Using the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

If you ever want to know the name of a html element (html element id) you will most probably need Internet Explorer developer toolbar. IE developer Toolbar is a free Microsoft product that you can download from Microsoft’s download website.

Once you download and install the toolbar, you can view it by clicking at view –> Explorer bar –> IE Developer Toolbar.

From the tool bar viewer, you do a lot of things. One main thing that I personally always need whenever I’m doing a script (javascript) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is HTML element name, id, innerHTML, innerText and rest of element’s attributes, etc..

After opening the IE developer toolbar, click on find –> select element by click and just go and click on the element you need more information about. You will then get absolutely everything you might need (me thinks!).

I think this is definitely useful in many cases and a lot of JavaScript general coding.

<a href=””>Download the toolbar here<a/>

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