Run batch file .bat or .vbs after Scribe Insight Integration Process runs in Scribe Console

Four years ago, I have written a post to talk about running batch files before or after running a Scribe DTS job. Here is a link to the old post:

Today, I was trying to do the same thing and I referred to my post and I was faced with a strange problem. I found that the Scribe Console integration process fires the DTS scribe job and then post processing, it runs the batch file. But the process never runs again. No matter what you do this process doesn’t run again until you reset it, change and apply change to it or pause it and then resume it. I found this to be really interesting. I tried few options including making sure Scribe has full access to the location, using UNC path instead of folder path, adding “Exit” to the end of the batch file and a number of other options to ensure the batch is processed and then hands back to the scribe process. All of that didn’t work and the process only ran once and after the batch file has run, it never runs again. If I ran the batch separately it works fine and if I run the process without the batch, all works fine.

After a lot of trials and thinking, and I mean a lot of thinking, I remembered that I had exactly the same issue 4 years ago. I looked through my files and I remembered that it was the exact same problem back then. I have just failed to mention it in my post 4 years ago (link above).

Checking back my files, I found that I used the pre job processing instead of the post processing of the dts package. So if I wanted a scribe dts job to run and then a batch to run to copy the source file to an archive location, rename it, time stamp it and then deletes it from its original location, if that’s what I want, I do it the other way. The solution is that you setup you batch to run before the job. i.e. the batch will run, copy the file to archive folder, rename it, timestamp it, and then the project runs. Once the project run, I used the option to delete the event file after execution which does the deletion for me (my source file is also my event file).

So the solution in short is: Setup your batch file to execute before your scribe console DTS job process runs instead of after it. and it works….

In regards to the different options I have tried to get the batch to work after processing the dts package, I found the following links on Scribe Open mind useful for coming up with ideas on how to get it to work (none of them worked for me unfortunately):


Finally, I know as an MVP, I need to report this back to Scribe and I’ll try to do this. Saying that, I won’t be surprised that I am just doing something wrong in my batch or configuration that is causing the issue but as you can see from the 2 open mind links above, there are a number of people who have exactly the same issue.