Read-Optimized (Read Optimised) Forms in Rolup 7

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Rollup 7 has been released with a new feature called: Read-optimized forms. These forms are a new way to display CRM information as read only to those CRM users who do not need to edit informat. It also helps CRM users to load information on forms much quicker. The idea is simply a form that doesn’t display the ribbon, form navigation, does not execute scripts on the form and doesn’t display embedded web resources in the form.

This way read optimised forms can load up much faster than current Dynamics CRM standard forms allowing much quicker access to read only data. The form has an “Edit” button that switches the form to a normal editable CRM 2011 form.

Read-optimized forms are disabled by default in CRM Rollup 7. You have to turn it on to the whole organisation from the Settings –> Administration –> System Settings –> Customization tab. You can also allow or deny individual CRM users to select the read-optimised mode for viewing forms or not for themselves. You can also select a number of CRM users and allow read-optimized mode only for them (from the Users section in settings –> Administration).

This article on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog explains this new feature in detail: