Add or Import Marketing List members contacts accounts or leads to a Dynamics CRM Marketing List using Scribe

There are multiple ways to import marketing list members such as contacts, accounts and leads to a marketing list. A common way of doing this is by creating a custom entity that links your contact (or lead or account) record to the marketing list. A plugin then fires every time a new record in this custom entity is created to add the contact to the marketing list. This is detailed in the following Dynamics Community post:

Another simpler way of importing Marketing List members such as contacts to a Dynamics CRM Marketing List is using Scribe Insight. Scribe allows you to access the many to many entity that links contacts, leads and accounts to a marketing list. This entity is called listmember which is in effect a table in the CRM database. Using Scribe, you can read directly from any source such as a text file, CSV file, XML or any other type and then Scribe can insert directly into the list member table in CRM. Once these records are created with type listmember, this will mean they are now members in the marketing list.

To explain more, assume you got a csv file with 2 contact records as follows:

first name, contact unique number, marketing list name, entity type code



* Create a new Scribe workbench dts package and select the CSV file above as your source.

* Connect to your Dynamics CRM organisation using your Scribe Dynamics CRM adaptor. Connect to the listmember table object in your Dyanamics CRM database.

*Next thing to do is to write a formulat that uses the marketing list name and contact unique number to lookup the GUID of the marketing list and the GUID of the contact record.

Your Scribe formulas will need to be applied to the target fields as follows:

ListMember Table, field listid = DBLOOKUP( S3, “CRMOrgConnectn”, “list”, “listname”, “listid” )

ListMember Table, field entityid = DBLOOKUP( S2, “CRMOrgConnectn”, “contact”, “crm_contactuniqueid”, “contactid” )

ListMember Table, field entityidtypecode = S4

Please note that the  field crm_contactuniqueid is a custom field that is used as a unique identifier for your contact records to use for looking up contacts. Any other similar field can be used.

Some Scribe screenshots to help you visualise what needs to happen:


Add Members to Marketing list using Scribe
Add Members to Marketing list using Scribe – Click to enlarge