Hiding Left Navigation Menu Items in an Entity Form using Javascript in Microsoft CRM 4

This is just a follow on from my previous post (http://www.mohamedibrahim.net/blog/2009/07/30/renaming-left-menu-items-leftnav-entity-microsoft-dynamics-crm-4/). In this post, I explained how to rename left menu items in an entity form using javascript.

These links are created when a new N:1 relationship is created between two entities. The primary entity in this relationship will get a new left navigation link everytime a new N:1 relationship is created.

We have discussed in the previous post that the code to rename left menu navigation items (links to other N:1 entities) is:

var navItem = document.getElementById(’leftNavMenuItemID’);
navItem.innerHTML = navItem.innerHTML.replace(’>CurrentLinkValue’,’>NewLinkValue’);

So for example:

var navLeftItem = document.getElementById(’navContactsMenuItem’); // this will look for the element contact in the left menu of an account form
navLeftItem .innerHTML = navItem.innerHTML.replace(’>Contacts’,’>Employees’); //This will rename Contacts to Employees in the Account form

Now, to Hide specific links in the left menu, you can use the following script:

// Hide left menu navigation links on an entity form
var navLeftItem = document.getElementById(’navContactsMenuItem’);
navLeftItem .style.display = ‘none’;

This script will be in the OnLoad event of the form of the entity that you want to hide links created on the left handside of this entity form.

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