Difference between Dynamics CRM 2011 update rollup 12 Versus Polaris for Dynamics CRM Online

I’m sure several people were confused like me when they first heard about Update Roll up 12 and Polaris updates for Dynamics CRM.

In summary: Rollup 12 is the latest roll up for Dynamics CRM on-premise deployments while Polaris is the codename for the December 2012 Q4 release for Dynamics CRM Online.

Both updates have common features but Polaris have additional features that are not available for on-premise deployments and are not included in Roll up 12. This is mainly because changes applied online could massively affect on-premise deployments due to the nature of these changes.

To summarise the common new features between Dynamics update roll up 12 (On premise) and update code named Polaris for Dynamics CRM online: * Cross-browser support for web access allowing CRM access from browsers other than Microsoft such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.

* Update Rollup 12 includes new indexes for the following entities in the Quick Find Search Optimization feature:




•Contact (the Phone Number fields)

•Business Unit


•Connection Role

•KB Article



•Sales Literature


* New Dynamics CRM UX interface with different loading images from how it was before (this new design was needed for cross browser support).

* Update Rollup 12 also contains changes for SDK, metadata, and Activity Feeds.

The major features that is only available on Polaris for Microsoft CRM Online is the new process forms for the Sales and Service entities, which provide a flat user interface designed to keep everything on one screen and eliminate pop-ups. As part of this update, most of the core entities will have a new flat form that shows the information in a more intuitive way without the need to click on buttons or switch between popups. This includes the removal of the ribbon buttons (only for this form). This is just a new form and the original classic form is still available and can be switched back from process form to the new process form.

Here is a screenshot of the new process Customer Form from Polaris (CRM Online only):


New Process Forms



In more details, Dynamics CRM Online Polaris update includes:

• Changes in the Sitemap. • New Activity Feeds filters for better display of feeds data. • New process form with new structure and components (This was originaly called “Flow UI”) • The possibility of switching between New Process forms and Classic forms. • Extending case management functionality. • Ability to create leads for existing accounts.

You can download and install Update roll up 12 for on-premise MS CRM deployments here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-nz/download/details.aspx?id=36229

The following URL has more details about the difference between both updates: https://community.dynamics.com/crm/b/magnetismsolutionscrmblog/archive/2013/02/19/what-is-polaris-and-rollup-12-in-dynamics-crm-2011.aspx

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