6 Replies to “Retrieve and Export Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Database Schema and MetaData to Excel”

  1. Dear Mohamed,
    Many thanks for this, and apologies in advance for my comparative ignorance! Is there any reason why the SQL query you gave would not work on CRM 4? (We are still awaiting upgrade…) I know how to create a CRM report using an .rdl file as designed in Visual Studio; but just wondered if this SQL is somehow specific to CRM 2011 and therefore I shouldn’t waste my time.

    Very best regards,

  2. Hi Becky,

    This query won’t work with CRM 4 because of the database differences between crm 4 and crm 2011. Latest CRM version has many amendments to its database.

    Thanks for commenting

  3. Hi Mostafa, I’m trying to know what are de changes (database’s schema) between database CRM4 and CRM 2011 (differences between some entities: Task, Opportunity, Account, Contact, BussinessUnit, SystemUser, Lead, CustomerAddress, etc…), but I don’t have CRM2011 installed and I don’t run your query. Do you know how I can get such information ?
    I appreciate your help.


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