Scribe Console: Renaming Source Text files before running a job and after processing and regularly changing source file names.

This post applies for Scribe Insight version 6.5.1. It may well apply to all Scribe version 6.5.x

Have you ever looked in Scribe Insight for a way to rename a source file before processing it. Scribe console creates collaborations where integration processes can be configured so that they wait for a file to be added to a specific location and then run a specified job. Once the file is added the job will run and process the file. Also, Scribe DTS jobs can only be setup to process a source file that has its name always fixed and unchanged. So a DTS can be setup to process a source file named: customersdata.txt. It will never run if another source file is added to the location the Scribe console is looking at. In this case, if you get a source file with the date (and time) stamp in its name will need to rename it so the the DTS can detect it and run. So if the source file comes with time and date stamp that varies every day (for example: customers_1453_21092009.txt), you will need to rename “customers_1453_21092009.txt” to “customersdata.txt” only to get the DTS to work.

After some research, I found out that you can only do this using pre and post processing commands step of the process. Every integration process has step 2 in it called pre and post processing commands. In this step, you can specify a pre-processing and post-processing commands or scripts. This feature lets you specify a pre and post processing file that can do this renaming for you. Accepted pre and post files are: *.vbs, *.js, *.vbe, *.bat, *.cmd, *.exe, *.com

You will then create a pre-processing script that finds all files that start with “customers*” in our example and rename it to customersdata.txt which is the source file name the job is expecting. Post processing can be to rename the file to something else so that you keep a record of processed files.

In step 3 of the Integration process, Scribe also gives you two options (in the form two check boxes) that I find very useful. You can either select to delete the source file after processing or you can select to rename it. So the source file will be processed and renamed to something like customersdata.L1.txt. Unfortunately Scribe doesn’t give you the choice to choose the new name of the file. Hence, you will need to write a post processing script again for renaming it afterwards if you are after a specific file name.

I’m not sure if there is any other way of renaming source files (also called event files by Scribe) before processing them or specifying a new name for them after processing.

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