 unManagedinvalidfieldtype The platform cannot handle the specified field type. IDS_INVALID_FIELD_TYPE
800404d9 unManagedinvalddbtimefield The platform cannot handle dbtime fields. IDS_INVALID_DBTIME_FIELD
800404da unManagedinvaliddbdatefield The platform cannot handle dbdate fields. IDS_INVALID_DBDATE_FIELD
800404db unManagedinvaludidispatchfield The platform cannot handle idispatch fields. IDS_INVALID_IDISPATCH_FIELD
800404dc unManagedinvalidbinaryfield The platform cannot handle binary fields. IDS_INVALID_BINARY_FIELD
800404dd unManagedtrxinterophandlerset The TrxInteropHandler has already been set. IDS_TRXINTEROPHANDLER_SET
800404de unManagedinvalidcharacterdataforaggregate Character data is not valid when clearing an aggregate. IDS_INVALID_CHAR_DATA
800404df unManagedmissingdataaccess The data access could not be retrieved from the ExecutionContext. IDS_MISSING_DATA_ACCESS
800404e0 unManagedunableswitchusercontext Cannot set to a different user context. IDS_CANNOT_SWITCH_USER_CONTEXT
800404e1 unManagedinvalidtrxcountforrollback The transaction count was expected to be 1 in order to rollback. IDS_TRX_INVALID_ROLLBACK_COUNT
800404e2 unManagedinvalidtrxcountforcommit The transaction count was expected to be 1 in order to commit. IDS_TRX_INVALID_COMMIT_COUNT
800404e3 unManagedpendingtrxexists A pending transaction already exists. IDS_PENDING_TRX
800404e4 unManagedunablegetexecutioncontext Failed to retrieve execution context (TLS). IDS_UNEXPECTED_EXEC_CONTEXT
800404e5 unManagedmissingparententity The parent entity could not be located. IDS_PARENT_NOT_FOUND
800404e6 unManagedchildentityisnotchild The child entity supplied is not a child. IDS_INVALID_CHILD_ENTITY
800404e7 RoutingNotAllowed This object type can not be routed. IDS_ROUTING_NOT_ALLOWED
800404e8 UserIdOrQueueNotSet Primary User Id or Destination Queue Type code not set IDS_USER_ID_OR_QUEUE_NOT_SET
800404e9 RouteTypeUnsupported The route type is unsupported IDS_ROUTE_TYPE_UNSUPPORTED
800404ea CannotRouteToQueue Cannot route to Work in progress queue IDS_CANNOT_ROUTE_TO_QUEUE
800404eb CannotFindObjectInQueue The object was not found in the given queue IDS_CANNOT_FIND_OBJECT_IN_QUEUE
800404ec CannotFindUserQueue Cannot find user queue IDS_CANNOT_FIND_USER_QUEUE
800404ee CannotUpdatePrivateOrWIPQueue The private or WIP Bin queue is not allowed to be updated or deleted IDS_CANNOT_UPDATE_PRIVATE_OR_QUEUE
800404ef InvalidAllotmentsCalc Allotments: remaining + used != total IDS_INVALID_ALLOTMENTS_CALC
800404f0 InvalidAllotmentsTotal The total allotments is invalid IDS_INVALID_ALLOTMENTS_TOTAL
800404f1 InvalidAllotmentsUsed The allotments used is invalid IDS_INVALID_ALLOTMENTS_USED
800404f2 InvalidAllotmentsRemaining The allotments remaining is invalid IDS_INVALID_ALLOTMENTS_REMAINING
800404f3 InvalidNetPrice The net price is invalid IDS_INVALID_NET_PRICE
800404f4 InvalidTotalDiscount The total discount is invalid IDS_INVALID_TOTAL_DISCOUNT
800404f5 InvalidTotalPrice The total price is invalid IDS_INVALID_TOTAL_PRICE
800404f6 InvalidContractDetailId The Contract detail id is invalid IDS_INVALID_CONTRACT_DETAIL_ID
800404f7 NullArticleXml The article xml cannot be NULL IDS_NULL_ARTICLE_XML
800404f8 NullArticleTemplateFormatXml The article template formatxml cannot be NULL IDS_NULL_ARTICLE_TEMPLATE_FORMAT_XML
800404f9 NullArticleTemplateStructureXml The article template structurexml cannot be NULL IDS_NULL_ARTICLE_TEMPLATE_STRUCTURE_XML
800404fa NullKBArticleTemplateId The kbarticletemplateid cannot be NULL IDS_NULL_KB_ARTICLE_TEMPLATE_ID
800404fb InvalidArticleState The article state is undefined IDS_INVALID_ARTICLE_STATE
800404fc InvalidArticleStateTransition This article state transition is invalid because of the current state of the article IDS_INVALID_ARTICLE_STATE_TRANSITION
800404fd InvalidArticleTemplateState The article template state is undefined IDS_INVALID_ARTICLE_TEMPLATE_STATE
800404fe ArticleIsPublished The article cannot be updated or deleted because it is in published state IDS_ARTICLE_IS_PUBLISHED
800404ff CannotAssignOfflineFilters Cannot assign offline filters
80040500 unManagedidsopportunitydoesnotexist Opportunity does not exist. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80040501 unManagedidsleaddoesnotexist Lead does not exist. IDS_LEAD_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80040502 AccountDoesNotExist Account does not exist. IDS_ACCOUNT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80040503 ContactDoesNotExist Contact does not exist. IDS_CONTACT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80040504 unManagedidsopportunityinvalidparent The parent of an opportunity must be an account or contact. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_INVALID_PARENT
80040505 unManagedidsopportunitymissingparent The parent of the opportunity is missing. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_MISSING_PARENT
80040506 AccountLoopExists Loop exists in the accounts hierarchy. IDS_ACCOUNT_LOOP_EXISTS
80040507 AccountLoopBeingCreated Creating this parental association would create a loop in Accounts hierarchy. IDS_ACCOUNT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
80040508 PresentParentAccountAndParentContact You can either specify a contacts parent contact or its account, but not both. IDS_PRESENT_PARENTACCOUNT_AND_PARENTCONTACT
80040509 ContactLoopExists Loop exists in the contacts hierarchy. IDS_CONTACT_LOOP_EXISTS
8004050a ContactLoopBeingCreated Creating this parental association would create a loop in Contacts hierarchy. IDS_CONTACT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
8004050b unManagedidsleadnoparent The lead does not have a parent. IDS_LEAD_NO_PARENT
8004050c unManagedidsleadnotassigned The lead has not been assigned. IDS_LEAD_NOT_ASSIGNED
8004050d unManagedidsleadusercannotreject The user does not have the privilege to reject a lead, so he cannot be assigned the lead for acceptance. IDS_LEAD_USER_CANNOT_REJECT
8004050e unManagedidsopportunityoneaccount An opportunity can be associated with only one account. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_ONE_ACCOUNT
8004050f unManagedidsopportunityorphan Removing this association will make the opportunity an orphan. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_ORPHAN
80040510 unManagedidsleadoneaccount A lead can be associated with only one account. IDS_LEAD_ONE_ACCOUNT
80040511 unManagedidsaccounthaschildopportunities The Account has child opportunities. IDS_ACCOUNT_HAS_CHILD_OPPORTUNITIES
80040512 unManagedidscontacthaschildopportunities The Contact has child opportunities. IDS_CONTACT_HAS_CHILD_OPPORTUNITIES
80040513 unManagedidsleadnotassignedtocaller The lead is not being assigned to the caller for acceptance. IDS_LEAD_NOT_ASSIGNED_TO_CALLER
80040514 unManagedidscustomeraddresstypeinvalid Invalid customer address type. IDS_CUSTOMERADDRESS_TYPE_INVALID
80040515 OpportunityIsAlreadyClosed The opportunity is already closed. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_IS_ALREADY_CLOSED
80040516 OpportunityCannotBeClosed The opportunity cannot be closed. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_CANNOT_BE_CLOSED
80040517 CustomerIsInactive An inactive customer cannot be set as the parent of an object. IDS_CUSTOMER_IS_INACTIVE
80040518 LeadAlreadyInOpenState The lead is already in the open state. IDS_LEAD_ALREADY_IN_OPEN_STATE
80040519 LeadAlreadyInClosedState The lead is already closed. IDS_LEAD_ALREADY_IN_CLOSED_STATE
8004051a OpportunityAlreadyInOpenState The opportunity is already in the open state. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_ALREADY_IN_OPEN_STATE
8004051b CannotRouteToSameQueue The queue item cannot be routed to the same queue IDS_CANNOT_ROUTE_TO_SAMEQUEUE
8004051c CannotAddSingleQueueEnabledEntityToQueue The entity record cannot be added to the queue as it already exists in other queue. IDS_CANNOT_ADD_SINGLE_Q_ENTITY
8004051d CannotUpdateDeactivatedQueueItem This item is deactivated. To work with this item, reactivate it and then try again. IDS_CANNOT_UPDATE_DEACTIVATED_QUEUEITEM
8004051e CannotCreateQueueItemInactiveObject Deactivated object cannot be added to queue. IDS_CANNOT_CREATE_QUEUEITEM_INACTIVE_OBJECT
80040520 InsufficientPrivilegeToQueueOwner The owner of this queue does not have sufficient privileges to work with the queue.
80040521 NoPrivilegeToWorker You cannot add items to an inactive queue. Select another queue and try again.
80040522 CannotAddQueueItemsToInactiveQueue The selected user does not have sufficient permissions to work on items in this queue.
80040523 EmailAlreadyExistsInDestinationQueue You cannot add this e-mail to the selected queue. A queue item for this e-mail already exists in the queue. You can delete the item from the queue, and then try again.
80040524 CouldNotFindQueueItemInQueue Could not find any queue item associated with the Target in the specified SourceQueueId. Either the SourceQueueId or Target is invalid or the queue item does not exist.
80040525 MultipleQueueItemsFound This item occurs in more than one queue and cannot be routed from this list. Locate the item in a queue and try to route the item again.
80040526 ActiveQueueItemAlreadyExists An active queue item already exists for the given object. Cannot create more than one active queue item for this object.
80040527 CannotRouteInactiveQueueItem You can’t route a queue item that has been deactivated.
80040528 QueueIdNotPresent You must enter the target queue. Provide a valid value in the Queue field and try again.
80040529 QueueItemNotPresent You must enter the name of the record that you would like to put in the queue. Provide a valid value in the Queue Item field and try again.
80040800 SdkEntityDoesNotSupportMessage The method being invoked does not support provided entity type. IDS_JOURNALING_INVALID_RECIPIENT_TYPE
80040801 unManagedidsjournalingunsupportedobjecttype Unsupported type of objects passed in operation. IDS_JOURNALING_UNSUPPORTED_OBJECT_TYPE
80040802 unManagedidsjournalingmissingeventdirection Event direction code missed. IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_EVENT_DIRECTION
80040803 unManagedidsjournalinginvalideventtype Invalid event type. IDS_JOURNALING_INVALID_EVENT_TYPE
80040804 unManagedidsjournalingmissingeventtype Event type missed. IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_EVENT_TYPE
80040805 unManagedidsjournalingmissingleadid Lead Id missed. IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_LEAD_ID
80040806 unManagedidsjournalingmissingaccountid Account Id missed. IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_ACCOUNT_ID
80040807 unManagedidsjournalingmissingopportunityid Opportunity Id missed. IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_OPPORTUNITY_ID
80040808 unManagedidsjournalingmissingcontactid Contact Id missed. IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_CONTACT_ID
80040809 unManagedidsjournalingmissingincidentid Incident Id missed. IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_INCIDENT_ID
80040b00 unManagedidscommunicationsnopartyaddress Object address not found on party or party is marked as non-emailable IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOPARTYADDRESS
80040b01 unManagedidscommunicationsbadsender More than one sender specified IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_BADSENDER
80040b02 unManagedidscommunicationsnosender No email address was specified, and the calling user does not have an email address set IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOSENDER
80040b04 EmailRecipientNotSpecified The e-mail must have at least one recipient before it can be sent
80040b05 unManagedidscommunicationsnorecipients At least one system user or queue in the organization must be a recipient IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NORECIPIENTS
80040b06 unManagedidscommunicationsnoparticipationmask Participation type is missing from an activity IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOPARTICIPATIONMASK
80040b07 unManagedidscommunicationstemplateinvalidtemplate The template body is invalid IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_TEMPLATE_INVALIDTEMPLATE
80040b08 unManagedidscommunicationsnosenderaddress The sender does not have an email address on the party record IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOSENDERADDRESS
80040e00 unManagedidsmetadatanoentity The specified entity does not exist IDS_METADATA_NOENTITY
80040e01 MetadataNoMapping The mapping between specified entities does not exist IDS_METADATA_NOMAPPING
80040e02 unManagedidsmetadatanorelationship The relationship does not exist IDS_METADATA_NORELATIONSHIP
80040e03 MetadataNotSerializable The given metadata entity is not serializable IDS_METADATA_NOT_SERIALIZABLE
800410fe QueryBuilderInvalidLogicalOperator Unsupported logical operator: {0}. Accepted values are (‘and’, ‘or’).
80041100 QueryBuilderInvalidUpdate An attempt was made to update a non-updateable field. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_INVALIDUPDATE
80041101 QueryBuilderUnexpected An unexpected error occurred. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_UNEXPECTED
80041102 QueryBuilderNoEntity The specified entity was not found. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_NOENTITY
80041103 QueryBuilderNoAttribute The specified attribute does not exist on this entity. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_NOATTRIBUTE
80041106 QueryBuilderBad_Condition Incorrect filter condition or conditions. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_BAD_CONDITION
80041107 QueryBuilderAttribute_With_Aggregate Attributes can not be returned when aggregate operation is specified. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_ATTRIBUTE_WITH_AGGREGATE
80041108 QueryBuilderInvalid_Value Invalid value specified for type. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_INVALID_VALUE
80041109 QueryBuilderInvalid_Alias Invalid alias for aggregate operation. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_INVALID_ALIAS
8004110a QueryBuilderAlias_Does_Not_Exist The specified alias for the given entity in the condition does not exist. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_ALIAS_DOES_NOT_EXIST
8004110b QueryBuilderNoAlias No alias for the given entity in the condition was found. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_NOALIAS
8004110c QueryBuilderValue_GreaterThanZero A value greater than zero must be specified. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_VALUE_GREATERTHANZERO
8004110d QueryBuilderReportView_Does_Not_Exist A report view does not exist for the specified entity. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_REPORTVIEW_DOES_NOT_EXIST
8004110e QueryBuilderMultipleIntersectEntities More than one intersect entity exists between the two entities specified. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_MULTIPLE_INTERSECT_ENTITIES
8004110f QueryBuilderByAttributeMismatch QueryByAttribute must specify a non-empty value array with the same number of elements as in the attributes array.
80041110 QueryBuilderByAttributeNonEmpty QueryByAttribute must specify a non-empty attribute array.
80041111 QueryBuilderAttributePairMismatch AttributeFrom and AttributeTo must be either both specified or both omitted.
80041112 QueryBuilderInvalidColumnSetVersion The specified columnset version is invalid.
80041113 QueryBuilderColumnSetVersionMissing The specified columnset version is invalid.
80041114 QueryBuilderSerialzeLinkTopCriteria Fetch does not support where clause with conditions from linkentity.
80041115 QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidDistinct The only valid values for distinct attribute are ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘1’, and ‘0’.
80041116 QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidMapping The only valid values for mapping are ‘logical’ or ‘internal’ which is deprecated.
80041117 QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidLinkType The only valid values for link-type attribute are ‘natural’, ‘inner’, and ‘outer’.
80041118 QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidNoLock The only valid values for no-lock attribute are ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘1’, and ‘0’.
80041119 QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidDescending The only valid values for descending attribute are ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘1’, and ‘0’.
8004111a QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidAggregate An error occurred while processing Aggregates in Query
8004111b QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidGetMinActiveRowVersion The only valid values for GetMinActiveRowVersion attribute are ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘1’, and ‘0’.
8004111c QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidNode The element node encountered is invalid.
8004111d QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidUtcOffset The utc-offset attribute is not supported for deserialization.
8004111e QueryBuilderAttributeNotFound A required attribute was not specified.
8004111f QueryBuilderInvalidOrderType A valid order type must be set in the order before calling this method.
80041120 QueryBuilderInvalidConditionOperator Unsupported condition operator. IDS_INVALID_CONDITION_OP
80041121 QueryBuilderInvalidJoinOperator Unsupported join operator.
80041122 QueryBuilderInvalidFilterType Unsupported filter type. Valid values are ‘and’, or ‘or’.
80041123 QueryBuilderElementNotFound A required element was not specified.
80041124 QueryBuilderDeserializeEmptyXml Xml String can’t be null.
80041125 QueryBuilderDeserializeNoDocElemXml Document Element can’t be null.
80041126 QueryBuilderLinkNodeForOrderNotFound Converting from Query to EntityExpression failed. Link Node for order was not found.
80041128 QueryBuilderEntitiesDontMatch The entity name specified in fetchxml does not match the entity name specified in the Entity or Query Expression.
80041129 QueryBuilderPagingOrderBy Order by columns do not match those in paging cookie. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_PAGING_ORDERBY
8004112A QueryBuilderInvalidPagingCookie Invalid page number in paging cookie. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_INVALID_PAGING_COOKIE
8004112C QueryBuilderNoAttrsDistinctConflict The no-attrs tag cannot be used in conjuction with Distinct set to true.
8004112E QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidGroupBy The only valid values for groupby attribute are ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘1’, and ‘0’.
8004112F QueryBuilderInvalidAggregateAttribute Aggregate SUM, MIN, MAX and AVG can only be used with integer, float, money and decimal type attributes.
80041130 QueryBuilderDuplicateAlias FetchXML should have unique aliases.
80041131 QueryBuilderAttributeNotAllowedForAggregateOrderBy An attribute cannot be specified for an order clause for an aggregate Query. Use an alias.
80041132 QueryBuilderAliasNotAllowedForNonAggregateOrderBy An alias cannot be specified for an order clause for a non-aggregate Query. Use an attribute.
80041133 QueryBuilderAttributeRequiredForNonAggregateOrderBy An attribute is required for an order clause for a non-aggregate Query.
80041134 QueryBuilderAliasRequiredForAggregateOrderBy An alias is required for an order clause for an aggregate Query.
80041135 QueryBuilderInvalidDateGrouping An invalid value was specified for dategrouping.
80041136 SqlArithmeticOverflowError A SQL arithmetic overflow error occurred
80041137 QueryBuilderAttributeCannotBeGroupByAndAggregate An attribute can either be an aggregate or a Group By but not both
80041138 QueryBuilderSerializationInvalidIsQuickFindFilter The only valid values for isquickfindfields attribute are ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘1’, and ‘0’.
80041400 unManagedidsrolesinvalidroledata The role data is invalid. IDS_ROLES_INVALID_ROLE_DATA
80041401 unManagedidsrolesinvalidroleid Invalid role ID. IDS_ROLES_INVALID_ROLE_ID
80041402 unManagedidsrolesroledoesnotexist The specified role does not exist. IDS_ROLES_ROLE_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80041403 RoleAlreadyExists A role with the specified name already exists. IDS_ROLES_ROLE_ALREADY_EXISTS
80041404 unManagedidsrolesinvalidtemplateid Invalid role template ID. IDS_ROLES_INVALID_TEMPLATE_ID
80041405 unManagedidsrolesmissroleid The role ID was unexpectedly missing. IDS_ROLES_MISS_ROLEID
80041406 unManagedidsrolesmissbusinessid The role’s business unit ID was unexpectedly missing. IDS_ROLES_MISS_BUSINESSID
80041407 unManagedidsrolesmissrolename The role name was unexpectedly missing. IDS_ROLES_MISS_ROLE_NAME
80041408 unManagedidsrolesmissprivid The privilege ID was unexpectedly missing. IDS_ROLES_MISS_PRIVID
80041409 UserInWrongBusiness The user belongs to a different business unit than the role. IDS_ROLES_USER_IN_WRONG_BIZ
8004140a unManagedidsrolesinvalidrolename The role name is invalid. IDS_ROLES_INVALID_ROLE_NAME
8004140b InvalidPrivilegeDepth Invalid privilege depth. IDS_ROLES_INVALID_DEPTH
8004140c unManagedidsrolesdeletenonparentrole Cannot delete a role that is inherited from a parent business. IDS_ROLES_DELETE_NONPARENT_ROLE
8004140d TeamInWrongBusiness The team belongs to a different business unit than the role.
8004140e MemberHasAlreadyBeenContacted This marketing list member was not contacted, because the member has previously received this communication. IDS_USER_ALREADY_CONTACTED_FILTERED
8004140f DuplicatedPrivilege Privilege {0} is duplicated.
80041700 unManagedidsnotesnotedoesnotexist The specified note does not exist. IDS_NOTES_NOTE_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80041701 unManagedidsnotesalreadyattached The specified note is already attached to an object. IDS_NOTES_ALREADY_ATTACHED
80041702 unManagedidsnotesloopexists A loop exists in the annotation hierarchy. IDS_NOTES_LOOP_EXISTS
80041703 unManagedidsnotesloopbeingcreated Creating this parental association would create a loop in the annotation hierarchy. IDS_NOTES_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
80041704 unManagedidsnotesnoattachment The specified note has no attachments. IDS_NOTES_NO_ATTACHMENT
80041a00 unManagedidsxmlinvalidentityname The entity name specified is incorrect IDS_XML_INVALID_ENTITY_NAME
80041a01 unManagedidsxmlinvalidcreate A field that is not valid for create was specified IDS_XML_INVALID_CREATE
80041a02 unManagedidsxmlinvalidupdate A field that is not valid for update was specified IDS_XML_INVALID_UPDATE
80041a03 unManagedidsxmlinvalidcollectionname The collection name specified is incorrect IDS_XML_INVALID_COLLECTION_NAME
80041a04 unManagedidsxmlparseerror A parse error was encountered in the XML IDS_XML_PARSE_ERROR
80041a05 unManagedidsxmlunexpected An unexpected error has occurred IDS_XML_UNEXPECTED
80041a06 unManagedidsxmlinvalidentityattributes Invalid attributes IDS_XML_INVALID_ENTITY_ATTRIBUTES
80041a07 unManagedidsxmlinvalidfield An invalid value was passed in for a field IDS_XML_INVALID_FIELD
80041a08 unManagedidsxmlinvalidread A field that is not valid for read was specified IDS_XML_INVALID_READ
80041d00 unManagedidsbizmgmtmissbusinessname The business name was unexpectedly missing. IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_BUSINESS_NAME
80041d01 unManagedidsbizmgmtmissuserdomainname The user’s domain name was unexpectedly missing. IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_USER_DOMAINNAME
80041d02 unManagedidsbizmgmtmissparentbusiness The parent business was unexpectedly missing. IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_PARENT_BUSINESS
80041d03 unManagedidsbizmgmtdefaultusernotinbusiness The default user is not in the business. IDS_BIZMGMT_DEFAULTUSER_NOT_IN_BUSINESS
80041d04 unManagedidsbizmgmtbusinessparentdiffmerchant The business is not in the same merchant as parent business. IDS_BIZMGMT_BUSINESS_PARENT_DIFF_MERCHANT
80041d05 unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotmovedefaultuser unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotmovedefaultuser IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_MOVE_DEFAULTUSER
80041d06 unManagedidsbizmgmtusercannotbeownparent The user can not be its own parent user. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_CAN_NOT_BE_OWN_PARENT
80041d07 UserNotInParentHierarchy The user is not in parent user’s business hierarchy. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_NOT_IN_PARENT_HIERARCHY
80041d0a TeamAdministratorMissedPrivilege The team administrator does not have privilege read team.
80041d0b MissingTeamName The team name was unexpectedly missing. IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_TEAM_NAME
80041d0e unManagedidsbizmgmtmissprimarybusiness The partnership primary business was unexpectedly missing. IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_PRIMARY_BUSINESS
80041d0f unManagedidsbizmgmtmisspartnerbusiness The partnership partner business was unexpectedly missing. IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_PARTNER_BUSINESS
80041d10 unManagedidsbizmgmtprimarysameaspartner The primary business is the same as partner business. IDS_BIZMGMT_PRIMARY_SAME_AS_PARTNER
80041d11 unManagedidsbizmgmtpartnershipalreadyexists A partnership between specified primary business and partner business already exists. IDS_BIZMGMT_PARTNERSHIP_ALREADY_EXISTS
80041d12 unManagedidsbizmgmtcallernotinprimarybusiness The caller is not from primary business. IDS_BIZMGMT_CALLER_NOT_IN_PRIMARY_BUSINESS
80041d13 unManagedidsbizmgmtdefaultusernotinprimarybusiness The default user is not from primary business. IDS_BIZMGMT_DEFAULTUSER_NOT_IN_PRIMARY_BUSINESS
80041d14 unManagedidsbizmgmtcallernotinpartnerbusiness The caller is not from partner business. IDS_BIZMGMT_CALLER_NOT_IN_PARTNER_BUSINESS
80041d15 unManagedidsbizmgmtdefaultusernotinpartnerbusiness The default user is not from partner business. IDS_BIZMGMT_DEFAULTUSER_NOT_IN_PARTNER_BUSINESS
80041d16 unManagedidsbizmgmtpartnershipnotinpendingstatus The partnership has been accepted or declined. IDS_BIZMGMT_PARTNERSHIP_NOT_IN_PENDING_STATUS
80041d17 unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotremovepartnershipdefaultuser The default user of a partnership can not be removed. IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_REMOVE_PARTNERSHIP_DEFAULTUSER
80041d18 unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdeletebusiness This is a sub-business. Use IBizMerchant::Delete to delete this sub-business. IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DELETE_BUSINESS
80041d19 unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdeleteprovision This is a provisioned root-business. Use IBizProvision::Delete to delete this root-business. IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DELETE_PROVISION
80041d1a unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdisablebusiness This business unit cannot be disabled. IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DISABLE_BUSINESS
80041d1b unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdisableprovision This is a provisioned root-business. Use IBizProvision::Disable to disable this root-business. IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DISABLE_PROVISION
80041d1c unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotenablebusiness This is a sub-business. Use IBizMerchant::Enable to enable this sub-business. IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_ENABLE_BUSINESS
80041d1d unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotenableprovision This is a provisioned root-business. Use IBizProvision::Enable to enable this root-business. IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_ENABLE_PROVISION
80041d1e unManagedidsbizmgmtuserdoesnothaveparent This user does not have a parent user. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_DOES_NOT_HAVE_PARENT
80041d1f BusinessManagementInvalidUserId The user Id is invalid. IDS_BIZMGMT_INVALID_USERID
80041d20 BusinessManagementLoopExists Loop exists in the business hierarchy. IDS_BIZMGMT_BUSINESS_LOOP_EXISTS
80041d21 BusinessManagementLoopBeingCreated Creating this parental association would create a loop in business hierarchy. IDS_BIZMGMT_BUSINESS_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
80041d22 ChildBusinessDoesNotExist The child businesss Id is invalid. IDS_BIZMGMT_CHILDBUSINESS_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80041d23 ParentBusinessDoesNotExist The parent business Id is invalid. IDS_BIZMGMT_PARENTBUSINESS_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80041d24 UserLoopExists A manager for this user cannot be set because an existing relationship in the management hierarchy is causing a circular relationship. This is usually caused by a manual edit of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database. To fix this, the hierarchy in the database must be changed to remove the circular relationship. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_LOOP_EXISTS
80041d25 UserLoopBeingCreated You cannot set the selected user as the manager for this user because the selected user is either already the manager or is in the user’s immediate management hierarchy. Either select another user to be the manager or do not update the record. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
80041d26 ChildUserDoesNotExist The child user Id is invalid. IDS_BIZMGMT_CHILDUSER_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80041d27 ParentUserDoesNotExist The parent user Id is invalid. IDS_BIZMGMT_PARENTUSER_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80041d29 unManagedidsbizmgmtnoparentbusiness The specified business does not have a parent business. IDS_BIZMGMT_NO_PARENTBUSINESS
80041d2a ObjectNotFoundInAD The object does not exist in active directory.
80041d2b unManagedidsbizmgmtusersettingsnotcreated The specified user’s settings have not yet been created. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_SETTINGS_NOT_CREATED
80041d2c UserAlreadyExists The specified Active Directory user already exists as a CRM user. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_ALREADY_EXISTS
80041d2d unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotreadaccountcontrol Insufficient permissions to the specified Active Directory user. Contact your System Administrator. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_READ_ACCOUNT_CONTROL
80041d2e CannotDeleteSysAdmin The System Administrator Role cannot be deleted. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_DELETE_SYSADMIN
80041d2f CannotDisableSysAdmin A user cannot be disabled if they are the only user that has the System Administrator Role. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_DISABLE_SYSADMIN
80041d30 CannotRemoveFromSysAdmin A user cannot be removed from the System Administrator Role if they are the only user that has the role. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_REMOVE_SYSADMIN
80041d31 CannotModifySysAdmin The System Administrator Role cannot be modified. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_MODIFY_SYSADMIN
80041d32 unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotaddlocaluser A local user cannot be added to the CRM. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_ADD_LOCALUSER
80041d33 CannotModifySpecialUser No modifications to the ‘SYSTEM’ or ‘INTEGRATION’ user are permitted. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_MODIFY_SPECIALUSER
80041d34 UserSettingsInvalidAdvancedFindStartupMode Invalid advanced find startup mode. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_SETTINGS_INVALID_ADVANCEDFIND_STARTUP_MODE
80041d35 MultipleOrganizationsNotAllowed Only one organization and one root business are allowed. IDS_BIZMGMT_NO_MULTI_ORG
80041d36 unManagedidsbizmgmtcantchangeorgname The organization name cannot be changed. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANT_CHANGE_ORGNAME
80041d37 GenericActiveDirectoryError Active Directory Error.
80041d38 CannotMakeReadOnlyUser A user cannot be made a read only user if they are the last non read only user that has the System Administrator Role. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_MAKE_READONLY_USER
80041d39 CannotMakeSelfReadOnlyUser You cannot make yourself a read only user IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_MAKE_SELF_READONLY_USER
80041d40 ReadOnlyUserNotSupported The read-only access mode is not supported IDS_BIZMGMT_READONLY_USER_NOT_SUPPORTED
80041d41 SupportUserCannotBeCreateNorUpdated The support user cannot not be updated
80041d42 CannotDeleteSupportUser The Support User Role cannot be deleted. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_DELETE_SUPPORTUSER
80041d43 CannotModifySupportUser The Support User Role cannot be modified.
80041d44 CannotAssignSupportUser The Support User Role cannot be assigned to a user.
80041d45 CannotRemoveFromSupportUser A user cannot be removed from the Support User Role.
80041d46 CannotCreateFromSupportUser Cannot create a role from Support User Role.
80041d47 CannotUpdateSupportUser Cannot update the Support User Role.
80041d4a CannotDeleteSystemCustomizer The System Customizer Role cannot be deleted. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_DELETE_SYSTEMCUSTOMIZER
80041d4b CannotCreateSyncUserObjectMissing This is not a valid Microsoft Online Services ID for this organization.
80041d4c CannotUpdateSyncUserIsLicensedField The property IsLicensed cannot be modified.
80041d4d CannotCreateSyncUserIsLicensedField The property IsLicensed cannot be set for Sync User Creation.
80041d4e CannotUpdateSyncUserIsSyncWithDirectoryField The property IsSyncUserWithDirectory cannot be modified.
80041d51 CannotAssignRolesToSupportUser The support user are read-only, which cannot be assigned with other roles
80041d59 BusinessUnitCannotBeDisabled Business unit cannot be disabled: no active user with system admin role exists outside of business unit subtree.
80041d60 BusinessUnitIsNotDisabledAndCannotBeDeleted Not disabled business unit cannot be deleted.
80041d61 BusinessUnitHasChildAndCannotBeDeleted Business unit has a child business unit and cannot be deleted.
80041d62 BusinessUnitDefaultTeamOwnsRecords Business unit default team owns records. Business unit cannot be deleted.
80041d63 RootBusinessUnitCannotBeDisabled Root Business unit cannot be disabled.
80042000 unManagedidspropbagpropertynotfound The specified property was not found in the property bag. IDS_PROPBAG_PROPERTY_NOT_FOUND
80042001 unManagedidspropbagnointerface The property bag interface could not be found. IDS_PROPBAG_NO_INTERFACE
80042002 unManagedidspropbagnullproperty The specified property was null in the property bag. IDS_PROPBAG_NULL_PROPERTY
80042003 unManagedMissingObjectType Object type must be specified for one of the attributes. IDS_PROPBAG_MISSING_OBJECT_TYPE
80042004 unManagedObjectTypeUnexpected Object type was specified for one of the attributes that does not allow it. IDS_PROPBAG_OBJECT_TYPE_UNEXPECTED
8004201e unManagedidspropbagcolloutofrange The bag index in the collection was out of range. IDS_PROPBAGCOLL_OUT_OF_RANGE
8004203c unManagedidsrspropbagdbinfonotset The DB info for the recordset property bag has not been set. IDS_RSPROPBAG_DBINFO_NOT_SET
8004203d unManagedidsrspropbagdbinfoalreadyset The DB info for the recordset property bag has already been set. IDS_RSPROPBAG_DBINFO_ALREADY_SET
8004203e unManagedidspropbagattributenotnullable One of the attributes passed cannot be NULL IDS_PROPBAG_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_NULLABLE
8004203f unManagedidspropbagattributealreadyset One of the attributes passed has already been set IDS_PROPBAG_ATTRIBUTE_ALREADY_SET
80042300 unManagedidsdataaccessunexpected Unexpected error in data access. DB Connection may not have been opened successfully. IDS_DATAACCESS_UNEXPECTED
80042900 unManagedidscpuserdoesnotexist The customer portal user does not exist, or the password was incorrect. IDS_CP_USER_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80042901 unManagedidscpbadpassword Incorrect password for the specified customer portal user. IDS_CP_BAD_PASSWORD
80042902 unManagedidscpencryptfailed Encryption of the supplied password failed. IDS_CP_ENCRYPT_FAILED
80042903 unManagedidscpdecryptfailed Decryption of the password failed. IDS_CP_DECRYPT_FAILED
80042c00 unManagedidsevalupdateshouldhave3parameters Update action should have 3 parameters. IDS_EVAL_UPDATE_SHOULD_HAVE_3_PARAMETERS
80042c01 unManagedidsevalassignshouldhave4parameters Assign action should have 4 parameters. IDS_EVAL_ASSIGN_SHOULD_HAVE_4_PARAMETERS
80042c02 unManagedidsevalallaborted Evaluation aborted and stop further processing. IDS_EVAL_ALLABORTED
80042c03 unManagedidsevalaborted Evaluation aborted. IDS_EVAL_ABORTED
80042c04 unManagedidsevalcompleted Evaluation completed. IDS_EVAL_COMPLETED
80042c05 unManagedidsevalobjectnotfound The required object does not exist. IDS_EVAL_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND
80042c06 unManagedidsevalpropertynotfound The required property of the object was not found. IDS_EVAL_PROPERTY_NOT_FOUND
80042c07 unManagedidsevalmetabaseentitycompoundkeys The specified metabase object has compound keys. We do not support compound-key entities yet. IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ENTITY_COMPOUND_KEYS
80042c08 unManagedidsevalmetabaseattributenotfound The specified metabase attribute does not exist. IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_FOUND
80042c09 unManagedidsevalpropertyisnull The required property of the object was not set. IDS_EVAL_PROPERTY_IS_NULL
80042c0a unManagedidsevalmetabaseentitynotmatchquery The specified refentityid does not the query for a WFPM_SELECT parameter. IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ENTITY_NOT_MATCH_QUERY
80042c0b unManagedidsevalmetabaseattributenotmatchquery The specified refattributeid does not the query for a WFPM_SELECT parameter. IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_MATCH_QUERY
80042c0c unManagedidsevalallcompleted Evaluation completed and stop further processing. IDS_EVAL_ALLCOMPLETED
80042c0d unManagedidsevalchangetypeerror Change type error. IDS_EVAL_CHANGE_TYPE_ERROR
80042c0e unManagedidsevalmissselectquery Missing the query subparameter in a select parameter. IDS_EVAL_MISS_SELECT_QUERY
80042c0f unManagedidsevalerroraddparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_ADD parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ADD_PARAMETER
80042c10 unManagedidsevalerrorsubtractionparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_SUBTRACTION parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SUBTRACTION_PARAMETER
80042c11 unManagedidsevalerrormultiplicationparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_MULTIPLICATION parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_MULTIPLICATION_PARAMETER
80042c12 unManagedidsevalerrordivisionparameters Division parameter can have only two subparameters. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_DIVISION_PARAMETERS
80042c13 unManagedidsevalerrordivisionparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_DIVISION parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_DIVISION_PARAMETER
80042c14 unManagedidsevalerrormodulusparameters Modulus parameter can have only two subparameters. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_MODULUS_PARAMETERS
80042c15 unManagedidsevalerrormodulusparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_MODULUR parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_MODULUS_PARAMETER
80042c16 unManagedidsevalerrordividedbyzero Divided by zero. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_DIVIDED_BY_ZERO
80042c17 unManagedidsevalerrorcreateactivity Error in action create activity. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CREATE_ACTIVITY
80042c18 unManagedidsevalerroractivityattachment Error in action activity attachment. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ACTIVITY_ATTACHMENT
80042c19 unManagedidsevalerrorhandleactivity Error in action handle activity. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_HANDLE_ACTIVITY
80042c1a unManagedidsevalerrorunhandleactivity Error in action unhandle activity. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_UNHANDLE_ACTIVITY
80042c1b unManagedidsevalerrorcreatenote Error in action create note. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CREATE_NOTE
80042c1c unManagedidsevalerrornoteattachment Error in action note attachment. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_NOTE_ATTACHMENT
80042c1d unManagedidsevalerrorcreateincident Error in action create incident. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CREATE_INCIDENT
80042c1e unManagedidsevalerrorhandleincident Error in action handle incident. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_HANDLE_INCIDENT
80042c1f unManagedidsevalerrorunhandleincident Error in action unhandle incident. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_UNHANDLE_INCIDENT
80042c20 unManagedidsevalerrorsendemail Error in action send email. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SEND_EMAIL
80042c21 unManagedidsevalerroremailtemplate Error in action email template. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_EMAIL_TEMPLATE
80042c22 unManagedidsevalerrorassign Error in action assign. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ASSIGN
80042c23 unManagedidsevalerrorupdate Error in action update. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_UPDATE
80042c24 unManagedidsevalerrorroute Error in action route. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ROUTE
80042c25 unManagedidsevalerrorsetstate Error in action set state. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SETSTATE
80042c26 unManagedidsevalerrorposturl Error in action posturl. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_POSTURL
80042c27 unManagedidsevalerrorexec Error in action exec. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_EXEC
80042c28 unManagedidsevalerrorhalt Error in action halt. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_HALT
80042c29 unManagedidsevalerrorincidentqueue Failed to evaluate INCIDENT_QUEUE. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_INCIDENT_QUEUE
80042c2a unManagedidsevalgenericerror Evaluation error. IDS_EVAL_GENERIC_ERROR
80042c2b unManagedidsevalerrorinvalidparameter Invalid parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER
80042c2c unManagedidsevalerrorabsparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_ABS parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ABS_PARAMETER
80042c2d unManagedidsevalerrorgtparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_GT parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_GT_PARAMETER
80042c2e unManagedidsevalerrorgeqparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_GEQ parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_GEQ_PARAMETER
80042c2f unManagedidsevalerrorltparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_LT parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_LT_PARAMETER
80042c30 unManagedidsevalerrorleqparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_LEQ parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_LEQ_PARAMETER
80042c31 unManagedidsevalerroreqparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_EQ parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_EQ_PARAMETER
80042c32 unManagedidsevalerrorneqparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_NEQ parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_NEQ_PARAMETER
80042c33 unManagedidsevalerrorbetweenparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_BETWEEN parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_BETWEEN_PARAMETER
80042c34 unManagedidsevalerrorinparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_IN parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_IN_PARAMETER
80042c35 unManagedidsevalerrorinvalidrecipient Invalid email recipient. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_INVALID_RECIPIENT
80042c36 unManagedidsevalerrorsubstrparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_SUBSTR parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SUBSTR_PARAMETER
80042c37 unManagedidsevalerrorstrlenparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_STRLEN parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_STRLEN_PARAMETER
80042c38 unManagedidsevalerrorbeginwithparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_BEGIN_WITH parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_BEGIN_WITH_PARAMETER
80042c39 unManagedidsevalerrorendwithparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_END_WITH parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_END_WITH_PARAMETER
80042c3a unManagedidsevalerrorcontainparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_CONTAIN parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CONTAIN_PARAMETER
80042c3b unManagedidsevalerrorcreate Error in create update. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CREATE
80042c3c unManagedidsevalcreateshouldhave2parameters Create action should have 2 parameters. IDS_EVAL_CREATE_SHOULD_HAVE_2_PARAMETERS
80042c3d unManagedidsevaltimerinvalidparameternumber Invalid parameters for Timer action. IDS_EVAL_TIMER_INVALID_PARAMETER_NUMBER
80042c3e unManagedidsevaltimererrorcalculatescheduletime Failed to calculate the schedule time for the timer action. IDS_EVAL_TIMER_ERROR_CALCULATE_SCHEDULE_TIME
80042c3f unManagedidsevalerrorappendtoactivityparty unManagedidsevalerrorappendtoactivityparty IDS_EVAL_ERROR_APPENDTO_ACTIVITYPARTY
80042c40 unManagedidsevalerrorremovefromactivityparty unManagedidsevalerrorremovefromactivityparty IDS_EVAL_ERROR_REMOVEFROM_ACTIVITYPARTY
80042c41 unManagedidsevalerrorsetactivityparty unManagedidsevalerrorsetactivityparty IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SET_ACTIVITYPARTY
80042c42 unManagedidsevalerrorinlistparameter unManagedidsevalerrorinlistparameter IDS_EVAL_ERROR_IN_LIST_PARAMETER
80042c43 unManagedidsevalerrorisnulllistparameter unManagedidsevalerrorisnulllistparameter IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ISNULL_LIST_PARAMETER
80042c44 unManagedidsevalerrorformatdatetimeparameter Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_DATETIME parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_FORMAT_DATETIME_PARAMETER
80042c45 unManagedidsevalerrorformatbooleanparameter Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_BOOLEAN parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_FORMAT_BOOLEAN_PARAMETER
80042c46 unManagedidsevalerrorformatpicklistparameter Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_PICKLIST parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_FORMAT_PICKLIST_PARAMETER
80042c47 unManagedidsevalerrorqueueidparameter unManagedidsevalerrorqueueidparameter IDS_EVAL_ERROR_QUEUE_ID_PARAMETER
80042c48 unManagedidsevalerrorobjecttype Error happens when evaluating WFPM_GetObjectType parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_OBJECT_TYPE
80042c49 unManagedidsevalerrorformatintegerparameter Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_INTEGER parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_FORMAT_INTEGER_PARAMETER
80042c4a unManagedidsevalerrorformatdecimalparameter Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_DECIMAL parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_FORMAT_DECIMAL_PARAMETER
80042c4b unManagedidsevalerrorformattimezonecodeparameter unManagedidsevalerrorformattimezonecodeparameter IDS_EVAL_ERROR_FORMAT_TIMEZONECODE_PARAMETER
80042c4c unManagedidsevalerrorformatlookupparameter Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_LOOKUP parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_FORMAT_LOOKUP_PARAMETER
80042f09 UserNotAssignedRoles The user has not been assigned any roles. IDS_LICENSE_NO_LICENSES
80042f0a TeamNotAssignedRoles The team has not been assigned any roles.
80042f14 LicenseNotEnoughToActivate There are not enough licenses available for the number of users being activated. IDS_LICENSE_NOT_ENOUGH_TO_ACTIVATE
80043200 unManagedidscontractunexpected An unexpected error occurred in Contracts. IDS_CONTRACT_UNEXPECTED
80043201 unManagedidscontractaccountmissing Account is required to save a contract. IDS_CONTRACT_ACCOUNTMISSING
80043202 ContractInvalidStartEndDate Start date / end date or billing start date / billing end date is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTARTENDDATE
80043203 ContractInvalidState The state of the contract is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTATE
80043204 ContractLineInvalidState The state of the contract line item is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_LINE_INVALIDSTATE
80043205 ContractInvalidAllotmentTypeCode The allotment type code is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDALLOTMENTTYPECODE
80043206 ContractTemplateDoesNotExist The contract template does not exist. IDS_CONTRACT_TEMPLATE_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80043207 unManagedidscontractdoesnotexist The contract does not exist. IDS_CONTRACT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80043208 unManagedidscontractlineitemdoesnotexist The contract line item does not exist. IDS_CONTRACT_LINEITEM_DOES_NOT_EXIST
8004320a unManagedidscontractopencasesexist There are open cases against this contract line item. IDS_CONTRACT_OPENCASESEXIST
8004320b ContractTemplateNoAbbreviation Abbreviation can not be NULL. IDS_CONTRACT_TEMPLATE_NOABBREVIATION
8004320c ContractNoLineItems There are no contract line items for this contract. IDS_CONTRACT_NOLINEITEMS
8004320d ContractInvalidCustomer The customer of the contract is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_CUSTOMER
8004320e ContractInvalidServiceAddress The service address of the contract is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_SERVICE_ADDRESS
8004320f ContractInvalidBillToAddress The bill-to address of the contract is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_BILLTO_ADDRESS
80043210 ContractInvalidBillToCustomer The bill-to customer of the contract is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_BILLTO_CUSTOMER
80043211 ContractInvalidContractTemplate The contract template is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_CONTRACTTEMPLATE
80043212 unManagedidscontractinvalidowner The owner of the contract is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_OWNER
80043213 ContractInvalidContract The contract is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_CONTRACT
80043214 unManagedidscontractinvalidtotalallotments The totalallotments is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_TOTALALLOTMENTS
80043215 ContractInvalidPrice The price is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_PRICE
80043216 unManagedidscontracttemplateabbreviationexists The value for abbreviation already exists. IDS_CONTRACT_TEMPLATE_ABBREVIATIONEXISTS
80043217 unManagedidscontractinvalidstartdateforrenewedcontract The start date of the renewed contract can not be earlier than the end date of the originating contract. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTARTDATEFORRENEWEDCONTRACT
80043218 ContractInvalidDatesForRenew The start date / end date of this renewed contract can not overlap with any other invoiced / active contracts with the same contract number. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTARTENDDATESFORRENEWEDCONTRACT
80043500 unManagedidsactivityinvalidstate Invalid activity state IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_STATE
80043501 unManagedidsactivityinvalidtype Invalid activity type code IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_TYPE
80043502 unManagedidsactivityobjectidortypemissing Activity regarding object Id or type is missing IDS_ACTIVITY_OBJECT_ID_OR_TYPE_MISSING
80043503 unManagedidsactivityinvalidobjecttype Activity regarding object type is invalid IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_OBJECT_TYPE
80043504 unManagedidsactivitypartyobjectidortypemissing Activity party object Id or type is missing IDS_ACTIVITY_PARTY_OBJECT_ID_OR_TYPE_MISSING
80043505 unManagedidsactivityinvalidpartyobjecttype Activity party object type is invalid IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_PARTY_OBJECT_TYPE
80043506 ActivityPartyObjectTypeNotAllowed Cannot create activity party of specified object type. IDS_ACTIVITY_PARTY_OBJECT_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED
80043507 unManagedidsactivityinvalidregardingobject Invalid activity regarding object, it probably does not exist IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_REGARDING_OBJECT
80043508 unManagedidsactivityinvalidtimeformat Invalid activity time, check format IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_TIME_FORMAT
80043509 unManagedidsactivityinvalidduration Invalid activity duration IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_DURATION
8004350a unManagedidsactivitydurationdoesnotmatch Activity duration does not match start/end time IDS_ACTIVITY_DURATION_DOES_NOT_MATCH
8004350b unManagedidsactivitynotroutable This type of activity is not routable IDS_ACTIVITY_NOT_ROUTABLE
8004350d MissingRecipient The fax must have a recipient before it can be sent.
8004350e TooManyRecipients Sending to multiple recipients is not supported.
8004350f NoDialNumber There is no fax number specified on the fax or for the recipient.
80043510 FaxSendBlocked The recipient is marked as “Do Not Fax”.
80043511 FaxServiceNotRunning The Microsoft Windows fax service is not running or is not installed.
80043512 ActivityInvalidSessionToken An Invalid session token was passed into the throwing method
80043513 ActivityInvalidObjectTypeCode An Invalid type code was specified by the throwing method
80043514 InvalidActivityXml Invalid Xml in an activity config file.
80043515 InvalidPartyMapping Invalid party mapping.
80043516 FaxNoData The fax cannot be sent because there is no data to send. Specify at least one of the following: a cover page, a fax attachment, a fax description.
80043517 FaxNoSupport The fax cannot be sent because this type of attachment is not allowed or does not support virtual printing to a fax device.
80043518 InvalidActivityPartyAddress One or more activity parties have invalid addresses.
80043700 InvalidNumberGroupFormat Invalid input string for numbergroupformat. The input string should contain an array of integers. Every element in the value array should be between one and nine, except for the last element, which can be zero.
80043800 SalesPeopleEmptySalesPerson Parent salesperson cannot be empty IDS_SALESPEOPLE_EMPTY_SALESPERSON
80043801 SalesPeopleEmptyEffectiveDate Fiscal calendar effective date cannot be empty IDS_SALESPEOPLE_EMPTY_EFFECTIVEDATE
80043802 unManagedidssalespeopleduplicatecalendarfound Duplicate fiscal calendars found for this salesperson/year IDS_SALESPEOPLE_DUPLICATE_CALENDAR_FOUND
80043803 SalesPeopleDuplicateCalendarNotAllowed Fiscal calendar already exists for this salesperson/year IDS_SALESPEOPLE_DUPLICATE_CALENDAR_NOT_ALLOWED
80043804 unManagedidssalespeopleinvalidterritoryobjecttype Territories cannot be retrieved by this kind of object IDS_SALESPEOPLE_INVALID_TERRITORY_OBJECT_TYPE
80043805 SalesPeopleManagerNotAllowed Territory manager cannot belong to other territory IDS_SALESPEOPLE_MANAGER_NOT_ALLOWED
80043807 unManagedidssalespeopleinvalidfiscalperiodindex Invalid fiscal period index IDS_SALESPEOPLE_INVALID_FISCALPERIOD_INDEX
80043808 unManagedidssalespeopleinvalidfiscalcalendartype Invalid fiscal calendar type IDS_SALESPEOPLE_INVALID_FISCALCALENDAR_TYPE
80043809 FiscalSettingsAlreadyUpdated Fiscal settings have already been updated. They can be updated only once. IDS_SALESPEOPLE_FISCALSETTINGS_ALREADY_UPDATED
80043810 BaseUomNameNotSpecified baseuomname not specified
80043af9 unManagedidsstatedoesnotexist The state is not valid for this object. IDS_STATE_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80043afa CannotSpecifyBothUomAndProductDesc You cannot set both ‘uomid’ and ‘productdescription’ for the same record. IDS_CANNOT_SPECIFY_BOTH_UOM_AND_PRODUCTDESC
80043afb CannotSpecifyBothProductAndProductDesc You cannot set both ‘productid’ and ‘productdescription’ for the same record. IDS_CANNOT_SPECIFY_BOTH_PRODUCT_AND_PRODUCTDESC
80043afc InvalidQuantityDecimalCode The quantity decimal code is invalid. IDS_INVALID_QUANTITY_DECIMAL_CODE
80043afd InvalidKit The product is not a kit. IDS_INVALID_KIT
80043afe InvalidKitProduct The product cannot be added to itself. IDS_INVALID_KIT_PRODUCT
80043aff InvalidSubstituteProduct A product cannot be a substitute of itself. IDS_INVALID_SUBSTITUTE_PRODUCT
80043b00 LowQuantityLessThanZero Low quantity should be greater than zero. IDS_LOW_QUANTITY_LESS_THAN_ZERO
80043b01 LowQuantityGreaterThanHighQuantity Low quantity should be less than high quantity. IDS_LOW_QUANTITY_GREATER_THAN_HIGH_QUANTITY
80043b02 DiscountRangeOverlap The new quantities overlap the range covered by existing quantities. IDS_DISCOUNT_RANGE_OVERLAP
80043b03 BaseUnitNotDeletable The base unit of a schedule cannot be deleted. IDS_BASE_UNIT_NOT_DELETABLE
80043b04 unManagedidscannotdeactivatepricelevel The price level cannot be deactivated because it is the default price level of an account, contact or product. IDS_CANNOT_DEACTIVATE_PRICE_LEVEL
80043b05 ProductNoProductNumber The product number can not be null. IDS_PRODUCT_NOPRODUCTNUMBER
80043b06 ProductProductNumberExists The product number already exists. IDS_PRODUCT_PRODUCTNUMBEREXISTS
80043b07 ProductInvalidQuantityDecimal The number of decimal places on the quantity is invalid. IDS_PRODUCT_INVALID_QUANTITY_DECIMAL
80043b08 DuplicateProductPriceLevel This product and unit combination has a price for this price list. IDS_DUPLICATE_PRODUCT_PRICE_LEVEL
80043b09 ParentReadOnly The parent is read only and cannot be edited. IDS_PARENT_READ_ONLY
80043b0a MissingUomScheduleId The unit schedule id is missing. IDS_MISSING_UOMSCHEDULEID
80043b0b InvalidBaseUnit The base unit does not belong to the schedule. IDS_INVALID_BASE_UNIT
80043b0c ProductInvalidPriceLevelPercentage The pricing percentage must be greater than or equal to zero and less than 100000. IDS_PRODUCT_INVALID_PRICE_LEVEL_PERCENTAGE
80043b0d MissingUomId The unit id is missing. IDS_MISSING_UOMID
80043b0e PriceLevelNoName The name can not be null. IDS_PRICELEVEL_NONAME
80043b0f PriceLevelNameExists The name already exists. IDS_PRICELEVEL_NAMEEXISTS
80043b10 InvalidPricePerUnit The price per unit is invalid. IDS_INVALID_PRICEPERUNIT
80043b11 MissingProductId The product id is missing. IDS_MISSING_PRODUCTID
80043b12 MissingPriceLevelId The price level id is missing. IDS_MISSING_PRICELEVELID
80043b13 ProductMissingUomSheduleId The unit schedule id of the product is missing. IDS_PRODUCT_MISSING_UOMSCHEDULEID
80043b14 ProductInvalidUnit The specified unit is not valid for this product. IDS_PRODUCT_INVALID_UNIT
80043b15 MissingOpportunityId The opportunity id is missing or invalid. IDS_MISSING_OPPORTUNITYID
80043b16 UnitNotInSchedule The unit does not exist in the specified unit schedule. IDS_UNIT_NOT_IN_SCHEDULE
80043b17 BaseUnitNotNull Do not use a base unit as the value for a primary unit. This value should always be null. IDS_BASE_UNIT_NOT_NULL
80043b18 QuantityReadonly Do not modify the Quantity field when you update the primary unit. IDS_QUANTITY_READONLY
80043b19 UnitLoopExists Loop exists in the unit hierarchy. IDS_UNIT_LOOP_EXISTS
80043b1a UnitLoopBeingCreated Using this base unit would create a loop in the unit hierarchy. IDS_UNIT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
80043b1b UnitDoesNotExist The unit does not exist. IDS_UNIT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80043b1c BaseUnitDoesNotExist The base unit does not exist. IDS_BASEUNIT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80043b1d EntityIsLocked This entity is already locked. IDS_ENTITY_IS_LOCKED
80043b1e EntityIsUnlocked This entity is already unlocked. IDS_ENTITY_IS_UNLOCKED
80043b1f DiscountAmountAndPercent Both ‘amount’ and ‘percentage’ cannot be set. IDS_DISCOUNT_AMOUNT_AND_PERCENT
80043b20 DiscountAmount The discount type does not support ‘percentage’ discounts. IDS_DISCOUNT_AMOUNT
80043b21 DiscountPercent The discount type does not support ‘amount’ discounts. IDS_DISCOUNT_PERCENT
80043b22 ProductKitLoopExists Loop exists in the kit hierarchy. IDS_PRODUCT_KIT_LOOP_EXISTS
80043b23 ProductKitLoopBeingCreated Using this product would create a loop in the kit hierarchy. IDS_PRODUCT_KIT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
80043b24 ProductDoesNotExist The product does not exist. IDS_PRODUCT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80043b25 unManagedidsinvoicecloseapideprecated The Invoice Close API is deprecated. It has been replaced by the Pay and Cancel APIs. IDS_INVOICE_CLOSE_API_DEPRECATED
80043b26 UnitNoName The unit name cannot be null.
80043e00 SubjectLoopExists Loop exists in the subjects hierarchy. IDS_SUBJECT_LOOP_EXISTS
80043e01 SubjectLoopBeingCreated Creating this parental association would create a loop in Subjects hierarchy. IDS_SUBJECT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
80043e02 SubjectDoesNotExist Subject does not exist. IDS_SUBJECT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80043e03 unManagedidsqueuemissingbusinessunitid Missing businessunitid. IDS_QUEUE_MISSING_BUSINESSUNITID
80043e04 unManagedidsqueueorganizationidnotmatch Callers’ organization Id does not match businessunit’s organization Id. IDS_QUEUE_ORGANIZATIONID_NOT_MATCH
80043e05 unManagedidsarticletemplatecontainsarticles Cannot change article template because there are knowledge base articles using it. IDS_ARTICLE_TEMPLATE_CONTAINS_ARTICLES
80043e06 unManagedidsfulltextoperationfailed Full text operation failed. IDS_FULLTEXT_OPERATION_FAILED
80043e07 unManagedidsarticletemplateisnotactive KB article template is inactive. IDS_ARTICLE_TEMPLATE_IS_NOT_ACTIVE
80043e09 AttachmentBlocked The attachment is either not a valid type or is too large. It cannot be uploaded or downloaded.
80044100 unManagedidsrcsyncinvalidsynctime The specified sync time is invalid. Sync times must not be earlier than those returned by the previous sync. Please reinitialize your subscription. IDS_RCSYNC_INVALID_SYNCTIME
80044101 unManagedidsrcsyncmsxmlfailed unManagedidsrcsyncmsxmlfailed IDS_RCSYNC_MSXML_FAILED
80044102 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapgenfailed unManagedidsrcsyncsoapgenfailed IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_GEN_FAILED
80044103 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapconnfailed unManagedidsrcsyncsoapconnfailed IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_CONN_FAILED
80044104 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapsendfailed unManagedidsrcsyncsoapsendfailed IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_SEND_FAILED
80044105 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapservererror unManagedidsrcsyncsoapservererror IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_SERVER_ERROR
80044106 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapfaulterror unManagedidsrcsyncsoapfaulterror IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_FAULT_ERROR
80044107 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapreaderror unManagedidsrcsyncsoapreaderror IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_READ_ERROR
80044108 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapparseerror unManagedidsrcsyncsoapparseerror IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_PARSE_ERROR
80044109 unManagedidsrcsyncinvalidsubscription The specified subscription does not exist. IDS_RCSYNC_INVALID_SUBSCRIPTION
8004410a unManagedidsrcsyncsubscriptionowner The caller id does not match the subscription owner id. Only subscription owners may perform subscription operations. IDS_RCSYNC_SUBSCRIPTION_OWNER
8004410b unManagedidsrcsyncsqlstoppederror unManagedidsrcsyncsqlstoppederror IDS_RCSYNC_SQL_STOPPED_ERROR
8004410c unManagedidsrcsyncsqlpausederror unManagedidsrcsyncsqlpausederror IDS_RCSYNC_SQL_PAUSED_ERROR
8004410d unManagedidsrcsyncinvalidfiltererror Invalid filter specified. IDS_RCSYNC_INVALID_FILTER_ERROR
8004410e InvalidOfflineOperation Operation not valid when offline. IDS_RCSYNC_INVALID_OFFLINE_OPERATION
8004410f unManagedidsrcsyncfilternoaccess Cannot go offline: missing access rights on required entity. IDS_RCSYNC_FILTER_NO_ACCESS
80044110 unManagedidsrcsyncsqlgenericerror unManagedidsrcsyncsqlgenericerror IDS_RCSYNC_SQL_GENERIC_ERROR
80044111 unManagedidsrcsyncnotprimary Cannot sync: not the primary OutlookSync client. IDS_RCSYNC_OUTLOOKSYNC_NOTPRIMARY
80044112 unManagedidsrcsyncnoprimary No primary client exists. IDS_RCSYNC_OUTLOOKSYNC_NOPRIMARY
80044113 unManagedidsrcsyncnoclient Client does not exist. IDS_RCSYNC_OUTLOOKSYNC_INVALID_CLIENT
80044150 unManagedidssqlerror Generic SQL error. IDS_SQL_ERROR
80044151 unManagedidssqltimeouterror SQL timeout expired. IDS_SQL_TIMEOUT_ERROR
80044152 RestrictInheritedRole Inherited roles cannot be modified. IDS_ROLES_RESTRICT_INHERITED
80044153 unManagedidsfetchbetweentext between, not-between, in, and not-in operators are not allowed on attributes of type text or ntext. IDS_FETCHXML_BETWEEN_NOTEXT
80044154 unManagedidscantdisable The user cannot be disabled because they have workflow rules running under their context. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANT_DISABLE
80044155 CascadeInvalidLinkTypeTransition Invalid link type for system entity cascading actions.
80044156 InvalidOrgOwnedCascadeLinkType Cascade User-Owned is not a valid cascade link type for org-owned entity relationships.
80044159 OrganizationUIDeprecated The OrganizationUI entity is deprecated. It has been replaced by the SystemForm entity.
8004415c LicenseTrialExpired The trial installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has expired.
8004415d LicenseRegistrationExpired The registration period for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has expired.
8004415f LicenseTampered The licensing for this installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been tampered with. The system is unusable. Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services.
80044160 NonInteractiveUserCannotAccessUI Non-interactive users cannot access the web user interface. Contact your organization system administrator.
80044161 CallerCannotChangeOwnDomainName The caller cannot change their own domain name IDS_BIZMGMT_CALLER_CANNOT_CHANGE_OWN_DOMAIN_NAME
80044162 AsyncOperationInvalidStateChange The target state could not be set because the state transition is not valid.
80044163 AsyncOperationInvalidStateChangeUnexpected The target state could not be set because the state was changed by another process.
80044164 AsyncOperationMissingId The AsyncOperationId is required to do the update.
80044165 AsyncOperationInvalidStateChangeToComplete The target state could not be set to complete because the state transition is not valid.
80044166 AsyncOperationInvalidStateChangeToReady The target state could not be set to ready because the state transition is not valid.
80044167 AsyncOperationInvalidStateChangeToSuspended The target state could not be set to suspended because the state transition is not valid.
80044168 AsyncOperationCannotUpdateNonrecurring Cannot update recurrence pattern for a job that is not recurring.
80044169 AsyncOperationCannotUpdateRecurring Cannot update recurrence pattern for a job type that is not supported.
8004416a AsyncOperationCannotDeleteUnlessCompleted Cannot delete async operation unless it is in Completed state.
8004416b SdkInvalidMessagePropertyName Message property name ‘{0}’ is not valid on message {1}.
8004416c PluginAssemblyMustHavePublicKeyToken Public assembly must have public key token.
8004416d SdkMessageInvalidImageTypeRegistration Message {0} does not support this image type.
8004416e SdkMessageDoesNotSupportPostImageRegistration PreEvent step registration does not support Post Image.
8004416f CannotDeserializeRequest The SDK request could not be deserialized.
80044170 InvalidPluginRegistrationConfiguration The plug-in assembly registration configuration is invalid.
80044171 SandboxClientPluginTimeout The plug-in execution failed because the operation has timed-out at the Sandbox Client.
80044172 SandboxHostPluginTimeout The plug-in execution failed because the operation has timed-out at the Sandbox Host.
80044173 SandboxWorkerPluginTimeout The plug-in execution failed because the operation has timed-out at the Sandbox Worker.
80044174 SandboxSdkListenerStartFailed The plug-in execution failed because the Sandbox Client encountered an error during initialization.
80044175 ServiceBusPostFailed The service bus post failed.
80044176 ServiceBusIssuerNotFound Cannot find service integration issuer information.
80044177 ServiceBusIssuerCertificateError Service integration issuer certificate error.
80044178 ServiceBusExtendedTokenFailed Failed to retrieve the additional token for service bus post.
80044179 ServiceBusPostPostponed Service bus post is being postponed.
8004417A ServiceBusPostDisabled Service bus post is disabled for the organization.
8004417B InvalidPluginAssemblyVersion Plug-in assembly fullnames must be unique (ignoring the version build and revision number).
8004417C PluginTypeMustBeUnique Multiple plug-in types from the same assembly and with the same typename are not allowed.
8004417D InvalidAssemblySourceType The given plugin assembly source type is not supported for isolated plugin assemblies.
8004417E InvalidAssemblyProcessorArchitecture The given plugin assembly was built with an unsupported target platform and cannot be loaded.
8004417F CyclicReferencesNotSupported The input contains a cyclic reference, which is not supported.
80044180 SdkMessageNotSupportedOnServer The message requested is not supported on the server.
80044181 SdkMessageNotSupportedOnClient The message requested is not supported on the client.
80044182 SdkCorrelationTokenDepthTooHigh This workflow job was canceled because the workflow that started it included an infinite loop. Correct the workflow logic and try again. For information about workflow logic, see Help.
80044183 InvalidQuery The query specified for this operation is invalid
80044184 OnlyStepInPredefinedStagesCanBeModified Invalid plug-in registration stage. Steps can only be modified in stages BeforeMainOperationOutsideTransaction, BeforeMainOperationInsideTransaction, AfterMainOperationInsideTransaction and AfterMainOperationOutsideTransaction.
80044185 OnlyStepInServerOnlyCanHaveSecureConfiguration Only SdkMessageProcessingStep with ServerOnly supported deployment can have secure configuration.
80044186 OnlyStepOutsideTransactionCanCreateCrmService Only SdkMessageProcessingStep in parent pipeline and in stages outside transaction can create CrmService to prevent deadlock.
80044187 SdkCustomProcessingStepIsNotAllowed Custom SdkMessageProcessingStep is not allowed on the specified message and entity.
80044188 SdkEntityOfflineQueuePlaybackIsNotAllowed Entity ‘{0}’ is not allowed in offline queue playback.
80044189 SdkMessageDoesNotSupportImageRegistration Message ‘{0}’ does not support image registration.
8004418a RequestLengthTooLarge Request message length is too large.
8004418b InvalidPluginAssemblyContent Plug-in assembly does not contain the required types or assembly content cannot be updated.
8004418c InvalidPluginTypeImplementation Plug-in type must implement exactly one of the following classes or interfaces: Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.IPlugin, Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.IPlugin, System.Activities.Activity and System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity.
8004418d SandboxWorkerNotAvailable The plug-in execution failed because no Sandbox Worker processes are currently available. Please try again.
8004418e SandboxHostNotAvailable The plug-in execution failed because no Sandbox Hosts are currently available. Please check that you have a Sandbox server configured and that it is running.
8004418f PluginAssemblyContentSizeExceeded “The assembly content size ‘{0} bytes’ has exceeded the maximum value allowed for isolated plug-ins ‘{1} bytes’.”
80044190 UnableToLoadPluginType Unable to load plug-in type.
80044191 UnableToLoadPluginAssembly Unable to load plug-in assembly.
80044192 InvalidEmailAddressFormat Invalid e-mail address. For more information, contact your system administrator.
80044193 ContractInvalidDiscount Discount cannot be greater than total price. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDDISCOUNT
80044195 InvalidLanguageCode The specified language code is not valid for this organization.
80044196 ConfigNullPrimaryKey Primary Key cannot be nullable.
80044197 ConfigMissingDescription Description must be specified.
80044198 AttributeDoesNotSupportLocalizedLabels The specified attribute does not support localized labels.
80044199 NoLanguageProvisioned There is no language provisioned for this organization.
80044200 DisabledCRMGoingOffline Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality is not available while Offline Synchronization is occuring
80044201 DisabledCRMGoingOnline Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality is not available while Online Synchronization is occuring
80044202 DisabledCRMAddinLoadFailure An error occurred loading Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality. Try restarting Outlook. Contact your system administrator if errors persist.
80044203 DisabledCRMClientVersionLower The Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook needs to be upgraded before it can be used. Contact your system administrator for upgrade instructions.
80044204 DisabledCRMClientVersionHigher The Microsoft Dynamics CRM server needs to be upgraded before Microsoft Dynamics CRM client can be used. Contact your system administrator for assistance.
80044205 DisabledCRMPostOfflineUpgrade Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality is not available until the Microsoft Dynamics CRM client is taken back online
80044206 DisabledCRMOnlineCrmNotAvailable Microsoft Dynamics CRM server is not available
80044220 GoOfflineMetadataVersionsMismatch Client and Server metadata versions are different due to new customization on the server. Please try going offline again.
80044221 GoOfflineGetBCPFileException CRM server was not able to process your request. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
80044222 GoOfflineDbSizeLimit You have exceeded the storage limit for your offline database. You must reduce the amount of data to be taken offline by changing your Local Data Groups.
80044223 GoOfflineServerFailedGenerateBCPFile CRM server was not able to generate BCP file. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
80044224 GoOfflineBCPFileSize Client was not able to download BCP file. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
80044225 GoOfflineFailedMoveData Client was not able to download data. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
80044226 GoOfflineFailedPrepareMsde Prepare MSDE failed. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
80044227 GoOfflineFailedReloadMetadataCache The Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook was unable to go offline. Please try going offline again.
80044228 DoNotTrackItem Selected item will not be tracked. IDS_DO_NOT_TRACK
80044229 GoOfflineFileWasDeleted Data file was deleted on server before it was sent to client.
80044230 GoOfflineEmptyFileForDelete Data file for delete is empty.
80044246 CannotImportNullStringsForBaseLanguage The base language translation string present in worksheet {0}, row {1}, column {2} is null.
80044247 CannotUpdateNonCustomizableString The translation string present in worksheet {0}, row {1}, column {2} is not customizable.
80044248 InvalidOrganizationId The organization id present in the translations file does not match with the current organization id.
80044249 InvalidTranslationsFile The translations file is invalid or does not confirm to the required schema.
80044250 MetadataRecordNotDeletable The metadata record being deleted cannot be deleted by the end user
80044251 InvalidImportJobTemplateFile The ImportJobTemplate.xml file is invalid.
80044252 InvalidImportJobId The requested importjob does not exist.
80044300 MissingCrmAuthenticationToken CrmAuthenticationToken is missing.
80044301 IntegratedAuthenticationIsNotAllowed Integrated authentication is not allowed.
80044302 RequestIsNotAuthenticated Request is not authenticated.
80044303 AsyncOperationTypeIsNotRecognized The operation type of the async operation was not recognized.
80044304 FailedToDeserializeAsyncOperationData Failed to deserialize async operation data.
80044305 UserSettingsOverMaxPagingLimit Paging limit over maximum configured value.
80044306 AsyncNetworkError An error occurred while accessing the network.
80044307 AsyncCommunicationError A communication error occurred while processing the async operation.
80044308 MissingCrmAuthenticationTokenOrganizationName Organization Name must be specified in CrmAuthenticationToken.
80044309 SdkNotEnoughPrivilegeToSetCallerOriginToken Caller does not have enough privilege to set CallerOriginToken to the specified value.
8004430A OverRetrievalUpperLimitWithoutPagingCookie Over upper limit of records that can be requested without a paging cookie. A paging cookie is required when retrieving a high page number.
8004430B InvalidAllotmentsOverage Allotment overage is invalid.
8004430C TooManyConditionsInQuery Number of conditions in query exceeded maximum limit.
8004430D TooManyLinkEntitiesInQuery Number of link entities in query exceeded maximum limit.
8004430E TooManyConditionParametersInQuery Number of parameters in a condition exceeded maximum limit.
8004430F InvalidOneToManyRelationshipForRelatedEntitiesQuery An invalid OneToManyRelationship has been specified for RelatedEntitiesQuery. Referenced Entity {0} should be the same as primary entity {1}
80044310 PicklistValueNotUnique The picklist value already exists. Picklist values must be unique.
80044311 UnableToLogOnUserFromUserNameAndPassword The specified user name and password can not logon.
8004431A PicklistValueOutOfRange The picklist value is out of the range.
8004431B WrongNumberOfBooleanOptions Boolean attributes must have exactly two option values.
8004431C BooleanOptionOutOfRange Boolean attribute options must have a value of either 0 or 1.
8004431D CannotAddNewBooleanValue You cannot add an option to a Boolean attribute.
8004431E CannotAddNewStateValue You cannot add state options to a State attribute.
8004431F NoMoreCustomOptionValuesExist All available custom option values have been used.
80044320 InsertOptionValueInvalidType You can add option values only to picklist and status attributes.
80044321 NewStatusRequiresAssociatedState The new status option must have an associated state value.
80044322 NewStatusHasInvalidState The state value that was provided for this new status option does not exist.
80044323 CannotDeleteEnumOptionsFromAttributeType You can delete options only from picklist and status attributes.
80044324 OptionReorderArrayIncorrectLength The array of option values that were provided for reordering does not match the number of options for the attribute.
80044325 ValueMissingInOptionOrderArray The options array is missing a value.
80044327 NavPaneOrderValueNotAllowed The provided nav pane order value is not allowed
80044328 EntityRelationshipRoleCustomLabelsMissing Custom labels must be provided if an entity relationship role has a display option of UseCustomLabels
80044329 NavPaneNotCustomizable The nav pane properties for this relationship are not customizable
8004432A EntityRelationshipSchemaNameRequired Entity relationships require a name
8004432B EntityRelationshipSchemaNameNotUnique A relationship with the specified name already exists. Please specify a unique name.
8004432C CustomReflexiveRelationshipNotAllowedForEntity This entity is not valid for a custom reflexive relationship
8004432D EntityCannotBeChildInCustomRelationship This entity is either not valid as a child in a custom parental relationship or is already a child in a parental relationship
8004432E ReferencedEntityHasLogicalPrimaryNameField This entity has a primary field that is logical and therefore cannot be the referenced entity in a one-to-many relationship
8004432F IntegerValueOutOfRange A validation error occurred. An integer provided is outside of the allowed values for this attribute.
80044330 DecimalValueOutOfRange A validation error occurred. A decimal value provided is outside of the allowed values for this attribute.
80044331 StringLengthTooLong A validation error occurred. A string value provided is too long.
80044332 EntityCannotParticipateInEntityAssociation This entity cannot participate in an entity association
80044333 DataMigrationManagerUnknownProblem The Data Migration Manager encountered an unknown problem and cannot continue. To try again, restart the Data Migration Manager.
80044334 ImportOperationChildFailure One or more of the Import Child Jobs Failed
80044335 AttributeDeprecated “Attribute ‘{0}’ on entity ‘{1}’ is deprecated.”
80044336 DataMigrationManagerMandatoryUpdatesNotInstalled First-time configuration of the Data Migration Manager has been canceled. You will not be able to use the Data Migration Manager until configuration is completed.
80044337 ReferencedEntityMustHaveLookupView Referenced entities of a relationship must have a lookup view
80044338 ReferencingEntityMustHaveAssociationView Referencing entities of a relationship must have an association view
80044339 CouldNotObtainLockOnResource Database resource lock could not be obtained
80044340 SourceAttributeHeaderTooBig Column headers must be 160 or fewer characters. Fix the column headers, and then run Data Migration Manager again.
80044341 CannotDeleteDefaultStatusOption Default Status options cannot be deleted.
80044342 CannotFindDomainAccount Invalid domain account
80044343 CannotUpdateAppDefaultValueForStateAttribute The default value for a status (statecode) attribute cannot be updated.
80044344 CannotUpdateAppDefaultValueForStatusAttribute The default value for a status reason (statuscode) attribute is not used. The default status reason is set in the associated status (statecode) attribute option.
80044345 InvalidOptionSetSchemaName An OptionSet with the specified name already exists. Please specify a unique name.
80044350 ReferencingEntityCannotBeSolutionAware Referencing entities in a relationship cannot be a component in a solution.
80044351 ErrorInFieldWidthIncrease An error occurred while increasing the field width.
80044352 ExpiredVersionStamp Version stamp associated with the client has expired. Please perform a full sync.
80044400 IncidentInvalidContractStateForCreate The case can not be created against this contract because of the contract state. IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_CONTRACT_STATE_FOR_CREATE
80044401 IncidentMissingContractDetail The contract detail id is missing. IDS_INCIDENT_MISSING_CONTRACT_DETAIL
80044402 unManagedidsincidentcontractdetaildoesnotmatchcontract The contract line item is not in the specified contract. IDS_INCIDENT_CONTRACT_DETAIL_DOES_NOT_MATCH_CONTRACT
80044403 IncidentContractDoesNotHaveAllotments The contract does not have enough allotments. The case can not be created against this contract. IDS_INCIDENT_CONTRACT_DOES_NOT_HAVE_ALLOTMENTS
80044404 unManagedidsincidentinvalidstate Incident state is invalid. IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_STATE
80044405 unManagedidsincidentassociatedactivitycorrupted The activity associated with this case is corrupted. IDS_INCIDENT_ASSOCIATED_ACTIVITY_CORRUPTED
80044406 unManagedidsincidentinvalidactivitytypecode The activitytypecode is wrong. IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_ACTIVITYTYPECODE
80044407 unManagedidsincidentnullactivitytypecode The activitytypecode can’t be NULL. IDS_INCIDENT_NULL_ACTIVITYTYPECODE
80044408 unManagedidsincidentmissingactivityobjecttype Missing object type code. IDS_INCIDENT_MISSING_ACTIVITY_OBJECTTYPE
80044409 IncidentMissingActivityRegardingObject The incident id is missing. IDS_INCIDENT_MISSING_ACTIVITY_REGARDING_OBJECT
8004440a unManagedidsincidentcannotclose The incident can not be closed because there are open activities for this incident. IDS_INCIDENT_CANNOT_CLOSE
8004440b IncidentInvalidAllotmentType The allotment type for the contract is invalid. IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_ALLOTMENT_TYPE
8004440c IncidentNullSpentTimeOrBilled The timespent on the Incident is NULL or IncidentResolution Activity’s IsBilled is NULL. IDS_INCIDENT_NULL_SPENT_TIME
8004440d IncidentInvalidContractLineStateForCreate The case can not be created against this contract line item because the contract line item is cancelled or expired. IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_CONTRACT_LINE_STATE_FOR_CREATE
8004440e IncidentCannotCancel The incident can not be cancelled because there are open activities for this incident. IDS_INCIDENT_CANNOT_CANCEL
8004440f unManagedidsincidentparentaccountandparentcontactpresent You can either specify a parent contact or account, but not both. IDS_INCIDENT_PARENTACCOUNT_AND_PARENTCONTACT_PRESENT
80044410 unManagedidsincidentparentaccountandparentcontactnotpresent You should specify a parent contact or account. IDS_INCIDENT_PARENTACCOUNT_AND_PARENTCONTACT_NOT_PRESENT
80044411 IncidentIsAlreadyClosedOrCancelled Already Closed or Canceled IDS_INCIDENT_IS_ALREADY_CLOSED_OR_CANCELLED
80044412 ContractDetailDiscountPercent The contract’s discount type does not support ‘amount’ discounts.
80044413 ContractDetailDiscountAmount The contract’s discount type does not support ‘percentage’ discounts.
80044414 ContractDetailDiscountAmountAndPercent Both ‘amount’ and ‘percentage’ cannot be set.
80044700 unManagedidscustomizationtransformationnotsupported Transformation is not supported for this object. IDS_CUSTOMIZATION_TRANSFORMATION_NOTSUPPORTED
80044800 CannotDeleteMetricWithGoals This goal metric is being used by one or more goals and cannot be deleted.
80044801 CannotUpdateRollupAttributeWithClosedGoals The changes made to the roll-up field definition cannot be saved because the related goal metric is being used by one or more closed goals.
80044802 MetricNameAlreadyExists A goal metric with the same name already exists. Specify a different name, and try again.
80044803 CannotUpdateMetricWithGoals The changes made to this record cannot be saved because this goal metric is being used by one or more goals.
80044804 CannotCreateUpdateSourceAttribute Source Attribute Not Valid For Create/Update if Metric Type is Count.
80044805 InvalidDateAttribute Date Attribute specified is not an attribute of Source Entity.
80044806 InvalidSourceEntityAttribute Attribute {0} is not an attribute of Entity {1}.
80044807 GoalAttributeAlreadyMapped The Metric Detail for Specified Goal Attribute already exists.
80044808 InvalidSourceAttributeType Source Attribute Type does not match the Amount Data Type specified.
8004480a MaxLimitForRollupAttribute Only three metric details per metric can be created.
8004480b InvalidGoalAttribute Goal Attribute does not match the specified metric type.
8004480c CannotUpdateParentAndDependents Cannot update metric or period attributes when parent is being updated.
8004480d UserDoesNotHaveSendAsAllowed User does not have send-as privilege
8004480e CannotUpdateQuoteCurrency The currency cannot be changed because this quote has Products associated with it. If you want to change the currency please delete all of the Products and then change the currency or create a new quote with the appropriate currency.
8004480f UserDoesNotHaveSendAsForQueue You do not have sufficient privileges to send e-mail as the selected queue. Contact your system administrator for assistance.
80044810 InvalidSourceStateValue The source state specified for the entity is invalid.
80044811 InvalidSourceStatusValue The source status specified for the entity is invalid.
80044812 InvalidEntityForDateAttribute Entity For Date Attribute can be either source entity or its parent.
80044813 InvalidEntityForRollup The entity {0} is not a valid entity for rollup.
80044814 InvalidFiscalPeriod The fiscal period {0} does not fall in the permitted range of fiscal periods as per organization’s fiscal settings.
80044900 CannotUpdateMetricOnChildGoal You cannot update metric on a child goal.
80044901 CannotUpdateGoalPeriodInfoChildGoal You cannot update goal period related attributes on a child goal.
80044902 CannotUpdateMetricOnGoalWithChildren You cannot update metric on a goal which has associated child goals.
80044903 FiscalPeriodGoalMissingInfo For a goal of fiscal period type, the fiscal period attribute must be set.
80044904 CustomPeriodGoalHavingExtraInfo For a goal of custom period type, fiscal year and fiscal period attributes must be left blank.
80044905 ParentChildMetricIdDiffers The metricid of child goal should be same as the parent goal.
80044906 ParentChildPeriodAttributesDiffer The period settings of child goal should be same as the parent goal.
80044907 CustomPeriodGoalMissingInfo For a goal of custom period type, goalstartdate and goalenddate attributes must have data.
80044908 GoalMissingPeriodTypeInfo Goal Period Type needs to be specified when creating a goal. This field cannot be null.
80044909 ParticipatingQueryEntityMismatch The entitytype of participating query should be the same as the entity specified in fetchxml.
80044910 CannotUpdateGoalPeriodInfoClosedGoal You cannot change the time period of this goal because there are one or more closed subordinate goals.
80044911 CannotUpdateRollupFields You cannot write on rollup fields if isoverride is not set to true in your create/update request.
80044a00 unManagedidsattachmentcannotopentempfile Cannot open temporary attachment file. IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_OPEN_TEMPFILE
80044a01 unManagedidsattachmentcannotgetfilesize Cannot get temporary attachment file size. IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_GET_FILESIZE
80044a02 unManagedidsattachmentinvalidfilesize Attachment file size is too big. IDS_ATTACHMENT_INVALID_FILESIZE
80044a03 unManagedidsattachmentcannotreadtempfile Cannot read temporary attachment file. IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_READ_TEMPFILE
80044a04 unManagedidsattachmentisempty Attachment is empty. IDS_ATTACHMENT_IS_EMPTY
80044a05 unManagedidsattachmentcannotcreatetempfile Cannot create temporary attachment file. IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_CREATE_TEMPFILE
80044a06 unManagedidsattachmentcannotunmaptempfile Cannot unmap temporary attachment file. IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_UNMAP_TEMPFILE
80044a07 unManagedidsattachmentcannottruncatetempfile Cannot truncate temporary attachment file. IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_TRUNCATE_TEMPFILE
80044a08 AttachmentInvalidFileName Attachment file name contains invalid characters.
80044d00 unManagedidscalendarinvalidcalendar The calendar is invalid. IDS_CALENDAR_INVALID_CALENDAR
80044F00 AsyncOperationCannotCancel This system job cannot be canceled.
80044F01 AsyncOperationCannotPause This system job cannot be paused.
80045001 WorkflowCompileFailure An error has occurred during compilation of the workflow.
80045002 UpdatePublishedWorkflowDefinition Cannot update a published workflow definition.
80045003 UpdateWorkflowActivation Cannot update a workflow activation.
80045004 DeleteWorkflowActivation Cannot delete a workflow activation.
80045005 DeleteWorkflowActivationWorkflowDependency Cannot delete a workflow dependency associated with a workflow activation.
80045006 DeletePublishedWorkflowDefinitionWorkflowDependency Cannot delete a workflow dependency for a published workflow definition.
80045007 UpdateWorkflowActivationWorkflowDependency Cannot update a workflow dependency associated with a workflow activation.
80045008 UpdatePublishedWorkflowDefinitionWorkflowDependency Cannot update a workflow dependency for a published workflow definition.
80045009 CreateWorkflowActivationWorkflowDependency Cannot create a workflow dependency associated with a workflow activation.
8004500A CreatePublishedWorkflowDefinitionWorkflowDependency Cannot create a workflow dependency for a published workflow definition.
8004500B WorkflowPublishedByNonOwner The workflow cannot be published or unpublished by someone who is not its owner.
8004500C PublishedWorkflowOwnershipChange A published workflow can only be assigned to the caller.
8004500D OnlyWorkflowDefinitionOrTemplateCanBePublished Only workflow definition or draft workflow template can be published.
8004500E OnlyWorkflowDefinitionOrTemplateCanBeUnpublished Only workflow definition or workflow template can be unpublished.
8004500F DeleteWorkflowActiveDefinition Cannot delete an active workflow definition.
80045010 WorkflowConditionIncorrectUnaryOperatorFormation Incorrect formation of unary operator.
80045011 WorkflowConditionIncorrectBinaryOperatorFormation Incorrect formation of binary operator.
80045012 WorkflowConditionOperatorNotSupported Condition operator not supported for specified type.
80045013 WorkflowConditionTypeNotSupport Invalid type specified on condition.
80045014 WorkflowValidationFailure Validation failed on the specified workflow.
80045015 PublishedWorkflowLimitForSkuReached This workflow cannot be published because your organization has reached its limit for the number of workflows that can be published at the same time. (There is no limit on the number of draft workflows.) You can publish this workflow by unpublishing a different workflow, or by upgrading your license to a license that supports more workflows.
80045016 NoPrivilegeToPublishWorkflow User does not have sufficient privileges to publish workflows.
80045017 WorkflowSystemPaused Workflow should be paused by system.
80045018 WorkflowPublishNoActivationParameters Automatic workflow cannot be published if no activation parameters have been specified.
80045019 CreateWorkflowDependencyForPublishedTemplate Cannot create a workflow dependency for a published workflow template.
8004501A DeleteActiveWorkflowTemplateDependency Cannot delete workflow dependency from a published workflow template .
8004501B UpdatePublishedWorkflowTemplate Cannot update a published workflow template.
8004501C DeleteWorkflowActiveTemplate Cannot delete an active workflow template.
8004501D CustomActivityInvalid Invalid custom activity.
8004501E PrimaryEntityInvalid Invalid primary entity.
8004501F CannotDeserializeWorkflowInstance Workflow instance cannot be deserialized. A possible reason for this failure is a workflow referencing a custom activity that has been unregistered.
80045020 CannotDeserializeXamlWorkflow Xaml representing workflow cannot be deserialized into a DynamicActivity.
8004502C CannotDeleteCustomEntityUsedInWorkflow Cannot delete entity because it is used in a workflow.
8004502D BulkMailOperationFailed The bulk e-mail job completed with {0} failures. The failures might be caused by missing e-mail addresses or because you do not have permission to send e-mail. To find records with missing e-mail addresses, use Advanced Find. If you need increased e-mail permissions, contact your system administrator.
8004502E WorkflowExpressionOperatorNotSupported Expression operator not supported for specified type.
8004502F ChildWorkflowNotFound This workflow cannot run because one or more child workflows it uses have not been published or have been deleted. Please check the child workflows and try running this workflow again.
80045030 CannotDeleteAttributeUsedInWorkflow This attribute cannot be deleted because it is used in one or more workflows. Cancel any system jobs for workflows that use this attribute, then delete or modify any workflows that use the attribute, and then try to delete the attribute again.
80045031 CannotLocateRecordForWorkflowActivity A record required by this workflow job could not be found.
80045032 PublishWorkflowWhileActingOnBehalfOfAnotherUserError Publishing Workflows while acting on behalf of another user is not allowed.
80045033 CannotDisableInternetMarketingUser You cannot disable the Internet Marketing Partner user. This user does not consume a user license and is not charged to your organization. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_DISABLE_INTERNETMARKETING_USER
80045034 CannotSetWindowsLiveIdForInternetMarketingUser You cannot change the Windows Live ID for the Internet Marketing Partner user. This user does not consume a user license and is not charged to your organization. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_CHANGE_WLID_OF_INTERNETMARKETING_USER
80045035 CannotChangeAccessModeForInternetMarketingUser Internet Marketing User is a system user. You cannot change its access mode. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_CHANGE_ACCESS_MODE_OF_INTERNETMARKETING_USER
80045036 CannotChangeInvitationStatusForInternetMarketingUser Internet Marketing User is a system user. You cannot change its invitation status. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_CHANGE_INVITATION_STATUS_OF_INTERNETMARKETING_USER
80045037 UIDataGenerationFailed There was an error generating the UIData from XAML.
80045038 WorkflowReferencesInvalidActivity The workflow definition contains a step that references and invalid custom activity. Remove the invalid references and try again.
80045039 PublishWorkflowWhileImpersonatingError Publishing Workflows while impersonating another user is not allowed.
8004503A ExchangeAutodiscoverError Autodiscover could not find the Exchange Web Services URL for the specified mailbox. Verify that the mailbox address and the credentials provided are correct and that Autodiscover is enabled and has been configured correctly.
80045040 NonCrmUIWorkflowsNotSupported This workflow cannot be created, updated or published because it was created outside the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web application. Your organization does not allow this type of workflow.
80045041 NotEnoughPrivilegesForXamlWorkflows Not enough privileges to complete the operation. Only the deployment administrator can create or update workflows that are created outside the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web application.
80045042 WorkflowAutomaticallyDeactivated The original workflow definition has been deactivated and replaced.
80045043 StepAutomaticallyDisabled The original sdkmessageprocessingstep has been disabled and replaced.
80045044 NonCrmUIInteractiveWorkflowNotSupported This interactive workflow cannot be created, updated or published because it was created outside the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web application.
80045045 WorkflowActivityNotSupported This workflow cannot be created, updated or published because it’s referring unsupported workflow step.
80045046 ExecuteNotOnDemandWorkflow Workflow must be marked as on-demand or child workflow.
80045047 ExecuteUnpublishedWorkflow Workflow must be in Published state.
80045048 ChildWorkflowParameterMismatch This workflow cannot run because arguments provided by parent workflow does not match with the specified parameters in linked child workflow. Check the child workflow reference in parent workflow and try running this workflow again.
80045049 InvalidProcessStateData ProcessState is not valid for given ProcessSession instance.
80045050 OutOfScopeSlug The data required to display the next dialog page cannot be found. To resolve this issue, contact the dialog owner or the system administrator.
80045051 CustomWorkflowActivitiesNotSupported Custom Workflow Activities are not enabled.
80045100 unManagedidscalendarruledoesnotexist The calendar rule does not exist. IDS_CALENDAR_RULE_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80045300 MergeCyclicalParentingError Merge could create cyclical parenting. IDS_MERGE_CYCLICAL_PARENTING_ERROR
80045301 MergeSecurityError Merge is not allowed: caller does not have the privilege or access. IDS_MERGE_SECURITY_ERROR
80045302 MergeActiveQuoteError Merge cannot be performed on sub-entity that has active quote. IDS_MERGE_ACTIVE_QUOTE_ERROR
80045303 unManagedidsmergedifferentbizorgerror Merge cannot be performed on entities from different business entity. IDS_MERGE_DIFFERENT_BIZORG_ERROR
80045304 MergeEntityNotActiveError Merge cannot be performed on entity that is inactive. IDS_MERGE_ENTITY_NOT_ACTIVE_ERROR
80045305 MergeEntitiesIdenticalError Merge cannot be performed on master and sub-entities that are identical. IDS_MERGE_ENTITIES_IDENTICAL_ERROR
80045316 MergeDifferentlyParentedWarning Merge warning: sub-entity will be differently parented. IDS_MERGE_DIFFERENTLY_PARENTED_WARNING
80045317 MergeLossOfParentingWarning Merge warning: sub-entity might lose parenting IDS_MERGE_LOSS_OF_PARENTING_WARNING
80045600 unManagedidscascadeinconsistencyerror Cascade map information is inconsistent. IDS_CASCADE_INCONSISTENCY_ERROR
80045601 unManagedidscascadeundefinedrelationerror Relationship type is not supported IDS_CASCADE_UNDEFINED_RELATION_ERROR
80045602 unManagedidscascadeemptylinkerror The relationship link is empty IDS_CASCADE_EMPTY_LINK_ERROR
80045603 unManagedidscascadeunexpectederror Unexpected error occurred in cascading operation IDS_CASCADE_UNEXPECTED_ERROR
80045900 unManagedidscustomentitynameviolation Supplied entity found, but it is not a custom entity. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_NAME_VIOLATION
80045901 unManagedidscustomentityalreadyinitialized Custom entity interface already initialized on this thread. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_ALREADY_INITIALIZED
80045902 unManagedidscustomentitynotinitialized Custom entity interface was not properly initialized. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_NOT_INITIALIZED
80045903 unManagedidscustomentityinvalidownership Custom entity ownership type mask is improperly set. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_INVALID_OWNERSHIP
80045904 unManagedidscustomentitytlsfailure Custom entity MD TLS not initialized. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_TLS_FAILURE
80045905 unManagedidscustomentitystackoverflow Custom entity MD stack overflow. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_STACK_OVERFLOW
80045906 unManagedidscustomentitystackunderflow Custom entity MD stack underflow. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_STACK_UNDERFLOW
80045907 unManagedidscustomentityexistingloop There is an existing loop in the database. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_EXISTING_LOOP
80045908 unManagedidscustomentitywouldcreateloop This association would create a loop in the database. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_WOULD_CREATE_LOOP
80045909 unManagedidscustomentityinvalidchild The supplied child passed in is not a valid entity. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_INVALID_CHILD
8004590a unManagedidscustomentityinvalidparent The supplied parent passed in is not a valid entity. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_INVALID_PARENT
8004590b unManagedidscustomentityparentchildidentical The supplied parent and child entities are identical. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_PARENTCHILD_IDENTICAL
8004590c unManagedidscustomentitynorelationship No relationship exists between the requested entities. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_NO_RELATIONSHIP
8004590d unManagedidscustomentityambiguousrelationship More than one relationship between the requested entities exists. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_AMBIGUOUS_RELATIONSHIP
80045f00 unManagedidscalloutisvexception Callout ISV code throws exception IDS_CALLOUT_ISV_EXCEPTION
80045f01 unManagedidscalloutisvabort Callout ISV code aborted the operation IDS_CALLOUT_ISV_ABORT
80045f02 unManagedidscalloutisvstop Callout ISV code stopped the operation IDS_CALLOUT_ISV_STOP
80045f03 unManagedidscalloutinvalidconfig Invalid callout configuration IDS_CALLOUT_INVALID_CONFIG
80045f04 unManagedidscalloutinvalidevent Invalid callout event IDS_CALLOUT_INVALID_EVENT
80045f05 unManagedidsCalloutException Callout code throws exception IDS_CALLOUT_EXCEPTION
80046200 NonMappableEntity NonMappableEntity Error Occurred IDS_ENTITYMAPPER_NON_MAPPABLE_ENTITY
80046201 UpdateEntityMap UpdateEntityMap Error Occurred IDS_ENTITYMAPPER_CANT_UPDATE_ENTITYMAP
80046202 SystemEntityMap SystemEntityMap Error Occurred IDS_ENTITYMAPPER_CANT_DELETE_SYSTEM_ENTITYMAP
80046203 InvalidAttributeMap InvalidAttributeMap Error Occurred IDS_ENTITYMAPPER_INVALID_ATTRIBUTEMAP
80046204 UpdateAttributeMap UpdateAttributeMap Error Occurred IDS_ENTITYMAPPER_CANT_UPDATE_ATTRIBUTEMAP
80046205 SystemAttributeMap SystemAttributeMap Error Occurred IDS_ENTITYMAPPER_CANT_DELETE_SYSTEM_ATTRIBUTEMAP
80046FFF CannotDeleteLastEmailAttribute You cannot delete this field because the record type has been enabled for e-mail.
80047000 FailedToScheduleActivity Failed to schedule activity.
80047001 RowGuidIsNotValidName rowguid is a reserved name and cannot be used as an identifier
80047002 CannotDeletePrimaryUIAttribute The Primary UI Attribute is not valid for deletion
80047003 InvalidRelationshipDescription The specified relationship cannot be created
80047004 CyclicalRelationship The specified relationship will result in a cycle.
80047006 CannotCreateActivityRelationship Relationship with activities cannot be created through this operation
80047007 MultipleParentsNotSupported An entity can have only one parental relationship
80047008 EntityIsNotCustomizable The specified entity is not customizable
80047009 AttributeIsNotCustomAttribute The specified attribute is not a custom attribute
8004700a RelationshipIsNotCustomRelationship The specified relationship is not a custom relationship
8004700b InvalidSchemaName An entity with the specified name already exists. Please specify a unique name.
8004700c InvalidDisplayName The specified display name is not valid
8004700d InvalidOwnershipTypeMask The specified ownership type mask is not valid for this operation IDS_INVALID_OWNERSHIPTYPEMASK
8004700e InvalidPrimaryFieldType Primary UI Attribute has to be of type String
8004700f InvalidRelationshipType The specified relationship type is not valid for this operation
80047010 DuplicateName An object with the specified name already exists
80047011 DuplicateDisplayName An object with the specified display name already exists.
80047012 DuplicateDisplayCollectionName An object with the specified display collection name already exists.
80047013 DuplicateAttributeSchemaName An attribute with the specified name already exists
80047014 NoAttributesForEntityCreate No attributes for Create Entity action.
80047015 EntityHasNoStateCode Specified entity does not have a statecode.
80047016 CannotDeleteChildAttribute The Child Attribute is not valid for deletion
80047017 SavedQueryIsNotCustomizable The specified view is not customizable
80047018 CannotHaveDuplicateYomi One attribute can be tied to only one yomi at a time
80047019 InvalidLanguageForSolution Solution and Publisher Options are not available since your language does not match system base language.
8004701B InvalidSolutionConfigurationPage The specified configuration page for this solution is invalid.
8004701C SolutionConfigurationPageMustBeHtmlWebResource The solution configuration page must exist within the solution it represents.
8004701D ConfigurationPageNotValidForSolution The solution configuration page must exist within the solution it represents.
80047101 InvalidFormatParameters The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
80047102 CustomParentingSystemNotSupported A custom entity can not have a parental relationship to a system entity
80047103 FailedToGetNetworkServiceName Failed to obtain the localized name for NetworkService account
80048000 ImportInvalidFileError Invalid Import File
80048001 ImportEntityIconError Invalid Icon in the Import File
80048002 ImportEntityCustomResourcesError Invalid Custom Resources in the Import File
80048003 ImportEntityCustomResourcesNewStringError Invalid Entity new string in the Custom Resources
80048004 ImportSavedQueryOtcMismatchError There was an error processing saved queries of the same object type code (unresolvable system collision)
80048005 ImportSavedQueryExistingError The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
80048006 ImportFieldXmlError The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
80048007 ImportFormXmlError The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
80048008 ImportEntityNameMismatchError The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
80048009 ImportRelationshipRolesError The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
8004800A ImportRelationshipRoleMapsError The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
8004800B ImportContractTemplateError There was an error in parsing the contract templates in Import Xml
8004800C ImportEmailTemplateError There was an error in parsing the email templates in Import Xml
8004800D ImportArticleTemplateError There was an error in parsing the article templates in Import Xml
8004800E ImportIsvConfigError There was an error parsing the IsvConfig during Import
8004800F ImportMappingsSystemMapError Import cannot create system attribute mappings
80048010 ImportMappingsMissingEntityMapError This customization file contains a reference to an entity map that does not exist on the target system.
80048011 ImportSiteMapError An error occurred while importing the Site Map.
80048012 ImportPluginTypesError An error occurred while importing plug-in types.
80048013 ImportNonWellFormedFileError Invalid customization file. This file is not well formed.
80048014 ImportEmailTemplatePersonalError E-mail Template was not imported. The Template is a personal template on the target system; import cannot overwrite personal templates.
80048015 InvalidDomainName The domain logon for this user is invalid. Select another domain logon and try again. IDS_BIZMGMT_INVALID_DOMAINNAME
80048016 ImportSdkMessagesError An error occurred while importing Sdk Messages.
80048017 ImportRoleError Cannot import security role. The role with specified role id is not updatable or role name is not unique.
80048018 ImportRolePermissionError You do not have the necessary privileges to import security roles.
80048019 ImportOrgSettingsError There was an error parsing the Organization Settings during Import.
8004801A ImportXsdValidationError The import file is invalid. XSD validation failed with the following error: ‘{0}’. The validation failed at: ‘…{1} <<<<<ERROR LOCATION>>>>> {2}…’.”
8004801B ImportSavedQueryDeletedError A saved query with the same id is marked as deleted in the system. Please first publish the customized entity and import again.
8004801C ImportWrongPublisherError The following managed solution cannot be imported: {0}. The publisher name cannot be changed from {1} to {2}.
8004801D ImportMissingDependenciesError The following solution cannot be imported: {0}. Some dependencies are missing.
8004801E ImportGenericError The import failed. For more information, see the related error messages.
8004801F ImportMissingComponent Cannot add a Root Component {0} of type {1} because it is not in the target system.
80048020 ImportGenericEntitiesError An error occurred while importing generic entities.
80048021 ImportWorkflowError Cannot import workflow definition. The workflow with specified workflow id is not updatable or workflow name is not unique.
80048022 ImportWorkflowAttributeDependencyError Cannot import workflow definition. Required attribute dependency is missing.
80048023 ImportWorkflowEntityDependencyError Cannot import workflow definition. Required entity dependency is missing.
80048024 ImportEntitySystemUserOnPremiseMismatchError The systemuser entity was imported, but customized forms for the entity were not imported. Systemuser entity forms from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online cannot be imported into on-premises or hosted versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
80048025 ImportEntitySystemUserLiveMismatchError The systemuser entity was imported but customized forms for the entity were not imported. Systemuser entity forms from on-premises or hosted versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM cannot be imported into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
80048026 ImportLanguagesIgnoredError Translated labels for the following languages could not be imported because they have not been enabled for this organization: {0}
80048027 ImportWorkflowNameConflictError Workflow {0} cannot be imported because a workflow with same name and different unique identifier exists in the target system. Change the name of this workflow, and then try again.
80048028 ImportWorkflowPublishedError Workflow {0}({1}) cannot be imported because a workflow with same unique identifier is published on the target system. Unpublish the workflow on the target system before attempting to import this workflow again.
80048029 IsvExtensionsPrivilegeNotPresent To import ISV.Config, your user account must be associated with a security role that includes the ISV Extensions privilege.
8004802A RelationshipNameLengthExceedsLimit Relationship name cannot be more than 50 characters long.
8004802B ImportEmailTemplateErrorMissingFile E-mail Template ‘{0}’ import: The attachment ‘{1}’ was not found in the import zip file.
8004802C ImportInvalidXmlError This solution package cannot be imported because it contains invalid XML. You can attempt to repair the file by manually editing the XML contents using the information found in the schema validation errors, or you can contact your solution provider.
8004802F ImportRelationshipRolesPrivilegeError {0} cannot be imported. The {1} privilege is required to import this component.
80048030 ImportOptionSetsError An error occurred while importing OptionSets.
80048031 ImportRibbonsError An error occurred while importing Ribbons.
80048032 ImportReportsError An error occurred while importing Reports.
80048033 ImportSolutionError An error occurred while importing a Solution.
80048034 ImportDependencySolutionError {0} requires solutions that are not currently installed. Import the following solutions before Importing this one. {1}
80048035 ExportSolutionError An error occurred while exporting a Solution.
80048036 ExportManagedSolutionError An error occurred while exporting a solution. Managed solutions cannot be exported.
80048037 ExportMissingSolutionError An error occurred while exporting a solution. The solution does not exist in this system.
80048038 ImportSolutionManagedError Solution ‘{0}’ already exists in this system as managed and cannot be upgraded.
80048039 ImportOptionSetAttributeError Attribute ‘{0}’ was not imported as it references a non-existing global Option Set (‘{1}’).
8004803A ImportMissingRootComponentEntry The import has failed because component {0} of type {1} is not declared in the solution file as a root component. To fix this, import again using the XML file that was generated when you exported the solution.
8004803B UnmanagedComponentParentsManagedComponent Found {0} dependency records where unmanaged component is the parent of a managed component. First record (dependentcomponentobjectid = {1}, type = {2}, requiredcomponentobjectid = {3}, type= {4}, solution = {5}).
80048040 ImportSolutionManagedToUnmanagedMismatch The solution is already installed on this system as an unmanaged solution and the package supplied is attempting to install it in managed mode. Import can only update solutions when the modes match. Uninstall the current solution and try again.
80048041 ImportSolutionUnmanagedToManagedMismatch The solution is already installed on this system as a managed solution and the package supplied is attempting to install it in unmanaged mode. Import can only update solutions when the modes match. Uninstall the current solution and try again.
80048042 ImportSolutionIsvConfigWarning ISV Config was overwritten.
80048043 ImportSolutionSiteMapWarning SiteMap was overwritten.
80048044 ImportSolutionOrganizationSettingsWarning Organization settings were overwritten.
80048045 ImportExportDeprecatedError This message is no longer available. Please consult the SDK for alternative messages.
80048046 ImportSystemSolutionError System solution cannot be imported.
80048047 ImportTranslationMissingSolutionError An error occurred while importing the translations. The solution associated with the translations does not exist in this system.
80048048 ExportDefaultAsPackagedError The default solution cannot be exported as a package.
80048049 ImportDefaultAsPackageError The package supplied for the default solution is trying to install it in managed mode. The default solution cannot be managed. In the XML for the default solution, set the Managed value back to “false” and try to import the solution again.
80048052 InvalidSharePointSiteCollectionUrl The URL must conform to the http or https schema.
80048053 InvalidSiteRelativeUrlFormat The relative url contains invalid characters. Please use a different name. Valid relative url names cannot end with the following strings: .aspx, .ashx, .asmx, .svc , cannot begin or end with a dot or /, cannot contain consecutive dots or / and cannot contain any of the following characters: ~ ” # % & * : < > ? \ { | }.
80048054 InvalidRelativeUrlFormat The relative url contains invalid characters. Please use a different name. Valid relative url names cannot ends with the following strings: .aspx, .ashx, .asmx, .svc , cannot begin or end with a dot, cannot contain consecutive dots and cannot contain any of the following characters: ~ ” # % & * : < > ? / \ { | }.
80048055 InvalidAbsoluteUrlFormat The absolute url contains invalid characters. Please use a different name. Valid absolute url cannot ends with the following strings: .aspx, .ashx, .asmx, .svc
80048056 InvalidUrlConsecutiveSlashes The Url contains consecutive slashes which is not allowed.
80048057 SharePointRecordWithDuplicateUrl There is already a record with the same Url.
80048060 ImportCustomizationsBadZipFileError The solution file is invalid. The compressed file must contain the following files at its root: solution.xml, customizations.xml, and [Content_Types].xml. Customization files exported from previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM are not supported.
80048061 ImportTranslationsBadZipFileError The translation file is invalid. The compressed file must contain the following files at its root: CrmTranslations.xml, [Content_Types].xml.
80048062 ImportAttributeNameError Invalid name for attribute {0}. Custom attribute names must start with a valid customization prefix. The prefix for a solution component should match the prefix that is specified for the publisher of the solution.
80048063 ImportFieldSecurityProfileIsSecuredMissingError Some field security permissions could not be imported because the following fields are not securable: {0}.
80048064 ImportFieldSecurityProfileAttributesMissingError Some field security permissions could not be imported because the following fields are not in the system: {0}.
80048065 ImportFileSignatureInvalid The import file has an invalid digital signature.
80048066 ImportSolutionPackageNotValid The solution package you are importing was generated on a version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that cannot be imported into this system. Package Version: {0} {1}, System Version: {2} {3}.
80048067 ImportSolutionPackageNeedsUpgrade The solution package you are importing was generated on a different version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The system will attempt to transform the package prior to import. Package Version: {0} {1}, System Version: {2} {3}.
80048068 ImportSolutionPackageMinimumVersionNeeded The solution package you are importing was generated on a version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that is lower than the minimum supported version stated on the package. Minimum Version Supported: {0} {1}, System Version: {2} {3}, Database Version: {4}, Compatibility Version: {5}.
80048069 ImportSolutionPackageRequiresOptInAvailable Some components in the solution package you are importing require opt in. Opt in is available, please consult your administrator.
8004806A ImportSolutionPackageRequiresOptInNotAvailable The solution package you are importing was generated on a SKU of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that supports opt in. It cannot be imported in your system.
80048095 InvalidUserName You must enter the user name in the format <name>@<domain>. Correct the format and try again. IDS_BIZMGMT_INVALID_USERNAME
80048101 CascadeInvalidExtraConditionValue Invalid Extra-condition value
80048102 CascadeInvalidLinkType Invalid CascadeLink Type
80048103 CascadeDeleteNotAllowDelete Object is not allowed to be deleted
80048104 CascadeRemoveLinkOnNonNullable CascadeDelete is defined as RemoveLink while the foreign key is not nullable
80048106 CascadeMergeInvalidSpecialColumn Invalid Column Name for Merge Special Casing
80048107 CascadeReparentOnNonUserOwned Cannot perform Cascade Reparent on Non-UserOwned entities
80048108 CascadeFailToCreateNativeDAWrapper Failed to create unmanaged data access wrapper
80048109 CascadeProxyInvalidNativeDAPtr Invalid pointer of unmanaged data access object
8004810a CascadeProxyInvalidPrincipalType Invalid security principal type
8004810b CascadeProxyEmptyCallerId Empty Caller Id
8004810c ImportDuplicateEntity This import has failed because a different entity with the identical name, {0}, already exists in the target organization.
80048149 SharePointAbsoluteAndRelativeUrlEmpty Both absolute URL and relative URL cannot be null.
80048200 MultipleRelationshipsNotSupported Multiple relationships are not supported
80048201 CustomerRelationshipExists Customer relationship already exists.
80048202 CustomerOpportunityRoleExists Customer opportunity role exists.
80048203 InvalidDeleteModification A system relationship’s delete cascading action cannot be modified.
80048204 InvalidCascadeLinkType The cascade link type is not valid for the cascade action.
80048205 ExistingParentalRelationship A parental relationship already exists.
80048206 DecoupleChildEntity Cannot decouple a child entity.
80048207 DecoupleUserOwnedEntity Can only decouple user owned entities.
80048208 ConnectionExists Connection already exists.
80048209 ConnectionInvalidStartEndDate Start date / end date is invalid.
80048210 ConnectionObjectsMissing Both objects being connected are missing.
80048213 ConnectionNotSupported The selected record does not support connections. You cannot add the connection.
80048214 ConnectionCannotBeEnabledOnThisEntity Connections cannot be enabled on this entity
80048215 ConnectionRoleNotValidForObjectType The record type {0} is not defined for use with the connection role {1}.
80048216 UnrelatedConnectionRoles The connection roles are not related.
80048217 CannotConnectToSelf Cannot connect a record to itself.
80048218 BothConnectionSidesAreNeeded You must provide a name or select a role for both sides of this connection.
80048294 ReportUploadDisabled Reporting Services reports cannot be uploaded. If you want to create a new report, please use the Report Wizard.
80048295 ReportTypeBlocked The report is not a valid type. It cannot be uploaded or downloaded.
80048296 ReportFileZeroLength You have uploaded an empty file. Please select a new file and try again.
80048297 ReportFileTooBig The file is too large and cannot be uploaded. Please reduce the size of the file and try again.
80048298 ErrorUploadingReport An error occurred while trying to add the report to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Try adding the report again. If this problem persists, contact your system administrator.
80048299 ReportNotAvailable Report not available
80048300 ReportServerUnknownException Unknown exception thrown by report server
80048301 ReportServerInvalidUrl Cannot contact report server from given URL
80048302 ReportServerNoPrivilege Not enough privilege to configure report server
80048303 ReportServerVersionLow Report server does not meet the minimal version requirement
80048304 BulkMailServiceNotAccessible The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Bulk E-Mail Service is not running.
80048305 TeamNameTooLong The specified name for the team is too long. IDS_BIZMGMT_TEAM_NAME_TOO_LONG
80048306 unManagedIdsAccessDenied Not enough privilege to access the Microsoft Dynamics CRM object or perform the requested operation. IDS_ACCESSDENIED
80048307 CannotDeleteDefaultTeam The default business unit team can’t be deleted.
80048308 CannotSetParentDefaultTeam The default business unit team parent can’t be set.
80048309 ReportServerSP2HotFixNotApplied Report server SP2 Workgroup does not have the hotfix for role creation
8004830A CannotUpdateNameDefaultTeam The default business unit team name can’t be updated.
8004830B CannotAddMembersToDefaultTeam Can’t add members to the default business unit team.
8004830C CannotRemoveMembersFromDefaultTeam Can’t remove members from the default business unit team.
8004830D DataSourceProhibited A non fetch based data source is not permitted on this report
8004830E CannotDeleteTeamOwningRecords Can’t delete a team which owns records. Reassign the records and try again.
8004830F EntityIsIntersect The specified entity is intersect entity
80048310 ReportLocalProcessingError Error occurred while viewing locally processed report.
80048311 ReportMissingDataSourceCredentialsError Credentials have not been supplied for a data source used by the report.
80048312 ReportMissingDataSourceError A data source expected by the report has not been supplied.
80048313 ReportMissingEndpointError The SOAP endpoint used by the ReportViewer control could not be accessed.
80048314 ReportMissingParameterError A parameter expected by the report has not been supplied.
80048315 ReportMissingReportSourceError No source has been specified for the report.
80048316 ReportSecurityError The report contains a security violation.
80048317 RSDeleteItemError Error occurred while deleting an item from the report server.
80048318 RSFindItemsError Error occurred while finding an item on the report server.
80048319 RSSetDataSourceContentsError Error occurred while setting the data source contents.
8004831a RSGetDataSourceContentsError Error occurred while getting the data source contents.
8004831b RSListExtensionsError Error occurred while fetching the list of data extensions installed on the report server.
8004831c RSCancelBatchError Error occurred while canceling the batch operation.
8004831d RSExecuteBatchError Error occurred while performing the batch operation.
8004831e RSGetReportHistoryLimitError Error occurred while fetching the number of snapshots stored for the report.
8004831f RSListReportHistoryError Error occurred while fetching the report history snapshots.
80048320 RSCreateBatchError Error occurred while creating a batch operation.
80048321 RSGetItemDataSourcesError Error occurred while fetching current data sources.
80048322 RSSetItemDataSourcesError Error occurred while setting the data source.
80048323 RSGetReportParametersError Error occurred while getting report parameters.
80048324 RSSetReportParametersError Error occurred while setting report parameters.
80048325 RSSetExecutionOptionsError Error occurred while setting execution options.
80048326 RSSetReportHistoryOptionsError Error occurred while setting report history snapshot options.
80048327 RSSetReportHistoryLimitError Error occurred while setting report history snapshot limit.
80048328 RSUpdateReportExecutionSnapshotError Error occurred while taking snapshot of a report.
80048329 RSReportParameterTypeMismatchError The parameter type of the report is not valid.
8004832a RSSetPropertiesError Error occurred while setting property values for the report.
8004832b RSGetItemTypeError Error occurred while fetching the report.
8004832c ReportViewerError An error occurred during report rendering.
8004832d ConvertReportToCrmError An unexpected error occurred while converting supplied report to CRM format.
8004832e ConvertFetchDataSetError An unexpected error occurred while processing the Fetch data set.
8004832f ReportParentChildNotCustomizable The report could not be updated because either the parent report or the child report is not customizable.
80048330 RSMoveItemError Cannot move report item {0} to {1}
80048400 CheckPrivilegeGroupForUserOnSplaError Please select a CRM System Administrator account that belongs to the root business unit and try again.
80048401 CheckPrivilegeGroupForUserOnPremiseError Please select an account that is a member of the PrivUserGroup security group and try again.
80048402 OptionValuePrefixOutOfRange CustomizationOptionValuePrefix must be a number between {0} and {1}
80048403 InvalidOptionSetOperation Invalid OptionSet
80048404 CannotDeleteOptionSet The selected OptionSet cannot be deleted
80048405 AccessDenied Access is denied.
80048406 FormDoesNotExist Form doesn’t exist
80048407 SyncToMsdeFailure Failed to start or connect to the offline mode MSDE database.
80048408 InvalidStateCodeStatusCode State code is invalid or state code is valid but status code is invalid for a specified state code.
80048410 DuplicateCheckNotSupportedOnEntity Duplicate detection is not supported on this record type.
80048412 DuplicateCheckNotEnabled Duplicate detection is not enabled. To enable duplicate detection, click Settings, click Data Management, and then click Duplicate Detection Settings.
80048413 CannotPublishInactiveRule The selected duplicate detection rule is marked as Inactive. Before publishing, you must activate the rule.
80048414 CannotPublishEmptyRule No criteria have been specified. Add criteria, and then publish the duplicate detection rule.
80048415 InvalidOperatorCode The operator is not valid or it is not supported.
80048416 InvalidEntityName The record type does not match the base record type and the matching record type of the duplicate detection rule.
80048417 CannotDeleteInUseOptionSet This option set cannot be deleted. The current set of entities that reference this option set are: {0}. These references must be removed before this option set can be deleted
80048418 CannotDeleteInUseAttribute The selected attribute cannot be deleted because it is referenced by one or more duplicate detection rules that are being published.
80048419 CannotPublishMoreRules The selected record type already has the maximum number of published rules. Unpublish or delete existing rules for this record type, and then try again.
8004841A MaximumNumberOfAttributesForEntityReached The maximum number of attributes allowed for an entity has already been reached. The attribute cannot be created.
80048420 CannotDeleteInUseEntity The selected entity cannot be deleted because it is referenced by one or more duplicate detection rules that are in process of being published.
80048421 CannotEnableDuplicateDetection Duplicate detection cannot be enabled because one or more rules are being published.
80048422 BulkDetectInvalidEmailRecipient The e-mail recipient either does not exist or the e-mail address for the e-mail recipient is not valid.
80048423 RulesInInconsistentStateFound One or more rules cannot be unpublished, either because they are in the process of being published, or are in a state where they cannot be unpublished.
80048424 DuplicateDetectionTemplateNotFound Microsoft Dynamics CRM could not retrieve the e-mail notification template.
80048425 NoncompliantXml The input XML does not comply with the XML schema.
80048426 NotAWellFormedXml The input XML is not well-formed XML.
80048427 ImportMappingsInvalidIdSpecified The XML file has one or more invalid IDs. The specified ID cannot be used as a unique identifier.
80048428 CannotDeleteUpdateInUseRule The duplicate detection rule is currently in use and cannot be updated or deleted. Please try again later.
80048429 MaxMatchCodeLengthExceeded The rule condition cannot be created or updated because it would cause the matchcode length to exceed the maximum limit.
80048430 DuplicateDetectionNotSupportedOnAttributeType The rule condition cannot be created or updated because duplicate detection is not supported on the data type of the selected attribute.
80048431 EntityDupCheckNotSupportedSystemWide Duplicate detection is not enabled for one or more of the selected entities. The duplicate detection job cannot be started.
80048432 CannotDeleteSystemEmailTemplate System e-mail templates cannot be deleted.
80048433 RuleNotFound No rules were found that match the criteria.
80048434 RuleAlreadyPublishing The selected duplicate detection rule is already being published.
80048435 BulkDeleteRecordDeletionFailure The record cannot be deleted.
80048436 NoPublishedDuplicateDetectionRules There are no published duplicate detection rules in the system. To run duplicate detection, you must create and publish one or more rules.
80048437 FileReadError There was an error reading the file from the file system. Make sure you have read permission for this file, and then try migrating the file again.
80048438 InvalidAttributeMapping One or more attribute mappings is invalid.
80048439 MultipleFilesFound The attachment file name is not unique.
80048440 FileNotFound The attachment file was not found.
80048441 InvalidWordXmlFile Only Microsoft Word xml format files can be uploaded.
80048442 NoEntitiesForBulkDelete The Bulk Delete Wizard cannot be opened because there are no valid entities for deletion.
80048443 DuplicateMapName A data map with the specified name already exists.
80048444 CannotRevokeAccessToAddressBookFilters Cannot revoke access for address book filters
80048445 CannotModifyAccessToAddressBookFilters Cannot modify access for address book filters
80048446 CannotGrantAccessToAddressBookFilters Cannot grant access to address book filters
80048447 CannotCreateAddressBookFilters Cannot create address book filters
80048448 CannotAssignAddressBookFilters Cannot assign address book filters
80048449 DuplicateOfflineFilter You can create only one local data group for each record type.
80048450 OfflineFilterNestedDateTimeOR You cannot use nested date time conditions within an OR clause in a local data group.
80048451 OfflineFilterParentDownloaded You cannot use the Parent Downloaded condition in a local data group.
80048453 DistributeListAssociatedVary This campaign activity cannot be distributed. Mail merge activities can be done only on marketing lists that are all the same record type. For this campaign activity, remove marketing lists so that the remaining ones are the same record type, and then try again.
80048454 DistributeNoListAssociated This campaign activity cannot be distributed. No marketing lists are associated with it. Add at least one marketing list and try again.
80048455 ErrorsInWorkflowDefinition The selected workflow has errors and cannot be published. Please open the workflow, remove the errors and try again.
80048456 ImportMailMergeTemplateError There was an error in parsing the mail merge templates in Import Xml
80048457 JobNameIsEmptyOrNull Job Name can not be null or empty.
80048458 CannotRemoveNonListMember Specified Item not a member of the specified List.
80048459 BulkDeleteChildFailure One of the Bulk Delete Child Jobs Failed
80048460 TargetEntityNotMapped Target Entity Name not defined for source:{0} file.
80048462 CannotDisableDuplicateDetection Duplicate detection cannot be disabled because a duplicate detection job is currently in progress. Try again later.
80048463 TransformationResumeNotSupported The resume/retry of Transformation job of Import is not supported.
80048464 PreviousOperationNotComplete An operation on which this operation depends did not complete successfully.
80048465 ImportMapInUse One or more of the selected data maps cannot be deleted because it is currently used in a data import.
80048467 RelationshipRoleMismatch The relationship role name {0} does not match either expected entity name of {1} or {2}.
80048468 AssociationRoleOrdinalInvalid The association role ordinal is not valid – it must be 1 or 2.
80048469 RelationshipRoleNodeNumberInvalid There must be two entity relationship role nodes when creating a new many-to-many entity relationship.
80048470 RefEntityRelationshipRoleRequired The entity relationship role of the referencing entity is required when creating a new one-to-many entity relationship.
80048471 UIDataMissingInWorkflow The workflow does not contain UIData.
80048472 ImportNotComplete One or more imports are not in completed state. Imported records can only be deleted from completed jobs. Wait until job completes, and then try again.
80048473 MissingOrInvalidRedirectId The RedirId parameter is missing for the partner redirect.
80048474 CopyNotAllowedForInternetMarketing Duplicating campaigns that have Internet Marketing Campaign Activities is not allowed
80048475 TemplateNotAllowedForInternetMarketing Creating Templates with Internet Marketing Campaign Activities is not allowed
80048476 InvalidWebToLeadRedirect The redirectto is invalid for web2lead redirect.
80048477 MissingWebToLeadRedirect The redirectto is missing for web2lead redirect.
80048478 ParentRecordAlreadyExists This record cannot be added because it already has a parent record.
80048479 CannotUpdateOpportunityCurrency The currency cannot be changed because this opportunity has Products Quotes, and/ or Orders associated with it. If you want to change the currency please delete all of the Products/quotes/orders and then change the currency or create a new opportunity with the appropriate currency.
8004847a ImportTemplateLanguageIgnored You cannot import this template because its language is not enabled in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization.
8004847b ImportTemplatePersonalIgnored You cannot import this template because it is set as “personal” in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization.
8004847c ImportComponentDeletedIgnored You cannot update this component because it does not exist in this Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization.
80048480 ImportMailMergeTemplateEntityMissingError The {0} mail merge template was not imported because the {1} entity associated with this template is not in the target system.
80048481 InvalidLookupMapNode The lookup entity provided is not valid for the given target attribute.
80048482 InvalidZipFileForImport Unzip file has invalid files for import.Zip file should contain either csv or xml files.
80048483 ErrorInUnzip An error occurred while unzipping the selected file.Try importing file again.If this problem persists, contact your system administrator.
80048484 DuplicateFileNamesInZip Two or more files have the same name. File names must be unique.
80048485 ZipFileHasMixOfCsvAndXmlFiles The zip file that you are trying to upload contains both CSV and XML Spreadsheet 2003 format. The zip file can contain either CSV files or XML Spreadsheet 2003 files, but not both.
80048486 EmptyFilesInZip One or more files in the .zip file do not contain data. Check the files and try again.
80048487 EmptyFileForImport The selected file contains no data.
80048488 InvalidZipFileFormat The file that you are trying to upload is not a valid file. Check the file and try again.
80048489 ZipInsideZip The zip file that you are trying to upload contains another zip file within it.
80048490 InvalidAttachmentsFolder The .zip file cannot be uploaded because the folder “Attachments” contains one or more subfolders. Remove the subfolders and try again.
80048491 VeryLargeFileInZipImport One of the files in the .zip file that you are trying to import exceeds the size limit.
80048492 TooManyPicklistValues Number of distinct picklist values exceed the limit.
80048493 AttachmentNotFound The reference to the attachment could not be found.
80048494 UnzipProcessCountLimitReached Cannot start a new process to unzip.
80048495 UnsupportedZipFileForImport The structure of the zip file is not support for import.
80048496 UnzipTimeout Timeout happened in unzipping the zip file uploaded for import.
80048497 ErrorInStoringImportFile An error occurred while storing the import file in database.
80048498 InvalidMultipleMapping A source field is mapped to more than one CRM fields of lookup/picklist type.
80048499 MaxUnzipFolderSizeExceeded File cannot be unzipped because it exceeded the maximum server storage size limit. Please try again.
80048500 TargetAttributeInvalidForIgnore Target attribute name should be empty when the processcode is ignore.
80048501 ActivityEntityCannotBeActivityParty An activity entity cannot be also an activity party
80048502 IncorrectSingleFileMultipleEntityMap There should be two or more Entity Mappings defined when EntitiesPerFile in ImportMap is set to Multiple
80048503 ErrorInUnzipAlternate An error occurred while the uploaded .zip file was being extracted. Try to upload the file again. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator.
80048505 MaximumNumberHandlersExceeded This solution adds form event handlers so the number of event handlers for a form event exceeds the maximum number.
80048506 InsufficientTransformationParameters Insufficient parameters to execute transformation mapping.
80048507 InvalidTransformationParametersGeneric The transformation parameter: {0} has an invalid input value: {1}. The parameter must be of type: {2}.
80048508 InvalidTransformationParameterString The transformation parameter: {0} has an invalid input value: {1}. The parameter must be a string that is not empty.
80048509 InvalidTransformationParameterZeroToRange The transformation parameter: {0} has an invalid input value: {1}. The parameter value must be greater than 0 and less than the length of the parameter 1.
80048510 InvalidTransformationParameterOutsideRange The transformation parameter: {0} has an invalid input value: {1}. The parameter is out of the permissible range: {2}.
80048511 InvalidTransformationParameterEmptyCollection The transformation parameter: {0} has an invalid input value length: {1}. The parameter length cannot be an empty collection.
80048512 InvalidTransformationParameterOutsideRangeGeneric One or more input transformation parameter values are outside the permissible range: {0}.
80048513 UnknownInvalidTransformationParameterGeneric One or more input transformation parameter values are invalid: {0}.
80048514 InvalidOrgDBOrgSetting Invalid Organization Setting passed in. Please check the datatype and pass in an appropriate value.
80048515 CannotUpdateOrgDBOrgSettingWhenOffline Organization Settings stored in Organization Database cannot be set when offline.
80048516 InvalidAuth Organization Authentication does not match the current discovery service Role.
80048837 FileInUse Could not read the file because another application is using the file.
80048838 ViewForDuplicateDetectionNotDefined Required view for viewing duplicates of an entity not defined.
80048cea CurrencyNotEqual The currency of the {0} does not match the currency of the {1}.
80048ceb BaseCurrencyUnderflow The exchange rate set for the currency specified in this record has generated a value for {0} that is smaller than the minimum allowed for the base currency ({1}).
80048cec BaseCurrencyOverflow The exchange rate set for the currency specified in this record has generated a value for {0} that is larger than the maximum allowed for the base currency ({1}).
80048ced SalesOrderAndInvoiceCurrencyNotEqual The currency of the record does not match the currency of the price list.
80048cee QuoteAndSalesOrderCurrencyNotEqual The currency of the record does not match the currency of the price list.
80048cef RecordAndOpportunityCurrencyNotEqual The currency of the record does not match the currency of the price list.
80048cf1 PercentageDiscountCannotHaveCurrency Currency cannot be set when discount type is percentage.
80048cf2 InvalidIsoCurrencyCode Invalid ISO currency code.
80048cf3 DuplicateIsoCurrencyCode Cannot insert duplicate currency record. Currency with the same currency code already exist in the system.
80048cf4 BaseCurrencyCannotBeDeactivated The base currency cannot be deactivated.
80048cf5 ExchangeRateOfBaseCurrencyNotUpdatable The exchange rate of the base currency cannot be modified.
80048cf6 RecordAndPricelistCurrencyNotEqual The currency of the record does not match the currency of the price list.
80048cf7 CurrencyRequiredForDiscountTypeAmount The currency cannot be null for discount type amount.
80048cf8 DiscountTypeAndPriceLevelCurrencyNotEqual The currency of the discount needs to match the currency of the price list for discount type amount.
80048cf9 InvalidPriceLevelCurrencyForPricingMethod The currency of the price list needs to match the currency of the product for pricing method percentage.
80048cfa CannotUpdateProductCurrency The currency of the product cannot be updated because there are associated price list items with pricing method percentage.
80048cfb CurrencyCannotBeNullDueToNonNullMoneyFields The currency cannot be null.
80048cfc InvalidCurrency The currency is invalid.
80048cfd InvalidExchangeRate The exchange rate is invalid.
80048cfe CannotDeleteBaseMoneyCalculationAttribute The base money calculation Attribute is not valid for deletion
80048cff BaseCurrencyNotDeletable The base currency of an organization cannot be deleted.
80048d00 QuoteReviseExistingActiveQuote Quote cannot be revised as there already exists another quote in Draft/Active state and with same quote number.
80048dfa InvalidSubmitFromPublishedArticle You are trying to submit an article that has a status of published. You can only submit an article with the status of draft. IDS_INVALID_SUBMIT_PUBLISHED_ARTICLE
80048dfb InvalidApproveFromPublishedArticle You are trying to approve an article that has a status of published. You can only approve an article with the status of unapproved. IDS_INVALID_APPROVE_PUBLISHED_ARTICLE
80048dfc InvalidUnpublishFromDraftArticle You are trying to unpublish an article that has a status of draft. You can only unpublish an article with the status of published. IDS_INVALID_UNPUBLISH_DRAFT_ARTICLE
80048dfd InvalidApproveFromDraftArticle You are trying to approve an article that has a status of draft. You can only approve an article with the status of unapproved. IDS_INVALID_APPROVE_DRAFT_ARTICLE
80048dfe InvalidUnpublishFromUnapprovedArticle You are trying to unpublish an article that has a status of unapproved. You can only unpublish an article with the status of publish. IDS_INVALID_UNPUBLISH_UNAPPROVED_ARTICLE
80048dff InvalidSubmitFromUnapprovedArticle You are trying to submit an article that has a status of unapproved. You can only submit an article with the status of draft. IDS_INVALID_SUBMIT_UNAPPROVED_ARTICLE
8004A001 CrmSqlGovernorDatabaseRequestDenied The server is busy and the request was not completed. Try again later.
8004A100 InvalidAuthTicket The ticket specified for authentication didn’t pass validation
8004A101 ExpiredAuthTicket The ticket specified for authentication is expired
8004A102 BadAuthTicket The ticket specified for authentication is invalid
8004A103 InsufficientAuthTicket The ticket specified for authentication didn’t meet policy
8004A104 OrganizationDisabled The CRM organization you are attempting to access is currently disabled. Please contact your system administrator
8004A105 TamperedAuthTicket The ticket specified for authentication has been tampered with or invalidated.
8004A106 ExpiredKey The key specified to compute a hash value is expired, only active keys are valid. Expired Key : {0}.
8004A107 ScaleGroupDisabled The specified scalegroup is disabled. Access to organizations in this scalegroup are not allowed.
8004A108 SupportLogOnExpired Support login is expired
8004A109 InvalidPartnerSolutionCustomizationProvider Invalid partner solution customization provider type
8004A10a MultiplePartnerSecurityRoleWithSameInformation More than one security role found for partner user
8004A10b MultiplePartnerUserWithSameInformation More than one partner user found with same information
8004A10c MultipleRootBusinessUnit More than one root business unit found
8004A10d CannotDeletePartnerWithPartnerSolutions Can not delete partner as one or more solutions are associated with it
8004A10e CannotDeletePartnerSolutionWithOrganizations Can not delete partner solution as one or more organizations are associated with it
8004A10f CannotProvisionPartnerSolution Can not provision partner solution as it is either already provisioned or going through provisioning.
8004A110 CannotActOnBehalfOfAnotherUser User does not have the privilege to act on behalf another user.
8004A112 SystemUserDisabled The system user was disabled therefore the ticket expired.
8004A200 PluginDoesNotImplementCorrectInterface The plug-in specified does not implement the required interface Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.IPlugin or Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.IPlugin.
8004A201 CannotCreatePluginInstance Can not create instance of a plug-in. Verify that plug-in type is not defined as abstract and it has a public constructor supported by CRM SDK.
8004B000 CrmLiveGenericError An error has occurred while processing your request.
8004B001 CrmLiveOrganizationProvisioningFailed An error has occurred when provisioning the organization.
8004B002 CrmLiveMissingActiveDirectoryGroup The specified Active Directory Group does not exist.
8004B003 CrmLiveInternalProvisioningError An unexpected error happened in the provisioning system.
8004B004 CrmLiveQueueItemDoesNotExist The specified queue item does not exist in the queue. It may have been deleted or its ID may not have been specified correctly
8004B005 CrmLiveInvalidSetupParameter The parameter to CRM Online Setup is incorrect or not specified.
8004B006 CrmLiveMultipleWitnessServersInScaleGroup The ScaleGroup has multiple witness servers specified. There should be only 1 witness server in a scale group.
8004B007 CrmLiveMissingServerRolesInScaleGroup The scalegroup is missing some required server roles. 1 Witness Server and 2 Sql Servers are required for Provisioning.
8004B008 CrmLiveServerCannotHaveWitnessAndDataServerRoles A server cannot have both Witness and Data Server Roles.
8004B009 IsNotLiveToSendInvitation This functionality is not supported, its only available for Online solution.
8004B00A MissingOrganizationFriendlyName Cannot install CRM without an organization friendly name.
8004B00B MissingOrganizationUniqueName Cannot install CRM without an organization unique name.
8004B00C OfferingCategoryAndTokenNull Offer category and Billing Token are both missing, but at least one is required.
8004B00D OfferingIdNotSupported This version does not support search for offering id.
8004B00E OrganizationTakenByYou The organization {0} is already purchased by you.
8004B00F OrganizationTakenBySomeoneElse The organization {0} is already purchased by another customer.
8004B010 InvalidTemplate The Invitation Email template is not valid
8004B011 InvalidUserQuota You have reached the maximum number of user quota
8004B012 InvalidRole You have not assigned roles to this user
8004B013 ErrorGeneratingInvitation Some Internal error occurred in generating invitation token, Please try again later
8004B014 CrmLiveOrganizationUpgradeFailed Upgrade Of Crm Organization Failed.
8004B015 UnableToSendEmail Some Internal error occurred in sending invitation, Please try again later
8004B016 InvalidEmail Email generated from the template is not valid
8004B020 VersionMismatch Unsupported version – This is {0} version {1}, but version {2} was requested.
8004B021 MissingParameterToMethod Missing parameter {0} to method {1}
8004B022 InvalidValueForCountryCode Account Country/Region code must not be {0}
8004B023 InvalidValueForCurrency Account currency code must not be {0}
8004B024 InvalidValueForLocale Account locale code must not be {0}
8004B025 CrmLiveSupportOrganizationExistsInScaleGroup Only one support organization is allowed in a scalegroup.
8004B026 CrmLiveMonitoringOrganizationExistsInScaleGroup Only one monitoring organization is allowed in a scalegroup.
8004B027 InvalidUserLicenseCount Cannot purchase {0} user licenses for the Offering {1}.
8004B028 MissingColumn The property bag is missing an entry for {0}.
8004B029 InvalidResourceType The requested action is not valid for resource type {0}.
8004B02A InvalidMinimumResourceLimit The resource type {0} cannot have a minimum limit of {1}.
8004B02B InvalidMaximumResourceLimit The resource type {0} cannot have a maximum limit of {1}.
8004B02C ConflictingProvisionTypes The service component {0} has conflicting provision types.
8004B02D InvalidAmountProvided The service component {0} cannot have a provide {1} of resource type {2}.
8004B02E CrmLiveOrganizationDeleteFailed An error has occurred when deleting the organization.
8004B02F OnlyDisabledOrganizationCanBeDeleted Can not delete enabled organization. Organization must be disabled before it can be deleted.
8004B030 CrmLiveOrganizationDetailsNotFound Unable to find organization details.
8004B031 CrmLiveOrganizationFriendlyNameTooShort The organization name provided is too short.
8004B032 CrmLiveOrganizationFriendlyNameTooLong The organization name provided is too long.
8004B033 CrmLiveOrganizationUniqueNameTooShort The unique name provided is too short.
8004B034 CrmLiveOrganizationUniqueNameTooLong The unique name provided is too long.
8004B035 CrmLiveOrganizationUniqueNameInvalid The unique name provided is not valid.
8004B036 CrmLiveOrganizationUniqueNameReserved The unique name is already reserved.
8004B037 ValueParsingError Error parsing parameter {0} of type {1} with value {2}
8004B038 InvalidGranularityValue The Granularity column value is incorrect. Each rule part must be a name-value pair separated by an equal sign (=). For example: FREQ=Minutes;INTERVAL=15
8004B039 CrmLiveInvalidQueueItemSchedule The QueueItem has an invalid schedule of start time {0} and end time {1}.
8004B040 CrmLiveQueueItemTimeInPast A QueueItem cannot be scheduled to start or end in the past.
8004B041 CrmLiveUnknownSku This Sku specified is not valid.
8004b042 ExceedCustomEntityQuota The custom entity limit has been reached.
8004b043 ImportWillExceedCustomEntityQuota This import process is trying to import {0} new custom entities. This would exceed the custom entity limits for this organization.
8004B044 OrganizationMigrationUnderway Organization migration is already underway.
8004B045 CrmLiveInvoicingAccountIdMissing Invoicing Account Number (SAP Id) cannot be empty for an invoicing sku.
8004B046 CrmLiveDuplicateWindowsLiveId A user with this username already exists.
8004B047 CrmLiveDnsDomainNotFound Domain was not found in the DNS table.
8004B048 CrmLiveDnsDomainAlreadyExists Domain already exists in the DNS table.
8004B049 InvalidInteractiveUserQuota You have reached the maximum number of interactive/full users.
8004B050 InvalidNonInteractiveUserQuota You have reached the maximum number of non-interactive users/
8004B051 CrmLiveCannotFindExternalMessageProvider External Message Provider could not be located for queue item type of: {0}.
8004B052 CrmLiveInvalidExternalMessageData External Message Data has some invalid data. Data: {0} External Message: {1}
8004B053 CrmLiveOrganizationEnableFailed Enabling Organization Failed.
8004B054 CrmLiveOrganizationDisableFailed Disabling Organization Failed.
8004B055 CrmLiveAddOnUnexpectedError There was an error contacting the billing system. Your request cannot be processed at this time. No changes have been made to your account. Close this wizard, and try again later. If the problem persists, please contact our sales organization at 1-877-CRM-CHOICE (276-2464).
8004B056 CrmLiveAddOnAddLicenseLimitReached Your subscription has the maximum number of user licenses available. For additional licenses, please contact our sales organization at 1-877-CRM-CHOICE (276-2464).
8004B057 CrmLiveAddOnAddStorageLimitReached Your subscription has the maximum amount of storage available. For additional storage, please contact our sales organization at 1-877-CRM-CHOICE (276-2464).
8004B058 CrmLiveAddOnRemoveStorageLimitReached Your organization has the minimum amount of storage allowed. You can remove only storage that has been added to your organization, and is not being used.
8004B059 CrmLiveAddOnOrgInNoUpdateMode Your changes cannot be processed at this time. Your organization is currently being updated. No changes have been made to your account. Close this wizard, and try again later. If the problem persists, please contact our sales organization at 1-877-CRM-CHOICE (276-2464).
8004B05A CrmLiveUnknownCategory This Category specified is not valid.
8004B05B CrmLiveInvalidInvoicingAccountNumber This Invoicing Account Number is not valid because it contains an invalid character.
8004B05C CrmLiveAddOnDataChanged Due to recent changes you have made to your account, these changes cannot be made at this time. Close this wizard, and try again later. If the problem persists, please contact our sales organization at 1-877-CRM-CHOICE (276-2464).
8004B05D CrmLiveInvalidEmail Invalid email address entered.
8004B05E CrmLiveInvalidPhone Invalid phone number entered.
8004B05F CrmLiveInvalidZipCode Invalid zip code entered.
8004B060 InvalidAmountFreeResourceLimit The resource type {0} cannot have an amount free value of {1}.
8004B061 InvalidToken The token is invalid.
8004B062 CrmLiveRegisterCustomCodeDisabled Registration of custom code feature for this organization is disabled.
8004B063 CrmLiveExecuteCustomCodeDisabled Execution of custom code feature for this organization is disabled.
8004B064 CrmLiveInvalidTaxId Invalid TaxId entered.
8004B065 DatacenterNotAvailable This datacenter endpoint is not currently available for this organization.
8004B066 ErrorConnectingToDiscoveryService Error when trying to connect to customer’s discovery service.
8004B067 OrgDoesNotExistInDiscoveryService Organization not found in customer’s discovery service
8004B068 ErrorConnectingToOrganizationService Error when trying to connect to customer’s organization service.
8004B069 UserIsNotSystemAdminInOrganization Current user is not a system admin in customer’s organization
8004B070 MobileServiceError Error communicating with mobile service
8004B521 LivePlatformEmailInvalidTo The “To” parameter is blank or null
8004B522 LivePlatformEmailInvalidFrom The “From” parameter is blank or null
8004B523 LivePlatformEmailInvalidSubject The “Subject” parameter is blank or null
8004B524 LivePlatformEmailInvalidBody The “Body” parameter is blank or null
8004B530 BillingPartnerCertificate Could not determine the right Partner certificate to use with Billing. Issuer: {0} Subject: {1} Distinguished matches: [{2}] Name matches: [{3}] All valid certificates: [{4}].
8004B531 BillingNoSettingError No Billing application configuration setting [{0}] was found.
8004B532 BillingTestConnectionError Billing is not available: Call to IsServiceAvailable returned ‘False’.
8004B533 BillingTestConnectionException Billing TestConnection exception.
8004B534 BillingUserPuidNullError User Puid is required, but is null.
8004B535 BillingUnmappedErrorCode Billing error code [{0}] was thrown with exception {1}
8004B536 BillingUnknownErrorCode Billing error code [{0}] was thrown with exception {1}
8004B537 BillingUnknownException Billing error was thrown with exception {0}
8004B538 BillingRetrieveKeyError Could not retrieve Billing session key: “{0}”
8004B543 BDK_E_AVS_FAILED {0}
8004B547 BDK_E_BADXML {0}
8004B551 BDK_E_GUID_EXISTS {0}
8004B553 BDK_E_INVALID_BILLABLE_ACCOUNT_ID {0} The specified Billing account is invalid. Or, although the objectID is of the correct type, the account it identifies does not exist in the system.
8004B55F BDK_E_INVALID_OBJECT_ID {0} The Billing system cannot find the object (e.g. account or subscription or offering).
8004B567 BDK_E_INVALID_SUBSCRIPTION_ID {0} The subscription id specified is invalid. Or, although the objectID is of correct type and also points to a valid account in SCS, the subscription it identifies does not exist in SCS.
8004B56D BDK_E_NOPERMISSION {0} The calling partner does not have access to this method or when the requester does not have permission to search against the supplied search PUID.
8004B589 BDK_E_UNKNOWN_SERVER_FAILURE {0} Unknown server failure.
8004B58D BDK_E_ZIP_INVALID {0} Billing zip code error.
8004B58E BDK_E_ZIP_INVALID_FOR_ENTERED_STATE {0} Billing zip code error.
8004B58F BDK_E_USAGE_COUNT_FOR_TOKEN_EXCEEDED {0} Billing token is already spent.
8004C000 MissingParameterToStoredProcedure Missing parameter to stored procedure: {0}
8004C001 SqlErrorInStoredProcedure SQL error {0} occurred in stored procedure {1}
8004C002 StoredProcedureContext CRM error {0} in {1}:{2}
8004D200 InvitingOrganizationNotFound {0} — Inviting organization not found — {1}
8004D201 InvitingUserNotInOrganization {0} — Inviting user is not in the inviting organization — {1}
8004D202 InvitedUserAlreadyExists {0} — Invited user is already in an organization — {1}
8004D203 InvitedUserIsOrganization {0} — The user {1} has authentication {2} and is already related to organization {3} with relation id {4}
8004D204 InvitationNotFound {0} — Invitation not found or status is not Open — Token={1} Puid={2} Id={3} Status={4}
8004D205 InvitedUserAlreadyAdded {0} — The crm user {1} is already added, but to organization {2} instead of the inviting organization {3}
8004D206 InvitationWrongUserOrgRelation {0} — The pre-created userorg relation {1} is wrong. Authentication {2} is already used by another user
8004D207 InvitationIsExpired {0} — Invitation is expired — Token={1} Puid={2} Id={3} Status={4}
8004D208 InvitationIsAccepted {0} — Invitation has already been accepted — Token={1} Puid={2} Id={3} Status={4}
8004D209 InvitationIsRejected {0} — Invitation has already been rejected by the new user– Token={1} Puid={2} Id={3} Status={4}
8004D20A InvitationIsRevoked {0} — Invitation has been revoked by the organization — Token={1} Puid={2} Id={3} Status={4}
8004D20B InvitedUserMultipleTimes The CRM user {0} has been invited multiple times.
8004D20C InvitationStatusError “The invitation has status {0}.”
8004D20D InvalidInvitationToken The invitation token {0} is not correctly formatted.
8004D20E InvalidInvitationLiveId A user with this e-mail address was not found. Sign in to Windows Live ID with the same e-mail address where you received the invitation. If you do not have a Windows Live ID, please create one using that e-mail address.
8004D20F InvitationSendToSelf The invitation cannot be sent to yourself.
8004D210 InvitationCannotBeReset The invitation for the user cannot be reset.
8004D211 UserDataNotFound The user data could not be found.
8004D212 CannotInviteDisabledUser An invitation cannot be sent to a disabled user
8004D213 InvitationBillingAdminUnknown You are not a billing administrator for this organization and therefore, you cannot send invitations. You can either contact your billing administrator and ask him or her to send the invitation, or the billing administrator can visit and make you a delegate billing administrator. You can then send invitations.
8004D214 CannotResetSysAdminInvite An invitation cannot be reset for a user if they are the only user that has the System Administrator Role.
8004D215 CannotSendInviteToDuplicateWindowsLiveId An invitation cannot be sent because there are multiple users with this WLID.
8004D216 UserInviteDisabled Invitation cannot be sent because user invitations are disabled.
8004D217 InvitationOrganizationNotEnabled The organization for the invitation is not enabled.
8004D221 ClientAuthSignedOut The user signed out.
8004D223 ClientAuthSyncIssue Synchronization between processes failed.
8004D224 ClientAuthCanceled Authentication was canceled by the user. IDS_CLIENT_AUTH_CANCELED
8004D225 ClientAuthNoConnectivityOffline There is no connectivity when running in offline mode.
8004D226 ClientAuthNoConnectivity There is no connectivity.
8004D227 ClientAuthOfflineInvalidCallerId Offline SDK calls must be made in the offline user context.
8004D230 ConfigDBObjectDoesNotExist ‘{0}’ with Value = ({1}) does not exist in MSCRM_CONFIG database
8004D231 ConfigDBDuplicateRecord Duplicate ‘{0}’ with Value = ({1}) exists in MSCRM_CONFIG database
8004D232 ConfigDBCannotDeleteObjectDueState Cannot delete ‘{0}’ with Value = ({1}) in this State = ({2}) from MSCRM_CONFIG database
8004D233 ConfigDBCascadeDeleteNotAllowDelete Cannot delete ‘{0}’ with Value = ({1}) due to child ‘{2}’ references from MSCRM_CONFIG database
8004D234 MoveBothToPrimary Move operation would put both instances on the same server: Database = {0} Old Primary = {1} Old Secondary = {2} New Secondary = {3}
8004D235 MoveBothToSecondary Move operation would put both instances on the same server: Database = {0} Old Primary = {1} Old Secondary = {2} New Secondary = {3}
8004D236 MoveOrganizationFailedNotDisabled Move operation failed because organization {0} is not disabled
8004D237 ConfigDBCannotUpdateObjectDueState Cannot update ‘{0}’ with Value = ({1}) in this State = ({2}) from MSCRM_CONFIG database
8004D238 LiveAdminUnknownObject Unknown administration target {0}
8004D239 LiveAdminUnknownCommand Unknown administration command {0}
8004D23a OperationOrganizationNotFullyDisabled The {1} operation failed because organization {0} is not fully disabled yet. Use FORCE to override
8004D23B ConfigDBCannotDeleteDefaultOrganization The default {0} organization cannot be deleted from the MSCRM_CONFIG database.
8004D240 InvalidLicenseKey Invalid license key ({0}).
8004D241 NoLicenseInConfigDB No license exists in MSCRM_CONFIG database.
8004D242 InvalidLicensePid Invalid license. Invalid PID (Product Id) ({0}).
8004D243 InvalidLicensePidGenCannotLoad Invalid license. PidGen.dll cannot be loaded from this path {0}
8004D244 InvalidLicensePidGenOtherError Invalid license. Cannot generate PID (Product Id) from License key. PidGen error code ({0}).
8004D245 InvalidLicenseCannotReadMpcFile Invalid license. MPC code cannot be read from MPC.txt file with this path {0}.
8004D246 InvalidLicenseMpcCode Invalid license. Invalid MPC code ({0}).
8004D247 LicenseUpgradePathNotAllowed Cannot upgrade to specified license type.
8004D24A OrgsInaccessible The client access license (CAL) results were not returned because one or more organizations in the deployment cannot be accessed.
8004D24B UserNotAssignedLicense The user has not been assigned any License
8004D24C UserCannotEnableWithoutLicense Cannot enable an unlicensed user
8004D250 LicenseConfigFileInvalid The provided configuration file {0} has invalid formatting.
8004D251 InvalidOrganizationUniqueName Invalid organization unique name ({0}). Reason: ({1})
8004D252 InvalidOrganizationFriendlyName Invalid organization friendly name ({0}). Reason: ({1})
8004D253 OrganizationNotConfigured Organization is not configured yet
8004D254 InvalidDeviceToConfigureOrganization Mobile device cannot be used to configured organization
8004D255 InvalidBrowserToConfigureOrganization Browser not compatible to configure organization
8004D260 DeploymentServiceNotAllowSetToThisState Deployment Service for {0} allows the state Enabled or Disabled. Cannot set state to {1}.
8004D261 DeploymentServiceNotAllowOperation Deployment Service for {0} does not allow {1} operation.
8004D262 DeploymentServiceCannotChangeStateForDeploymentService You cannot change the state of this server because it contains the Deployment Service server role.
8004D263 DeploymentServiceRequestValidationFailure The Deployment Service cannot process the request because one or more validation checks failed.
8004D264 DeploymentServiceOperationIdentifierNotFound The Deployment Service could not find a deferred operation having the specified identifier.
8004D265 DeploymentServiceCannotDeleteOperationInProgress The Deployment Service cannot delete the specified operation because it is currently in progress.
8004D266 ConfigureClaimsBeforeIfd You must configure claims-based authentication before you can configure an Internet-facing deployment.
8004D291 EndUserNotificationTypeNotValidForEmail Cannot send Email for EndUserNotification Type: {0}.
8004D292 StringAttributeIndexError One of the attributes of the selected entity is a part of database index and so it cannot be greater than 900 bytes.
8004D293 CannotChangeAttributeRequiredLevel An attribute’s required level cannot be changed from SystemRequired
8004D2A0 InvalidRecurrenceRuleForBulkDeleteAndDuplicateDetection Bulk Delete and Duplicate Detection recurrence must be specified as daily.
8004D2A1 InvalidRecurrenceInterval To set recurrence, you must specify an interval that is between 1 and 365.
8004D2B0 QueriesForDifferentEntities The Inner and Outer Queries must be for the same entity.
8004D2B1 AggregateInnerQuery The Inner Query must not be an aggregate query.
8004E000 InvalidDataDescription The data description for the visualization is invalid.
8004E001 NonPrimaryEntityDataDescriptionFound The data description for the visualization is invalid .The data description for the visualization can only have attributes either from the primary entity of the view or the linked entities.
8004E002 InvalidPresentationDescription The presentation description is invalid.
8004E003 SeriesMeasureCollectionMismatch Number of series for chart area and number of measure collections for category should be same.
8004E004 YValuesPerPointMeasureMismatch Number of YValuesPerPoint for series and number of measures for measure collection for category should be same.
8004E005 ChartAreaCategoryMismatch Number of chart areas and number of categories should be same.
8004E006 MultipleSubcategoriesFound The data XML for the visualization cannot contain more than two Group By clauses.
8004E007 MultipleMeasuresFound More than one measure is not supported for charts with subcategory i.e. comparison charts
8004E008 MultipleChartAreasFound Multiple Chart Areas are not supported.
8004E009 InvalidCategory Category is invalid. All the measures in the category either do not have same primary group by or are a mix of aggregate and non-aggregate data.
8004E00A InvalidMeasureCollection Measure collection is invalid. Not all the measures in the measure collection have the same group bys.
8004E00B DuplicateAliasFound Data Description is invalid. Duplicate alias found.
8004E00C EntityNotEnabledForCharts Charts are not enabled on the specified primary entity type code: {0}.
8004E00D InvalidPageResponse Invalid Page Response generated.
8004E00E VisualizationRenderingError An error occurred while the chart was rendering
8004E00F InvalidGroupByAlias Data Description is invalid. Same group by alias cannot be used for different attributes.
8004E010 MeasureDataTypeInvalid The Data Description for the visualization is invalid. The attribute type for one of the non aggregate measures is invalid. Correct the Data Description.
8004E011 NoDataForVisualization There is no data to create this visualization.
8004E012 VisualizationModuleNotFound No visualization module found with the given name.
8004E013 ImportVisualizationDeletedError A saved query visualization with id {0} is marked for deletion in the system. Please publish the customized entity first and then import again.
8004E014 ImportVisualizationExistingError A saved query visualization with id {0} already exists in the system, and cannot be resused by a new custom entity.
8004E015 VisualizationOtcNotFoundError Object type code is not specified for the visualization.
8004E016 InvalidDundasPresentationDescription The presentation description is not valid for dundas chart.
8004E017 InvalidWebResourceForVisualization The web resource type {0} is not supported for visualizations.
8004E018 ChartTypeNotSupportedForComparisonChart This chart type is not supported for comparison charts.
8004E019 InvalidFetchCollection The fetch collection for the visualization is invalid.
8004E01A CategoryDataTypeInvalid The Data Description for the visualization is invalid. The attribute type for the group by of one of the categories is invalid. Correct the Data Description.
8004E01B DuplicateGroupByFound Data Description is invalid. Same attribute cannot be used as a group by more than once.
8004E01C MultipleMeasureCollectionsFound More than one measure collection is not supported for charts with subcategory i.e. comparison charts
8004E01D InvalidGroupByColumn Group by not allowed on the attribute.
8004E01E InvalidFilterCriteriaForVisualization The visualization cannot be rendered for the given filter criteria.
8004E01F CountSpecifiedWithoutOrder The Data Description for the visualization is invalid as it does not specify an order node for the count attribute.
8004E020 NoPreviewForCustomWebResource This chart uses a custom Web resource. You cannot preview this chart.
8004E021 ChartTypeNotSupportedForMultipleSeriesChart Series of chart type {0} is not supported for multi-series charts.
8004E022 InsufficientColumnsInSubQuery One or more columns required by the outer query are not available from the sub-query.
8004E023 AggregateQueryRecordLimitExceeded AggregateQueryRecordLimit exceeded. Cannot perform this operation.
8004E024 QuickFindQueryRecordLimitExceeded QuickFindQueryRecordLimit exceeded. Cannot perform this operation.
8004E100 InvalidRecurrencePattern Invalid recurrence pattern.
8004E101 CreateRecurrenceRuleFailed Cannot create the recurrence rule.
8004E102 PartialExpansionSettingLoadError Failed to retrieve partial expansion settings from the configuration database.
8004E103 InvalidCrmDateTime Invalid CrmDateTime.
8004E104 InvalidAppointmentInstance Invalid appointment entity instance.
8004E105 InvalidSeriesId SeriesId is null or invalid.
8004E106 AppointmentDeleted The appointment entity instance is already deleted.
8004E107 InvalidInstanceTypeCode Invalid instance type code.
8004E108 OverlappingInstances Two instances of the series cannot overlap.
8004E109 InvalidSeriesIdOriginalStart Invalid seriesid or original start date.
8004E10A ValidateNotSupported Validate method is not supported for recurring appointment master.
8004E10B RecurringSeriesCompleted The series has invalid ExpansionStateCode.
8004E10C ExpansionRequestIsOutsideExpansionWindow The series is already expanded for CutOffWindow.
8004E10D InvalidInstanceEntityName Invalid instance entity name.
8004E10E BookFirstInstanceFailed Failed to book first instance.
8004E10F InvalidSeriesStatus Invalid series status.
8004E110 RecurrenceRuleUpdateFailure Cannot update a rule that is attached to an existing rule master. Update the rule by using the parent entity.
8004E111 RecurrenceRuleDeleteFailure Cannot delete a rule that is attached to an existing rule master. Delete the rule by using the parent entity.
8004E112 EntityNotRule The collection name is not a recurrence rule.
8004E113 RecurringSeriesMasterIsLocked The recurring series master record is locked by some other process.
8004E114 UpdateRecurrenceRuleFailed Failed to update the recurrence rule. A corresponding recurrence rule cannot be found.
8004E115 InstanceOutsideEffectiveRange Cannot perform the operation. An instance is outside of series effective expansion range.
8004E116 RecurrenceCalendarTypeNotSupported The calendar type is not supported.
8004E117 RecurrenceHasNoOccurrence The recurrence pattern has no occurrences.
8004E118 RecurrenceStartDateTooSmall The recurrence pattern start date is invalid.
8004E119 RecurrenceEndDateTooBig The recurrence pattern end date is invalid.
8004E120 OccurrenceCrossingBoundary Two occurrences cannot overlap.
8004E121 OccurrenceTimeSpanTooBig Cannot perform the operation. An instance is outside of series effective expansion range.
8004E122 OccurrenceSkipsOverForward Cannot reschedule an occurrence of the recurring appointment if it skips over a later occurrence of the same appointment.
8004E123 OccurrenceSkipsOverBackward Cannot reschedule an occurrence of the recurring appointment if it skips over an earlier occurrence of the same appointment.
8004E124 InvalidDaysInFebruary February 29 can occur only when pattern start date is in a leap year.
8004E125 InvalidOccurrenceNumber The effective end date of the series cannot be earlier than today. Select a valid occurrence number.
8004E200 InvalidNumberOfPartitions You cannot delete audit data in the partitions that are currently in use, or delete the partitions that are created for storing future audit data.
8004E300 InvalidElementFound A dashboard Form XML cannot contain element: {0}.
8004E301 MaximumControlsLimitExceeded The dashboard Form XML contains more than the maximum allowed number of control elements: {0}.
8004E302 UserViewsOrVisualizationsFound A system dashboard cannot contain user views and visualizations.
8004E303 InvalidAttributeFound A dashboard Form XML cannot contain attribute: {0}.
8004E304 MultipleFormElementsFound A dashboard Form XML can contain only one form element.
8004E305 NullDashboardName The name of a dashboard cannot be null.
8004E306 InvalidFormType The type of the form must be set to {0} in the Form XML.
8004E307 InvalidControlClass The dashboard Form XML cannot contain controls elements with class id: {0}.
8004E308 ImportDashboardDeletedError A dashboard with the same id is marked as deleted in the system. Please first publish the system form entity and import again.
8004E309 PersonalReportFound A system dashboard cannot contain personal reports.
8004E30A ObjectAlreadyExists An object with id {0} already exists. Please change the id and try again.
8004E30B EntityTypeSpecifiedForDashboard An entity type cannot be specified for a dashboard.
8004E30C UnrestrictedIFrameInUserDashboard A user dashboard Form XML cannot have Security = false.
8004E30D MultipleLabelsInUserDashboard A user dashboard can have at most one label for a form element.
8004E30E UnsupportedDashboardInEditor The dashboard could not be opened.
8004E30F InvalidUrlProtocol The specified URL is invalid.
8004Ed43 CannotAddOrActonBehalfAnotherUserPrivilege Act on Behalf of Another User privilege cannot be added or removed.
8004Ed44 HipNoSettingError No Hip application configuration setting [{0}] was found.
8004Ed45 HipInvalidCertificate Invalid Certificate for using HIP.
8004Ed46 NoSettingError No configdb configuration setting [{0}] was found.
8004Ed47 AppLockTimeout Timeout expired before applock could be acquired.
8004F000 CannotRemoveComponentFromDefaultSolution A Solution Component cannot be removed from the Default Solution.
8004F002 InvalidSolutionUniqueName Invalid character specified for solution unique name. Only characters within the ranges [A-Z], [a-z], [0-9] or _ are allowed. The first character may only be in the ranges [A-Z], [a-z] or _.
8004F003 CannotUndeleteLabel Attempting to undelete a label that is not marked as delete.
8004F004 ErrorReactivatingComponentInstance After undeleting a label, there is no underlying label to reactivate.
8004F005 CannotDeleteRestrictedSolution Attempting to delete a restricted solution.
8004F006 CannotDeleteRestrictedPublisher Attempting to delete a restricted publisher.
8004F007 ImportRestrictedSolutionError Solution ID provided is restricted and cannot be imported.
8004F008 CannotSetSolutionSystemAttributes System attributes ({0}) cannot be set outside of installation or upgrade.
8004F009 CannotUpdateDefaultSolution Default solution attribute{0} {1} can only be set on installation or upgrade. The value{0} cannot be modified.
8004F00A CannotUpdateRestrictedSolution Restricted solution ({0}) cannot be updated.
8004F00C CannotAddWorkflowActivationToSolution Cannot add Workflow Activation to solution
8004F00D CannotQueryBaseTableWithAggregates Invalid query on base table. Aggregates cannot be included in base table query.
8004F00E InvalidStateTransition The {0} (Id={1}) entity or component has attempted to transition from an invalid state: {2}.
8004F00F CannotUpdateUnpublishedDeleteInstance The component that you are trying to update has been deleted.
8004F010 UnsupportedComponentOperation {0} is not recognized as a supported operation.
8004F011 InvalidCreateOnProtectedComponent You cannot create {0} {1}. Creation cannot be performed when {0} is managed.
8004F012 InvalidUpdateOnProtectedComponent You cannot update {0} {1}. Updates cannot be performed when {0} is managed.
8004F013 InvalidDeleteOnProtectedComponent You cannot delete {0} {1}. Deletion cannot be performed when {0} is managed.
8004F014 InvalidPublishOnProtectedComponent You cannot publish {0} {1}. Publish cannot be performed when {0} is managed.
8004F015 CannotAddNonCustomizableComponent The component {0} {1} cannot be added to the solution because it is not customizable
8004F016 CannotOverwriteActiveComponent A managed solution cannot overwrite the {0} component with Id={1} which has an unmanaged base instance. The most likely scenario for this error is that an unmanaged solution has installed a new unmanaged {0} component on the target system, and now a managed solution from the same publisher is trying to install that same {0} component as managed. This will cause an invalid layering of solutions on the target system and is not allowed.
8004F017 CannotUpdateRestrictedPublisher Restricted publisher ({0}) cannot be updated.
8004F018 CannotAddSolutionComponentWithoutRoots This item is not a valid solution component. For more information about solution components, see the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK documentation.
8004F019 ComponentDefinitionDoesNotExists No component definition exists for the component type {0}.
8004F01A DependencyAlreadyExists A {0} dependency already exists between {1}({2}) and {3}({4}). Cannot also create {5} dependency.
8004F01B DependencyTableNotEmpty The dependency table must be empty for initialization to complete successfully.
8004F01C InvalidPublisherUniqueName Publisher uniquename is required.
8004F01D CannotUninstallWithDependencies Solution dependencies exist, cannot uninstall.
8004F01E InvalidSolutionVersion An invalid solution version was specified.
8004F01F CannotDeleteInUseComponent The {0}({1}) component cannot be deleted because it is referenced by {2} other components. For a list of referenced components, use the RetrieveDependenciesForDeleteRequest.
8004F020 CannotUninstallReferencedProtectedSolution This solution cannot be uninstalled because the ‘{0}’ with id ‘{1}’ is required by the ‘{2}’ solution. Uninstall the {2} solution and try again.
8004F021 CannotRemoveComponentFromSolution Cannot find solution component {0} {1} in solution {2}.
8004F022 RestrictedSolutionName The solution unique name ‘{0}’ is restricted and can only be used by internal solutions.
8004F023 SolutionUniqueNameViolation The solution unique name ‘{0}’ is already being used and cannot be used again.
8004F024 CannotUpdateManagedSolution Cannot update solution ‘{0}’ because it is a managed solution.
8004F025 DependencyTrackingClosed Invalid attempt to process a dependency after the current transaction context has been closed.
8004F026 GenericManagedPropertyFailure The evaluation of the current component(name={0}, id={1}) in the current operation ({2}) failed during managed property evaluation of condition: {3}
8004F027 CombinedManagedPropertyFailure The evaluation of the current component(name={0}, id={1}) in the current operation ({2}) failed during at least one managed property evaluations: {3}
8004F028 ReportImportCategoryOptionNotFound A category option for the reports was not found.
8004F029 RequiredChildReportHasOtherParent A category option for the reports was not found.
8004F030 InvalidManagedPropertyException Managed property {0} does not contain enough information to be created. Please provide (assembly, class), or (entity, attribute) or set the managed property to custom.
8004F031 OnlyOwnerCanSetManagedProperties Cannot import component {0}: {1}. The publisher of the solution that is being imported does not match the publisher of the solution that installed this component.
8004F032 CannotDeleteMetadata The ‘{2}’ operation on the current component(name='{0}’, id='{1}’) failed during managed property evaluation of condition: ‘{3}’
8004F033 CannotUpdateReadOnlyPublisher Attempting to update a readonly publisher.
8004F034 CannotSelectReadOnlyPublisher Attempting to select a readonly publisher for solution.
8004F035 CannotRemoveComponentFromSystemSolution A Solution Component cannot be removed from the System Solution.
8004F036 InvalidDependency The {2} component {1} (Id={0}) does not exist. Failure trying to associate it with {3} (Id={4}) as a dependency. Missing dependency lookup type = {5}.
8004F037 InvalidDependencyFetchXml The FetchXml ({2}) is invalid. Failure while calculating dependencies for {1} (Id={0}).
8004F038 CannotModifyReportOutsideSolutionIfManaged Managed solution cannot update reports which are not present in solution package.
8004F0F1 SharePointUnableToAddUserToGroup Microsoft Dynamics CRM cannot add this user {0} to the group {1} in SharePoint. Verify that the information for this user and group are correct and that the group exists in SharePoint, and then try again.
8004F0F2 SharePointUnableToRemoveUserFromGroup Unable to remove user {0} from group {1} in SharePoint.
8004F0F3 SharePointSiteNotPresentInSharePoint Site {0} does not exists in SharePoint.
8004F0F4 SharePointUnableToRetrieveGroup Unable to retrieve the group {0} from SharePoint.
8004F0F5 SharePointUnableToAclSiteWithPrivilege Unable to ACL site {0} with privilege {1} in SharePoint.
8004F0F6 SharePointUnableToAclSite Unable to ACL site {0} in SharePoint.
8004F0F7 SharePointUnableToCreateSiteGroup Unable to create site group {0} in SharePoint.
8004F0F8 SharePointSiteCreationFailure Failed to create the site {0} in SharePoint.
8004F0F9 SharePointTeamProvisionJobAlreadyExists A system job to provision the selected team is pending. Any changes made to the team record before this system job starts will be applied to this system job.
8004F0FA SharePointRoleProvisionJobAlreadyExists A system job to provision the selected security role is pending. Any changes made to the security role record before this system job starts will be applied to this system job.
8004F0FB SharePointSiteWideProvisioningJobFailed SharePoint provisioning job has failed.
8004F0FC DataTypeMismatchForLinkedAttribute Data type mismatch found for linked attribute.
8004F0FD InvalidEntityForLinkedAttribute Not a valid entity for linked attribute.
8004F0FE AlreadyLinkedToAnotherAttribute Given linked attribute is alreadly linked to other attribute.
8004F0FF DocumentManagementDisabled Document Management has been disabled for this organization.
8004F100 DefaultSiteCollectionUrlChanged Default site collection url has been changed this organization after this operation was created.
8004F101 RibbonImportHidingBasicHomeTab The definition of the ribbon being imported will remove the Microsoft Dynamics CRM home tab. Include a home tab definition, or a ribbon will not be displayed in areas of the application that display the home tab.
8004F102 RibbonImportInvalidPrivilegeName The RibbonDiffXml in this solution contains a reference to an invalid privilege: {0}. Update the RibbonDiffXml to reference a valid privilege and try importing again.
8004F103 RibbonImportEntityNotSupported The solution cannot be imported because the {0} entity contains a Ribbon definition, which is not supported for that entity. Remove the RibbonDiffXml node from the entity definition and try to import again.
8004F104 RibbonImportDependencyMissingEntity The ribbon item ‘{0}’ is dependent on entity {1}.
8004F105 RibbonImportDependencyMissingRibbonElement The ribbon item ‘{0}’ is dependent on <{1} Id=”{2}” />.
8004F106 RibbonImportDependencyMissingWebResource The ribbon item ‘{0}’ is dependent on Web resource id='{1}’.
8004F107 RibbonImportDependencyMissingRibbonControl The ribbon item ‘{0}’ is dependent on ribbon control id='{1}’.
8004F108 RibbonImportModifyingTopLevelNode Ribbon customizations cannot be made to the following top-level ribbon nodes: <Ribbon>, <ContextualGroups>, and <Tabs>.
8004F109 RibbonImportLocationAndIdDoNotMatch CustomAction Id ‘{0}’ cannot override ‘{1}’ because ‘{2}’ does not match the CustomAction Location value.
8004F10A RibbonImportHidingJewel Ribbon customizations cannot hide the <Jewel> node. Any ribbon customization that hides this node is ignored during import and will not be exported.
8004F10B RibbonImportDuplicateElementId The ribbon element with the Id:{0} cannot be imported because an existing ribbon element with the same Id already exists.
8004F111 WebResourceInvalidType Invalid web resource type specified.
8004F112 WebResourceEmptySilverlightVersion Silverlight version cannot be empty for silverlight web resources.
8004F113 WebResourceInvalidSilverlightVersion Silverlight version can only be of the format xx.xx[.xx.xx].
8004F114 WebResourceContentSizeExceeded Webresource content size is too big.
8004F115 WebResourceDuplicateName A webresource with the same name already exists. Use a different name.
8004F116 WebResourceEmptyName Webresource name cannot be null or empty.
8004F117 WebResourceNameInvalidCharacters Web resource names may only include letters, numbers, periods, and nonconsecutive forward slash characters.
8004F118 WebResourceNameInvalidPrefix Webresource name does not contain a valid prefix.
8004F119 WebResourceNameInvalidFileExtension A Web resource cannot have the following file extensions: .aspx, .ascx, .asmx or .ashx.
8004F11A WebResourceImportMissingFile The file for this Web resource does not exist in the solution file.
8004F11B WebResourceImportError An error occurred while importing a Web resource. Try importing this solution again. For further assistance, contact Microsoft Dynamics CRM technical support.
8004F120 InvalidActivityOwnershipTypeMask A custom entity defined as an activity must be user or team owned.
8004F121 ActivityCannotHaveRelatedActivities A custom entity defined as an activity must not have a relationship with Activities.
8004F122 CustomActivityMustHaveOfflineAvailability A custom entity defined as an activity must have Offline Availability.
8004F123 ActivityMustHaveRelatedNotes A custom entity defined as an activity must have a relationship to Notes by default.
8004F124 CustomActivityCannotBeMailMergeEnabled A custom entity defined as an activity already cannot have MailMerge enabled.
8004F125 InvalidCustomActivityType A custom entity defined as an activity must be of communicaton activity type.
8004F126 ActivityMetadataUpdate The metadata specified for activity is invalid.
8004F127 InvalidPrimaryFieldForActivity A custom entity defined as an activity cannot have primary attribute other than subject.
8004F200 CannotDeleteNonLeafNode Only a leaf statement can be deleted. This statement is parenting some other statement.
8004F201 DuplicateUIStatementRootsFound There can be only one root statement for a given uiscript.
8004F202 ErrorUpdateStatementTextIsReferenced You cannot update this UI script statement text because it is being referred to by one or more published ui scripts.
8004F203 ErrorDeleteStatementTextIsReferenced You cannot delete the UI script statement text because it is being referred by one or more ui script statements.
8004F204 ErrorScriptSessionCannotCreateForDraftScript You cannot create a UI script session for a UI script which is not published.
8004F205 ErrorScriptSessionCannotUpdateForDraftScript You cannot update a UI script session for a UI script which is not published.
8004F206 ErrorScriptLanguageNotInstalled The language specified is not supported in your CRM install. Please check with your system administrator on the list of “enabled” languages.
8004F207 ErrorScriptInitialStatementNotInScript The initial statement for this script does not belong to this script.
8004F208 ErrorScriptInitialStatementNotRoot The initial statement should the root statement and cannot have a previous statement set.
8004F209 ErrorScriptCannotDeletePublishedScript You cannot delete a UI script that is published. You must unpublish it first.
8004F20A ErrorScriptPublishMissingInitialStatement The selected UI script cannot be published. Provide a value for “First statement number” and try to publish again.
8004F20B ErrorScriptPublishMalformedScript The selected UI script cannot be published. The UI script contains one or more paths which do not end in an end-script or next-script action node. Correct the paths and try to publish again.
8004F20C ErrorScriptUnpublishActiveScript This script is in use and has active sessions (status-reason=incomplete). Please terminate the active sessions (i.e. status-reason=cancelled) and try to unpublish again.
8004F20D ErrorScriptSessionCannotSetStateForDraftScript You cannot set the state of a UI script session for a UI script which is not published.
8004F20E ErrorScriptStatementResponseTypeOnlyForPrompt You cannot associate the response control type for a statement which is not a prompt.
8004F20F ErrorStatementOnlyForDraftScript You cannot create a UI script statement for a UI script which is not draft.
8004F210 ErrorStatementDeleteOnlyForDraftScript You cannot delete a UI script statement for a UI script which is not draft.
8004F211 ErrorInvalidUIScriptImportFile File type is not supported. Select an xml file for import.
8004F212 ErrorScriptFileParse Error occurred while parsing the XML file.
8004F213 ErrorScriptCannotUpdatePublishedScript You cannot update a UI script that is published. You must unpublish it first.
8004F214 ErrorInvalidFileNameChars The Microsoft Excel file name cannot contain the following characters: * \ : > < | ? ” /. Rename the file using valid characters, and try again.
8004F215 ErrorMimeTypeNullOrEmpty The MimeType property value of the UploadFromBase64DataUIScriptRequest method is null or empty. Specify a valid property value, and try again.
8004F216 ErrorImportInvalidForPublishedScript You cannot save data to a published UI script. Unpublish the UI script, and try again.
8004F217 UIScriptIdentifierDuplicate A variable or input argument with the same name already exists. Choose a different name, and try again.
8004F218 UIScriptIdentifierInvalid The variable or input argument name is invalid. The name can only contain ‘_’, numerical, and alphabetical characters. Choose a different name, and try again.
8004F219 UIScriptIdentifierInvalidLength The variable or input argument name is too long. Choose a smaller name, and try again.
8004F220 ErrorNoQueryData An error has occurred. Either the data does not exist or you do not have sufficient privileges to view the data. Contact your system administrator for help.
8004F221 ErrorUIScriptPromptMissing The dialog that is being activated has no prompt/response.
8004F301 SharePointUrlHostValidator The URL cannot be resolved into an IP.
8004F302 SharePointCrmDomainValidator The SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Servers are on different domains. Please ensure a trust relationship between the two domains.
8004F303 SharePointServerDiscoveryValidator The URL is incorrect or the site is not running.
8004F304 SharePointServerVersionValidator The SharePoint Site Collection must be running a supported version of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server or Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services. Please refer the implementation guide.
8004F305 SharePointSiteCollectionIsAccessibleValidator The URL is incorrect or the site is not running.
8004F306 SharePointUrlIsRootWebValidator The URL is not valid. The URL must be a valid site collection and cannot include a subsite. The URL must be in a valid form, such as http://SharePointServer/sites/CrmSite.
8004F307 SharePointSitePermissionsValidator The current user does not have the appropriate privileges. You must be a SharePoint site administrator on the SharePoint site.
8004F308 SharePointServerLanguageValidator Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server must have the same base language.
8004F309 SharePointCrmGridIsInstalledValidator The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Grid component must be installed on the SharePoint server. This component is required for SharePoint integration to work correctly.
8004F310 SharePointErrorRetrieveAbsoluteUrl An error occurred while retrieving the absolute and site collection url for a SharePoint object.
8004F311 SharePointInvalidEntityForValidation Entity Does not support SharePoint Url Validation.
8004F312 DocumentManagementIsDisabled Document Management is not enabled for this Organization.
8004F313 DocumentManagementNotEnabledNoPrimaryField Document management could not be enabled because a primary field is not defined for this entity.
8004F314 SharePointErrorAbsoluteUrlClipped The URL exceeds the maximum number of 256 characters. Use shorter names for sites and folders, and try again.
8004F401 SiteMapXsdValidationError Sitemap xml failed XSD validation with the following error: ‘{0}’ at line {1} position {2}.
8004F500 LinkedAttributeCannotBeSecured The linked attribute cannot be a secured attribute.
8004F501 CannotSecureAttribute This field is not securable
8004F502 AttributePrivilegeCreateIsMissing The user does not have create permissions to a secured field. The requested operation could not be completed.
8004F503 AttributePermissionUpdateIsMissingDuringShare The user does not have update permissions to a secured field. The requested operation could not be completed.
8004F504 AttributePermissionReadIsMissing The user does not have read permissions to a secured field. The requested operation could not be completed.
8004F505 CannotRemoveSysAdminProfileFromSysAdminUser The Sys Admin Profile cannot be removed from a user with a Sys Admin Role
8004F506 QueryContainedSecuredAttributeWithoutAccess The Query contained a secured attribute to which the caller does not have access
8004F507 AttributePermissionUpdateIsMissingDuringUpdate The user doesn’t have AttributePrivilegeUpdate and not granted shared access for a secured attribute during update operation
8004F508 AttributeNotSecured One or more fields are not enabled for field level security. Field level security is not enabled until you publish the customizations.
8004F509 AttributeSharingCreateShouldSetReadOrAndUpdateAccess You must set read and/or update access when you share a secured attribute. Attribute ID: {0}
8004F50A AttributeSharingUpdateInvalid Both readAccess and updateAccess are false: call Delete instead of Update.
8004F50B AttributeSharingCreateDuplicate Attribute has already been shared.
8004F50C AdminProfileCannotBeEditedOrDeleted The System Administrator field security profile cannot be modified or deleted.
8004F50D AttributePrivilegeInvalidToUnsecure You must have sufficient permissions for a secured field before you can change its field level security.
8004F600 RequireValidImportMapForUpdate The update operation cannot be completed because the import map used for the update is invalid.
8004F601 InvalidFormatForUpdateMode The file that you uploaded is invalid and cannot be used for updating records.
8004F602 MaximumCountForUpdateModeExceeded In an update operation, you can import only one file at a time.
8004F603 RecordResolutionFailed The record could not be updated because the original record no longer exists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
8004F652 CannotDeleteSystemForm System forms cannot be deleted.
8004F653 CannotUpdateSystemEntityIcons System entity icons cannot be updated.
8004F654 FallbackFormDeletion You cannot delete this form because it is the only fallback form of type {0} for the {1} entity. Each entity must have at least one fallback form for each form type.
8004F655 SystemFormImportMissingRoles The unmanaged solution you are importing has displaycondition XML attributes that refer to security roles that are missing from the target system. Any displaycondition attributes that refer to these security roles will be removed.
8004F656 SystemFormCopyUnmatchedEntity The entity for the Target and the SourceId must match.
8004F657 SystemFormCopyUnmatchedFormType The form type of the SourceId is not valid for the Target entity.
8004F658 SystemFormCreateWithExistingLabel The label ‘{0}’, id: ‘{1}’ already exists. Supply unique labelid values.
8004F671 RuntimeRibbonXmlValidation The most recent customized ribbon for a tab on this page cannot be generated. The out-of-box version of the ribbon is displayed instead.
8004F681 NoRollupAttributesDefined For rollup to succeed atleast one rollup attribute needs to be associated with the goal metric
8004F682 GoalPercentageAchievedValueOutOfRange The percentage achieved value has been set to 0 because the calculated value is not in the allowed range.
8004F683 InvalidRollupQueryAttributeSet A Rollup Query cannot be set for a Rollup Field that is not defined in the Goal Metric.
8004F684 InvalidGoalManager The manager of a goal can only be a user and not a team.
8004F685 InactiveRollupQuerySetOnGoal An inactive rollup query cannot be set on a goal.
8004F686 InactiveMetricSetOnGoal An inactive metric cannot be set on a goal.
8004F687 MetricEntityOrFieldDeleted The entity or field that is referenced in the goal metric is not valid
8004F6A0 ExceededNumberOfRecordsCanFollow You have exceeded the number of records you can follow. Please unfollow some records to start following again.
8004F6A1 EntityIsNotEnabledForFollowUser This entity is not enabled to be followed.
8004F6A2 EntityIsNotEnabledForFollow This entity is not enabled to be followed.
8004F6A3 CannotFollowInactiveEntity Can’t follow inactive record.
8004F6A4 MustContainAtLeastACharInMention The display name must contain atleast one non-whitespace character.
8004F701 InvalidOperationForDynamicList This action is not available for a dynamic marketing list.
8004F702 QueryNotValidForStaticList Query cannot be specified for a static list.
8004F703 LockStatusNotValidForDynamicList Lock Status cannot be specified for a dynamic list.
8004F704 CannotCopyStaticList This action is valid only for dynamic list.
8004F710 LanguageProvisioningSrsDataConnectorNotInstalled The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions must be installed before the language can be provisioned for this organization.
8004F800 InitializeErrorNoReadOnSource The operation could not be completed because you donot have read access on some of the fields in source record.
8005B520 LivePlatformGeneralEmailError An Email Error Occurred
8005E000 BidsInvalidConnectionString Input connection string is invalid. Usage: ServerUrl[;OrganizationName][;HomeRealmUrl]
8005E001 BidsInvalidUrl Input url {0} is invalid.
8005E002 BidsServerConnectionFailed Failed to connect to server {0}.
8005E003 BidsAuthenticationError An error occured while authenticating with server {0}.
8005E004 BidsNoOrganizationsFound No organizations found for the user.
8005E005 BidsOrganizationNotFound Organization {0} cannot be found for the user.
8005E006 BidsAuthenticationFailed Authentication failed when trying to connect to server {0}. The username or password is incorrect.
8005E007 TransactionNotSupported The operation that you are trying to perform does not support transactions.
8005E008 IndexOutOfRange The index {0} is out of range for {1}. Number of elements present are {2}.
8005E009 InvalidAttribute Attribute {0} cannot be found for entity {1}.
8005E00A MultiValueParameterFound Fetch xml parameter {0} cannot obtain multiple values. Change report parameter {0} to single value parameter and try again.
8005E00B QueryParameterNotUnique Query parameter {0} must be defined only once within the data set.
8005E00C InvalidEntity Entity {0} cannot be found.
8005E00D UnsupportedAttributeType Attribute type {0} is not supported. Remove attribute {1} from the query and try again.
8005E00E FetchDataSetQueryTimeout The fetch data set query timed out after {0} seconds. Increase the query timeout, and try again.
8005E100 InvalidCommand Invalid command.
8005E101 InvalidDataXml Invalid data xml.
8005E200 EntityNotEnabledForThisDevice Entity not enabled to be viewed in this device

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  1. 8004B065 DatacenterNotAvailable This datacenter endpoint is not currently available for this organization. How does one troubleshoot this?

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