SAP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration using SCRIBE

Few months ago, I was asked to research the possibility of integrating two systems for a client using SCRIBE Software specifically. The two systems are Microsoft CRM and SAP. I have done an intensive research in the subject and I have come up with a 9 pages document detailing the answer.

The quick answer is yes. SCRIBE is a good application that can be used to provide an integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SAP.

If you want the report I created studying the strength of SCRIBE and the possibility of using it to do such integration, please request it via a comment on this page and I will email you the document. I will also email you a technical specification document that SCRIBE has sent me which details such integration. This technical document is not publicly available on their website as far as I know but you can always request it directly from them.

My technical report/document also has some examples of case studies in which Microsoft CRM system has been integrated successfullywith SAP. It also lists some white papers and technical documents/documentation that has covered the subject in general and the specific integration between SAP and CRM using SCRIBE.

The document does not include any reference to the client, the exact project specification or any information that could be confidential. It’s just simple facts and findings on SCRIBE and the possibility of using it for SAP and CRM integration.

*****  Updated 18/02/2010:

The document is now available on Scribe Insight blog as a guest blog post:  .. 

I can still send you the document if you want, just request it via a comment below please.

****** Mohamed Ibrahim Mostafa

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  1. Hello,
    I currently need to evaluate various solution for integration between SAP and MS Dynamics CRM 2013.

    Please send me your documentation as it seems it will be of great help.

    Many thanks in advance

    1. Hi, I am now in the same situation. We can share thoughs or documentation if you are interested. It would be great help for my study.

  2. Hi Mohamed

    Can you please send me a copy the document with examples of case studies in which Microsoft CRM system has been integrated successfully with SAP.



  3. Hi Mohammed, could you please send a copy of that document to me – the Scribe blog seems not to be valid anymore 🙁 .
    Br, -martti

  4. Hi Mohamed,
    I would also be very thankful if you could share this document with me.

    Thanks you very much in advance

    kind regards


  5. Hello, I am interested in the work that you have done, thank you a lot in advance for the constructive information that you have made available to us.
    I am looking for a solution to synchronize SAP with CRM, my wish is to synchronize in an automatic way the new registered customers in SAP and integrated them in the MS Dynamics 2016 CRM on promise.
    Would it be possible to have the document?
    Thank you.

  6. Hi,

    I need a help for crm sap integration path changes.
    I am working on crm 4.0 & crm has been integrated with sap. I need to change the path name which is earlier offsite shared location used now it need to change to different path location.I am not aware of this .Any idea ? Any help could be appreciated.

  7. Can you please send the document to my email. I have a requirement where we have to build a solution to integrate D365 with S/4 HANA.
    Thanks in advance. I would request you to please share any updated link and reference you have.


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